Friday, October 28, 2011

$5 Spent!

Cheap stuff is good - good stuff for cheap is even better.  Here's what I found yesterday...

I think used books and magazines are some of the best deals out there - this stack includes four magazines and one cookbook - the cookbook alone retails for $30 and we all know how much magazines cost - there are two in the pile that are listed at $9.99 each - that's just crazy!!  I don't care that they're a few years old - they're new to me..    And with the little Butterfly Gold 401 bowl - it was even better - I paid $3 total at St. Vincent de Paul.

Stuff was pretty cheap at the Salvation Army - $2.20 for the spoon rest, two scarves, and two vintage cookbooks.  I didn't have a spoon rest, now I do - this is a cute old one that was made in Japan.  The cookbooks are from 1950 and 1958 - I haven't had time to go through any of the books yet - lots of neat recipes, I'm sure.  Salvation Army is the place to go for scarves - they had so many to pick from  and notice one is a Liz Clairborne - fancy!!!!!

Vintage Thingie Thursday and Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures have some great thrifting finds - click on the link and check them out!  I'm also linking up to Cap Creations for the first time - lots of goodies to check out there too!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mom's Hankies

That's a basket of four hundred and seventy five hankies - my Mom's collection - there's everything - children's, hand painted, ones with intricate crochet work, Christmas - there are just so many different styles. ....  It makes you think about this history behind each one...

Hankies have been around for thousands of years - they fell out of favor when Kleenex was invented in the 1920's but had a revival during World War II - not for practical use but they served more as a fashion accessory.  I just read that in this book that I also bought for Mom

These were my day of the week hankies and this was my hankie case - just what every young girl needed back in the 60's!!

The hankies in this box have never been used, the embroidery on them is so delicate.  They were made in Northern Ireland. 

I took so many pictures of the hankies it was hard to select which ones to post - I picked out some that I think are sort of unique.  I like to go over all the hankies every so often - Mom always loved to pick up a hankie at an antique shop or a yard sale - and then I started buying them for her - the collection took off - I guess I should get a nice box for them and pack them away..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pyrex and More

I decided I am going to start listing on Ebay again, I sold postcards and a few collectibles for years and actually did quite well - but the postcard market kind of fell on hard times so I'm going to try again with a few thrifted items - now to get them listed.....

Aren't these turtle coasters cute?  I bet someone else will like them too. 

I've read on different blogs that people collect Kathie Winkle dishes - this serving platter is in the Renaissance pattern.

Anything with Tiki on it always sold for me before - this tumbler made by Daga is from the Kon Tiki Restaurant in Waikiki, Hawaii

I found these sweet little reindeer in a basket of Christmas ornaments, they're vintage for sure - I bought them with the intention to sell, I don't think so - they're too cute!!

A bag of old lights comes in handy - I like to fill jars with them at Christmas. 

I paid $3.00 for all those goodies - not bad!!!

Buttons, buttons, everywhere - and this is not all I have but I have big ideas to start using them - now just to get started!

I'm going to end off with some Pyrex finds....

I found this little 473 Forest Fancies for $2.

I didn't really realize there were two different sizes of these little red bowls - it sure would be nice to find the red Hostess bowl - I bought these on Ebay for $1.05 - now I have two of the larger ones in red and two in yellow..

This nice Constellation Divided dish came from a trade with Cecillia - thanks - I'll take good care of it! 

If you are wanting to check out more treasures, check out Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures and Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl

Monday, October 17, 2011

Homemade Fish 'n Chips

There is no need to go out to a restaurant for fish 'n chips, once you give these recipes a try I bet  you will feel the same way!  We had it on Saturday night - with some broccoli slaw and a nice glass of white wine - so good!!!

We've been making this oven fry recipe for a few years - we used to use the deep fryer - but oven fries are just so much better - follow the recipe as written and you won't be disappointed - crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.  The recipe is from The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook -

The fish recipe is from The Company's Coming Lunch Cookbook - I buy a pound package of frozen haddock.

2 eggs, beaten
3/4 c. fine dry breadcrumbs or Panko

Cut fish fillets into easy to handle pieces - nugget size.  Pat dry with paper towels.

Dip fish in egg and coat with crumbs. 

Drop into hot fat (375 degrees) about 3 minutes to cook and brown both sides.  Keep hot in 325 oven until all is deep fried.  Serve with tartar sauce.

Give them a try!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time to Get Out the Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner so I thought a blog post on some of my favorite Halloween decorations would be a good thing to do today - it's cool and rainy here - a real fall day and just a day to stay inside and  - get out some Halloween decorations.   After getting a Halloween card in the mail yesterday from my good friend, Carol, I thought I just better get busy!! 

I bought this print on Ebay a few years ago - and it's still one of my favorites - I never get tired of it.  Do you have any Blossom Bucket ornaments?  They are so cute - the Candy Corn one is a Blossom Bucket.

This is the only vintage ornament that I own - it's a Lefton - also bought on Ebay - wish I had more!!

Carla tried to get her hands on this double trouble box last weekend - I wasn't giving it up - got it on clearance a few years ago at HomeSense.

I like the gel clings - they stick so much better than the flat clings...

This old girl sits in this chair all year, well, except for Christmas - I tip her hat back and you'd never know she was a witch! 

My husband bought me this Jim Shore - Mr. Creepy!

Another Blossom Bucket.

You can click on any picture and get a closer view..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Bunch of Treasures

This post is going to be heavy on pictures - treasures that I brought from home and things that we bought along the way....  Take a look....

My grandmother always had this hanging in her kitchen - not a very politically correct item in these modern times, is it? - I've never seen one of these in a shop - it's a souvenir from Long Beach,CA - how it ended up in Prince Edward Island, I don't know..

This old croquet set has been around forever - I remember my grandfather won it on a punchboard - in the little store next door - does anybody remember a punchboard?  

Dad had this neat old sign in the basement - don't know where that came from either.....

My old tin top has seen better days, I must have played with it a lot!! It was made in Germany.

Some neat old Christmas ornaments from home....  Mom used to get craft kits every month - the three in the back came from those..

My husband picked up these things - the checker box is neat but his favorite purchase was the Trap Shot Bagetelle game that he bought at an antique shop in Vermont - what a great old game!!!   We love to play!!   When you start looking for 6 inch rulers, they are very, very hard to find and sometimes really expensive - he has plans to make a frame with them.

I paid 60 cents for the retro vase.  I found a piece of seaglass that was from the bottom of a Javex bottle - I don't remember when Javex was in a glass bottle - I found a bottle - paid $2.  And this little ink bottle still had the ink in it, but that was just a mess waiting to happen so got rid of that.  I bought this at the 70 mile yard sale - the seller had the price on tape, right across the front label -so that was pretty much the end of  that- guess I shouldn't complain, only paid 25 cents.

I love to go through the books at Value Village - it's not very often that I will buy a new book - and you buy three books there, you get one free, it's a great deal!!  I know there's 5 books there - got the Dessert Lovers cookbook for $1 at another shop. 

If you're interested, I also blogged over at  The Pyrex Collective about some nice Pyrex.

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