Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vintage and New for Christmas!

Hope Santa was good to everyone out there that reads my blog - hopefully he left you some great new items and of course, some old vintage goodies as well.    Here's a few of my new treasures....

My son Darcy knows what I like - he found a Friendship 403 bowl - my very first fridgie was Friendship from VV and that's the only piece I owned until now -he also gave me this great book Antique Trader - Antiques & Collectibles 2012 Price Guide - it's full of color pictures - great for identification.

I've never seen one of these platters before - my friend Susan found this for me - I've been researching it, I saw it called Pink Leaves but I don't know if that's the correct name or not -there is also a cake pan with the same pattern.  It's a huge platter - measuring about 12 inches across.  It's so pretty and just in pristine condition!!

Every time I go to the antique markets I'm wanting a ball jug - why I've never purchased one, I don't know but now I have two - Gary sneaked one out last time we were there and Carla purchased one as well - lucky me!!

A few weeks ago I found my first Vera scarf after reading about them on various blogs  My good friend, Carol from Alberta sent it to me- but now has become interested in the Vera scarves too - wonder if I should send it back???  I don't think I will!!

Santa brought me some great books - many hours will be spent going through these....

A few days before Christmas an elderly lady I know gave me these old cookbooks - she said there was nobody in her family that would be interested in them or want them so I might as well enjoy them.  All of the books belonged to her late husband's mother - the oldest one is the Five Roses Cookbook, copyright 1915.  She had also written some recipes in the back few pages - in the recipe for "Peanuts Crisp" - she writes - " put sugar in pan over hot fire and stir until melted."  This is an old book!!  The other books are both covered in plastic -you don't see many books protected like that anymore!!  One is The Victory Cook Book compiled by the Women's Institute of Carlton County, New Brunswick, 1943.  There's lots of old advertisements from the area in this one.  The other book is also a wartime book, 1945 - The Maine Rebekahs Cookbook.  I know it's easy to find recipes on the internet and there's lots of great ones, but I'll always love looking through cookbooks - whether they're old or new.

I have much catching up to do - guess I should start over at Vintage Thingie Thursday - as always lots of goodies to check out...  Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday -  and best wishes for the New Year!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Darcy's Elf Slippers

In 1995 Santa had an elf with him on his journey and the elf left took off in such a hurry, he jumped right out of his elf slippers and left them for Darcy.    Darcy was seven that year....

A year later and this is what the slippers looked like...

So, the next Christmas Darcy thought he better leave the slippers out for Santa so the elf could see how much he loved them - maybe, he would bring him another pair - he didn't but he left this letter.  Click on it and you should be able to read it

We've kept the slippers all this time, packed away in a plastic bag with the Christmas stuff - Darcy is 23 now - he's hoping for a new pair of slippers again this year!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Lights Outside

I took a few pictures outside of the lights at our house and here they are!!!

Santa's on the top of the clothesline pole.  We've had this guy for years - never knew until this year that it was a "blow mold"

My new Santa that I paid $4 for and snowman from Liquidation World.

I bought this bare wreath and a bag of these wooden ornaments at the thrift shop - glued them on and I have a cute wreath!

I found Charlie Brown and his friends the other day for half price, they're just too cute.  We put them on the deck so we can see them out the kitchen window.

Snoopy's on the back deck too

We have lights across the front of the house and in a tree too but it's pretty hard to get a nice picture at night - hopefully, we get a bit of snow just to make it white for Christmas!!

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas at Our House - Part 2

These shelves are great to put a bunch of decorations on!

I keep this house out all year - I like it so it stays out for Christmas!

More Christmas!

More Christmas in the Kitchen

Always have a tart burning or a jar candle!

One of my old light boxes

Carla gave me this Christmas card box - it's so cute!  And anothe old light box to the side.

Hallmark Snoopy - in the basemnt

We love the Charlie Brown gang!

Our little basement tree  - that's three trees this year!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Ceramic Tree and A Santa Blow Mold!!! Lucky Me!!

I've been wanting a ceramic Christmas tree and now I have one!!   My husband was out Christmas shopping, he called me from Value Village - thought it was a ceramic tree sitting on the floor   - I said " buy it."  Mydaughter Carla and I have been remembering  that someone had but we don't know who....  This one doesn't have a very nice base but I think I'll cover it up with some fabric - the base looks like a crude attempt at ceramics but there's nothing wrong with the tree.  It's mismatched lights - they're different sizes and some are shaped like birds - it's missing about five but nobody will see the back of it.

Yesterday I was at the Salvation Army looking through the kitchen items, I looked to the side and look what I saw... a Santa blow mold -  it was $4 - sold!!!  He's SO cute!!!!

I don't think I've ever seen vintage wrapping paper for sale either - 3 sheets for 10 cents - I think I'll put it in a frame.

I found a few linen items too - usually anything I see is too faded or too ugly - these aren't so bad - a large napkin, tea towel and an apron.  I also picked up a neat set of lights that are pretty cute too!

I guess not many people are cleaning out their cupboards this time of the year - there doesn't seem to be much Pyrex to find these days.  I did get this cute little 4 inch carafe that's missing the lid.  These Glasbake mugs took my eye - they're just in perfect condition.

And - just for a laugh - here's something that is not pretty at all - it was still in the box at Value Village - ready to hit the shelf - I wonder if anybody bought it today???

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some Christmas at Our House - Part 1

I found this old tin at the Salvation Army the other day for 50 cents!

An old candy tin I bought at an antique mall

Love this sign!
This pair is so cute!
I think this belonged to my great aunt - I just had it sent to me, thank goodness Santa made it in one piece!

My husband bought Santa in his long johns a few years ago.

These lights aren't orange - they're red!

A bowl of Christmas fixins'

I'm so glad I bought this bowl!!

Our tree!

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