Thursday, October 31, 2013

Take a Look!

It's Halloween and there's not going to be one speck of it in this post!!  The trick or treaters may be few and far between tonight, it's dark right now and a heavy rainfall warning has been issued, yesterday there was a sprinkle of snow on the ground, now this! 

So, here's a few things I've picked up in the past week - looks like Christmas is making its way onto the shelves, I had to pick through quite a bit of junk to find something, just little things but cute none the less.

These little things were just thrown in a drawer - oh, the junk you have to paw through to get anything cute - what do you think of the little mouse family?

Anyone that has a ceramic Christmas tree will know that these are the bulbs for that tree.  I'm pretty sure I bought another supply at a yard sale in the summer, so now Carla and I will be all set with many extras.  I actually saw one of those ceramic trees yesterday and it looked to be in great shape!

I bought all of this with the intention of using it for SMASHing.

This I bought for the graphics, it's an old Peter Pan  record, it's not the right record in it and it's pretty scratched up so that might be going to the garbage.  The folder will be great on a shelf.

I think this is one of the cutest Christmas books I've found since I've been collecting up old Christmas tales, every page is just sweet!  There is no date on the book, it only says - Printed in Canada by Regal Stationery Co. Ltd.  I used to sell Regal door to door when I was about twelve..

Of course, I'm always happy to bring home a couple of Vera scarves.

What is wrong with me?  I shouldn't be buying any Pyrex, I have more than enough.  But, I had to buy this little 472 casserole, I'd never seen it before, I wasn't even sure what it was called - it's one part of the twin server promotional set - I thought it was just so pretty and it was only $1.99 - I don't care if I ever find the other piece, I just thought the pattern was so nice!

You know how it is when you see turquoise Pyrex, you think you have to buy it, even if it's in the back of your mind that you might have it, well, that's what happened to me - I brought this home and I do have it!!

If there is any reader out there that desperately needs this divided dish, you can have it, all you have to do is pay the postage to get it to your address, keep in mind, I'm in Canada. 

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Everything Cookies Are So Good!!

It was cookie baking day today!  After making pumpkin cookies that did not turn out at all last week, I went back to one of my tried and true recipes - Everything Cookies, they always turn out!  They really do have a little bit of everything - nuts, coconut, raisins and chocolate chips.  

I had printed off this recipe back in 2010 from Joy of Baking, click right here for the recipe.  It's a great site, I've made numerous things from it and there is never a problem with a recipe!  The recipe calls for toasted nuts, I didn't toast mine,  I just chopped them and used as is, it also called for butter, I used hard margarine.  The recipe also instructed to flatten the cookies with your fingers, I didn't do that.  These are great cookies - they're delicious!!

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

BOO!! It's Vintage!

I am so jealous of all the vintage Halloween that you fellow bloggers find, I have no trouble finding Christmas but Halloween, now that's a different story.  I have a pumpkin blow mold that I shared a while back, when I went to Carla's the other day, I found this pumpkin treat carrier at Value Village, the string  for carrying it is still attached,  it was made by Play Toy Industries in Canada - it kind of looks like the black might be marker, I'm not really sure, there were two there and both had the same black marking, it's cute though, I just bought the one.

I've had this Lefton beauty for a few years, I bought her on Ebay, she's so cute..

I do have a couple of Halloween postcards.

This old card was postmarked 1909 from Galt, Ontario - it was sent to an address in Lambton Mills, Ontario.  The message has nothing whatsoever to do with Halloween.

I have quite a few old cards that were done by Ellen Clapsaddle, but this is my only Halloween one and it's not in the best of shape but I'm just glad to have a Clapsaddle Halloween as they're not cheap!  This card was postmarked in 1910, written to Ruth, from Regina and Gertrude.

So, I'm thinking I must have something else that is at least a little bit vintage Halloween, I hauled out my container of old thrifted magazines, I have lots of winter and summer issues but not much fall.  It also seemed that the older fall magazines didn't really advertise much for Halloween either.

These fun old ads are from Woman's Day, October 1974..

Somebody used the big 7 cent coupon for the SweeTarts and Pixy Stix - I loved those Pixy Stix!

These ads are a bit newer - from Woman's Day, October 26, 1982 - 

Rice Krispie treats never go out of style, do they?

And, that's it for me - no more vintage Halloween here...

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's Halloween Inside!

This year I've become lazy with my indoor Halloween decorating and why not, when I have this great corner shelf.   For those of you who have been following me for a while, you've seen my corner shelves before.  My husband made me two, actually, my new tulip bowl was photographed on my kitchen one just the other day.  Usually I place the Halloween decorations on various shelves, now I can decorate in one swoop - 

Here's a closer view of the shelves... Notice my one lone vintage Halloween ornament, the little Lefton girl.

I put a few things on top of this cabinet too...

I've had this light up family of ghosts for a few years, I still like it!

Here's a little bit more..that's an Annalee doll on the post.

Mr. Creepy is a Jim Shore piece, my husband bought him for me a few years ago, he's so hard to place, his colors are just not the standard Halloween colors, he's awfully cute though.  I guess I shouldn't say I have only one vintage Halloween because I do have the blow mold!!

I even stuck something on the window.

Do you decorate inside for Halloween??

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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Auction and The Thrifting...

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at a local auction, it was hosted by a small antique and collectible shop in town, Second Hand Treasures.  There was a lot of great merchandise, it was a fun filled all afternoon affair and then supper out, it was perfect!!  My husband bid on a vintage Pop-o-matic Trouble game, it went too high, boo hoo!!  It was nice too, the pieces were wooden, not plastic!   I missed out on a piece of pink depression glass, once again, it went for more than I was willing to pay!

We only ended up with two items though - here's what my husband bought - he is more excited about this than me, it's a vintage drafting table, there was a paper with it, from the 30's.  He's an engineer, that's why he goes for things like that!!  He's happy!

I had my eye on a bowl the whole auction, then when the auctioneer said they were going to wrap it up and take the rest back to the store, oh, no, not a purchase for me...  So, we're in the line up to pay for the beautiful drafting board, the owner comes along and asks if I got lots of stuff, I said I got nothing, I was waiting for that bowl - he said he would sell it to me, $2 for me...  Look what I got...

It's the largest of the Fire King tulip mixing bowls - how pretty is that?  I don't collect Fire King and I won't be starting but after finding those cute salt and pepper shakers, minus the covers, in Prince Edward Island for $2, I just wanted that bowl and now I have it! I've placed it on the corner shelf, love it!! Sometimes it pays to know people in a small town!!   Thank you, Chad!

I haven't been buying many dishes lately, because, really, I  have plenty but sometimes you see things and you just have to purchase - you know what I mean?? Last week I found these treasures... 

I couldn't pass up this Friendship 401 bowl, not for $1, I couldn't!!

I have a couple of pieces of this English Pyrex in the Snowflake pattern, but no plates and none with the marking on the bottom that this one has - Jobling, Opalware, Made in England, my other pieces just have JAJ - it's a sweet little plate.

I think I paid 25 cents for this little souvenir from Prince Edward Island - Woodleigh Replicas is no more so it's a neat little piece of the past.  I have a couple more PEI souvenirs the same style, oh, no, hope I'm not starting a new collection...

This isn't old but when it comes to anything Snoopy related and it's Halloween, if it's cute, I'll be buying it!

I bought this old coloring book to use for SMASHing - it's not even used - copyright 1986.    Older pop up books are hard to come by in good condition, I picked up this one to add to my Christmas book collection - it's in perfect shape, every tab is in working order, the book was given to Leane from Aunt Deb in 1978.  

This week I am going to visit my daughter on an over night trip, there's a few thrift shops there, hope I find something fun!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Comfort Food - Baked Beans

Do you like baked beans?  We do and now it's that time of the year again for comfort food - baked beans, casseroles - it all tastes so good when there's a chill in the air and feels so good going down!   I don't make beans that often but when I do, it has to be yellow eye beans, they're the best!  I used to bring them home from Prince Edward Island as we couldn't get them here in Ontario, I still do bring a few cans of yellow eye beans back for emergency meals but now we can get the bulk beans at Bulk Barn.  I wrote away to the company that cans the beans a few  years ago and they told me they were not available in Ontario because they were a "Maritime bean" - I never knew that!!

This is what has been stuck in one of my recipe books for years...

That's the recipe I use, (click on it to make it big) I make no changes and this is how they look...  I find that with the more modern ovens, you don't have to cook them for 6-8 hours, maybe half of that.

They're so good with a nice brown bread and of course, they taste even better because they were made in Pyrex and look pretty nice in charcoal snowflake - don't you think?

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Good Housekeeping - December 1946

Yesterday morning was officially Thanksgiving, our visitors had left and there was an auction taking place about 40 minutes away - we went but we didn't even get out of the car, there was no place to park and it looked like the whole auction was taking  place in a small garage, there wasn't a hope that you could even see anything for all the people, so we left and went down the road to the "flea market" - look what I found - Good Housekeeping from December 1946.  There were a few magazines and I did buy another one which I'll share again, but I knew this one would be interesting because it was the Christmas copy.  The magazine is thick - 246 pages, it's chock full of great old advertisements, fashions, articles, stories - I've gone through it a couple of times already and I've seen something different every time.

Here's a peak at some of the pages, I could be making collages but then you don't get the same look at the pic.   Click on anything for a closer view.

This ad for Cannon Towels is on the inside cover - Canon advertises sheets, blankets and stockings, I never knew they made stockings...  I guess they did back in 1946.

This is the back cover - and there's a recipe!

Camay soap - I can remember having that, I think I've seen it at the dollar store but it can't be the same as it used to be...

A Glasbake Tubular Cake Dish, made by McKee, Jeannette, PA.

Wear-Ever Pressure Cooker

Isn't this a sweet old ad??  


There was even an ad for Pyrex - look at the size of that gift set, eleven pieces for $4.90!!

Judy Garland was advertising Max Factor lipstick - she looks so pretty there!

"Our pop says "Chap Stick" was his buddy when he fought the war."  Hah!  

Wasn't Philip Morris one of the companies that was depicted on Mad Men?

Mom had a small bottle of Evening in  Paris, I can still see that little blue bottle..

There are a couple of old movie ads - this is a great one!

I never expected to see a Dionne Quints ad - especially not after I just found that Dionne book when I was on vacation.  There's pages and pages of these small black and white ads - Musterole does not sound good at all!!!  I went further along in the magazine and there was another Dionne ad...

I love finding old magazines like this and it's not often that I do - each magazine was $3 - I think it was worth it.   Hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

I just realized my last post was my 300th one, onward to quite a few more..

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