Friday, December 28, 2012

Beautiful New Pyrex

Hope everyone just had the very nicest and best Christmas - I did - our family were here, our bellies were full, our gifts were plentiful and our time spent together was fun and relaxing.. This is my first blogging attempt with my new camera, which I just love, pictures are going to be so much better... Since I titled this post, Beautiful New Pyrex, I better let you have a look at it...

Moon Deco, 2 1/2 quart - what a beauty this is!!  And, what a surprise gift from my  boy, Darcy!  Last year he gave me a Friendship 403, but I don't know how he'll ever top this one.  It's in perfect condition, I don't see a scratch on it anywhere.  Moon Deco came from the crazy 70's.

What a surprise this was from my friend, Sharon - a 401 Delphite Bluebell bowl - it's the sweetest little bowl!  I've used it already - it's perfect.

A few months ago I broke this dish that Gary's mother had given to us, we used it often, I felt even worse after she passed away and the bowl was gone.  Sharon was nice enough to share with me - now I have the yellow hostess back in circulation.  Thanks, Sharon for both of these great pieces.

A few days before Christmas, I was at Value Village, I sure didn't need another Pyrex carafe, but this one is just so different - it has these cute kitchen items all over  it - you can see some, but there's also a grater, masher, egg bowl, plus other kitchen utensils.  It was marked kind of high for a carafe, $4.99, I had to buy it!

We wish you all the best for the holiday season and  the coming year - lets hope it's a year full of wonderful new thrifty and vintage finds!

Today I am linking with Share Your Cup Thursday - Jann featured one of my Christmas tins on her post this week - thanks so much. I'm also linking up with Junkin' Joe.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Remembered

Sometimes it's funny the things that you remember...  

I remember how hard it was to find anything with my name on it - Mom must have had this printed for me somewhere, boy, I bet I was excited hanging that stocking on the tv, I can remember there was a button right there on the front of it that I used.  Isn't that a classic tv?

Well, here I am many years later and I still have the stocking - but it's not the one I use now.   I'm so thankful that Mom kept things like this..  I guess when you're the only child, things like that just are kept, forever!!   TV's sure have changed - no more buttons on the front.

Now my stocking is hanging on the record player.

I remember this gift, it was from my great aunt and uncle, my eyes are rolled to the ceiling because it was making music....  I used to open one gift on Christmas Eve, it might have been this one....

It was this jewellery box - I've carried it around all these years - I loved that jewellery box!!  The ballerina has lost one of her arms and look how worn the bottom of it is - it even still has two of my little bracelets in it.

This is one toy that I've thought about - Doozies - I've never heard of it or seen it again and sadly, this was something that wasn't kept.  The blocks were made of a styrofoam material, they stacked and you snapped on the parts - to make Huckleberry Hound or Yogi Bear - has anyone out there ever heard of Doozies before or seen them?

More Christmas at Our Place

It's getting down to the wire, I had big expectations for pre-Christmas posts - don't know if I'll have time to do all I wanted or not - but, I'm sure going to try, it could be a double post day today.  So, here's a few more things from around our home and little tree #3.  Clicking on any picture will give you a better look.  Today I'm linking up with Thursday Favorite Things

Ribbon Candy

I bought this pair on Ebay -they parked themselves in front of Tree #2

These just came the other day, I didn't know that Vera made napkin rings,  I don't know what I'm going to do with them but I had to get them!

Erica sent me one of her creations - how sweet is this little guy...

This is a tree topper, there is something broken on her though, she hasn't found a home yet,  but she's just so cute lit up,  I have to find a spot for her, somewhere...

I put some snowglobes in here - this shelf has an interior light, they look so nice at night

Click on the pic for a closer look - Holly shared some vintage Christmas cards - I have never found an old Christmas card at the thrifts so these were most welcome.  I put half of them on this shelf.  There's the box for the angel tree topper.  Notice the angel candle - lots of my blogger friends have Gurley candles, not me, so had to buy one of those online too!!    The little styrofoam cupcake ornaments were made by Mom - she used to get these craft a month packages, these were always displayed at home.

Another new house I bought this year at Home Sense - it's a larger one than the other one I shared with you.  Notice the cute little stocking lights - purchased at Liquidation World for half off - I didn't know where they were going, but they look pretty nice here on the bsement book shelf.

It's the second year for my ceramic tree

This is out little basement tree - just a mismatch of ornaments - I have a cute set of rubber Mickey Mouse lights on there that I found last year at Value Village - sadly, this year, the purchases were few and far between there - there just didn't seem to be anything worth buying, I think the only Christmas item I got there this year was a small blow mold.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Darcy's Elf Slippers

I posted this last year but I don't think many people actually had time to read it, so I'm sharing it again this year.  It's such a cute story.

In 1995, Santa had an elf with him on his journey and the elf left in such a hurry,  he jumped right out of his elf slippers and left them for Darcy.  Darcy was seven that year...

Those slippers were an exact fit for Darcy!

A year later and this is what the slippers looked like...

So, the next Christmas Darcy thought he better leave the slippers out for Santa so the elf could see how much he loved them, maybe, he would bring him another pair - he didn't but he left this letter.  Click on it and you should be able to read it.  

We've kept the slippers all this time, packed away in a plastic bag with the Christmas stuff - Darcy is 23 now - he's hoping for a new pair of slippers again this year!  Oh, and Darcy did get his slippers last year.....

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas in the Kitchen

There's not going to be a whole lot of writing right now- it takes less time to post pictures and if you're anything like me, you don't have time to read long blog posts these days.....  I'm linking up with Rednesday, I want to find time to read every post over there - I know there'll be lots of Christmas....  And, I imagine there'll be a lot of beautiful Christmas at Share Your Cup Thursday too.

Shiny Brites

I bought a couple of these at Home Sense this year - it runs by batteries, the interior colors change - red, blue, green

I was jealous of Carla's Stencil package - Carla blogged about her corner shelf too - and here you can see her stencil package.  I remember having these at home, not that I was ever allowed to spray the snow.....

I've had this tin for years but always used it for cookies, it moved above the cupboards this year.

Mom always kept her light fruitcake in this tin.

Another tin of Mom's - I have to use blocks of wood to raise up my items, you can't see them but you sure can in a picture - just to let you know, we're not looking at blocks of wood all over the place.

I found this tin last year 

I like fruitcake but nobody else here in my family does.

This beautiful piece of holiday Pyrex sits on the kitchen table but the light is so much better for getting a good picture in the livingroom..

Erica sent me this sweet Annalee Christmas mouse - so cute  - thanks!

I found this great old candy tin the other week.  This tree belonged to my grandmother, I remember putting the little ornaments on it, sadly, they're not all here anymore, I've never seen one like this before.

Just some Christmas - the pine cone people were Mom's

I'm making good use of all my little dolls with hair this year!!

I had to include this pic of my Christmas glasses -my new ones on the left which I have found out are called Christmas Valley - the ones on the right I found last year - straight from North Pole, New York

Monday, December 17, 2012

My Vintage Christmas Postcards

I had very good intentions to share Christmas from around the house, but it's not going to happen, as I've been baking all day so instead I'm going to share a few of my vintage Christmas postcards - I was collecting these a few years ago, postcards illustrated by Ellen Clapsaddle were always ones that I was on the lookout for, her work is beautiful..  And, haven't they held up well??


Another Clapsaddle - of course, I am partial to redheads!

Wouldn't it be nice to have such beautiful cards to send at Christmas now?

This card was sent to Harold - from Aunt Mary

This card is an undivided back postcard which is older than others - it called for one cent in postage.  This card was written to Gladys Taylor, from Willie Moulds - wonder if they were sweethearts?

Isn't this a bright eyed cutie?  This card was postmarked, 1916

I have a couple that are this style - sweet..

It was hard to select only  a few, I love them all..

This one is a little different, a real photograph but hand colored 

This card has the postage stamp on the front, it was postmarked from England, 1908 and sent to Ontario   

This one is also an undivided back card - it was postmarked from Woodbine, Illinois, 1906.

This one was sent to Mabel from Hazel - in 1909

Hope everyone really does have the merriest Christmas!