Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I guess my interest in The Royal Family goes back to the wedding of Charles and Diana -we were both married the same year and both had our first child the same year - I was living in Fredericton,New Brunswick at the time, my roommate and I both set our alarms for way before daybreak and then we must have gone to work after it was over - kind of crazy, but had to see that wedding!!  I followed Diana through her ups and downs  - I even caught a glimpse of her when she and Charles visited Sudbury,Ontario  -why did they have to drive past so quickly?The night she died - I was up again - watching those same clips, over and over - the days following were so sad - my son had a soccer tournament the day of the funeral - like I wanted to go to that after watching tv from the early hours! A few years later I was able to see the Diana Dress Exhibit - many of the gowns that were auctioned for charity, the biggest draw was her wedding gown, even her wedding shoes were there - it was unbelievable - everyone was in awe - it was so quiet in the exhibit hall!  I won't ever forget that!

Now it is 2011 and William and Kate's big day is tomorrow.  A person doesn't have to get up at that silly hour to watch - we  do have a PVR, can watch it anytime I want, first I was going to get up, next I was setting it to record, now that the day is just about here - I know I'll be getting up - I see CBC coverage starts at 2 - you could be asleep by the time the wedding actually starts - I think 5 might be a respectable time to get up and settle in.  Hope it doesn't rain on the happy couple and they do look happy!!  Best of luck to them!  And here's a fun video to check out....

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Worst Ham looks Good in Homestead

I always have great luck with a pork picnic shoulder - but this one was not good!!  It looks nice enough in the picture - the glaze and fruit makes it so pretty - honey, brown sugar, flour and ground mustard but underneath that nice glaze is a mess - the ham was way too fat - and that kind of just turns you off the whole thing!  I guess we will struggle through eating the fatty ham again tonight and I'll make some scalloped potatoes with it - maybe they will taste better than the ham!   I finally got a chance to use this Homestead baker that my daughter found at a Salvation Army - in the original box with instruction card - it is a big dish that I don't have a lot of use for so I keep it on display on top of my cupboards. Did anyone else have  an Easter meal that didn't turn out so great?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mildred Pierce

I watched the Mildred Pierce mini-series on HBO and loved it - I have never seen the original movie with Joan Crawford - that's next on my list.  I just finished the book,which was first published in 1941 - it is so true to the series, I've read that more liberties were taken with the movie, we'll see what I think when I've watched it.   The story is set in the 1930's in California and revolves around Mildred, her male acquaintances and her undying devotion to her daughter, Veda.  I also watched The Making of Mildred Pierce, it was amazing to see how a series like that is shot - the work involved in the sets - it's mind boggling!  Next up is another novel by James M. Cain - The Postman Always Rings Twice - hope it's as great as Mildred Pierce! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shades of Yellow and Green

On Sunday, my husband and I checked out an auction - I had seen it online and Pyrex was listed - I wanted to go!!  It was already underway for an hour by the time we got there - and there were two seats right at the front - what a great view of all the action!!  The auctioneer brought the Pyrex up, I got nervous, I bid first, how dare somebody else bid too - but I was the successful one - $12 - for a 402 green bowl and 401 yellow with a green tinge - I think they're from the Verde bowl set - also included was a 1 qt. casserole, it also has the green tinge to it -I'm not really sure what  it belongs to -maybe another Verde set?  My husband bid on an old ruler and level in one - but he wasn't as lucky as me!!  I think I could sit there all day - I found the prices were very reasonable - FireKing pieces were going CHEAP - $5 and less.
Today I had another donation for Value Village - it doesn't really make much sense to unload bags and boxes and then go in and look for more to buy -   I was quickly disappointed - no Pyrex  - but I did pick up these cute little Federal bowls - I love them!!  They were 99 cents each.
I went there early in the morning so thought I'd drop in again before I went home - you just never know what can happen in a few hours - luck was on my side - two Shenandoah casseroles - I don't think they would have set there for long, they're in perfect condition.  There were no lids on them, I took the customary stroll around and went back - scrounged around and there were the lids - priced separately - why do they do that?  I asked the cashier that very thing - she said it was a very good question and she called the manager - she said they were probably not in the same box - I didn't really like that answer and she would not budge on the price either - each lid was $1.99, the casseroles - $3.99 and $2.99, I knew I was taking them regardless.   Shenandoah is not a pattern you see that often, I also have the 401 bowl - it's really a pretty one!
Last week I picked up this Corelle Woodland serving platter - I think it'll come in handy for BBQ season!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pyrex Yellow - Fire King Wheat

My husband was away for most of the week and look what he brought home - a yellow 401 bowl and a Fire King Wheat loaf pan - price of the bowl - $1.99 - the loaf pan was $2.99 - both from Value Village.    I have a clear Pyrex loaf pan but I really want a colored one, so until then, this Fire King one will do.  I consider myself pretty lucky!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birds and Owls for the Garden

Have you checked out your local dollar store for all things spring?  You must pay a visit - the assortment is quite nice and of course, the price is right!  If and when spring really happens, I will be ready for the garden - the cute little birds were $2 each.  I just had to pick up the owl  - I seem to have developed a love for owls lately - isn't he sweet?  The price for this guy was also $2.
Spring was still just a dream away when I picked up this owl with the haunting eyes - he is heavier than the dollar store items, Mr. Owl is from The Precious Treasures Line, price - $3.99 at Value Village - he's just like brand new and is going to look great outside - I'm getting ready for nice weather, are you?