Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm Enjoying.....

These days I am enjoying my flowers...

My new wildflower book that Carla found for me...

Remember Judy Blume from our younger days?  She has a new adult book out, I read it in just a couple of days, it's the best book I've read in a while, now I'm binge reading her other three one up is Smart Women.  I probably read it years ago, but I don't remember it...

I might be enjoying this drink outside, if I'm out there's so good...

When we go to the US, we love to see  a sandwich in a restaurant served with potato chips, you just don't see that much here, so sometimes we do that at home.  I found these Red & White Potato Chips at Dollarama, I have never seen these Covered Bridge brand chips there, hey, they're made in New Brunswick, I've been to their factory store in my travels!!  They're perfect for Canada Day or any day at all!!!

I'm still SMASHing but Pocket Letters are catching on.. this is one I made and sent to Washington.  This shows the front, backs are usually always decorated and goodies stuck in between the layers.

Today I received this one from Texas..  I love it!!

And, this I enjoy every user name on there is mackaypj, just in case you want to stop by.  

Anything in particular that you've been enjoying lately?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Package from England

Friends through blogs, friends through Instagram - it's the new way, what a wonderful way to meet people just like you, from all over the world!!   I have numerous blogging pals, now I have Instagram friends that are just as special.  

I met Lynne over a year ago on Instagram, she's a sweetheart!!  She recently began an at home sewing business - she's making bags of all types and using repurposed embroidery and tapestries.   I had only admired her work online, until last week, when a package arrived from her - a totally unexpected package!!  I had sent her a runner that Mom had done, I just expected her to use it up whatever way she wanted - surprise, she made a bag for me!!

She used jute for the front, a vintage 70's fabric for the back.  

The inside is just as lovely!  Click on the picture and you can see all of Lynne's contact information.  There are some truly unique items at Once in a Blue Pig - all so wonderful!

When you love paper and tapes, the outside of a parcel can be pretty exciting too, Lynne has sent me mail before and everything is just so different and fun!  She sent me some postcards too!!  I'll be SMASHing some of this package, for sure!!!

Britain in a Box came to me - how cute is this?  I've been waiting to write this post before the bunting found its home, that's going to happen right now!!

I'm so grateful for our friendship, Lynne - thank you so much!!

Sunday, June 7, 2015


I don't think I have seen anything this nice at a thrift store in a year, I have always been taken with this style of casserole, I love the design, I grabbed it quickly at Value Village - have you ever seen one like it?  It's stamped Japan on  the bottom!  I love it!!

Last week I went to a yard sale, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this head vase sitting there, even if she needed some eylelash repair, you can't tell.   She was also made in Japan, she still has the original sticker on the bottom - An Enterprise Original.   I have only ever seen these in antique stores and they're way too expensive for me.  I just want one, no collection is starting!!  

Yesterday I went to two yard sales, one had nothing, the other one I came home with this great assortment of vintage magazines, I just can't leave them behind!   I do cut some of them up though, for SMASHing and now, pocket letters!!   This whole pile cost me $2 - they're full of great old ads..

I thought I'd share a few ads from them, what's the chance I picked two Christmas editions!!  Oh, well...

These first three ads are from Better Homes and Gardens,  December 1950.

These next three are from Family Circle, December 1966

Oh, the good old days when towels came in laundry detergent!!!