Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shades of Yellow and Green

On Sunday, my husband and I checked out an auction - I had seen it online and Pyrex was listed - I wanted to go!!  It was already underway for an hour by the time we got there - and there were two seats right at the front - what a great view of all the action!!  The auctioneer brought the Pyrex up, I got nervous, I bid first, how dare somebody else bid too - but I was the successful one - $12 - for a 402 green bowl and 401 yellow with a green tinge - I think they're from the Verde bowl set - also included was a 1 qt. casserole, it also has the green tinge to it -I'm not really sure what  it belongs to -maybe another Verde set?  My husband bid on an old ruler and level in one - but he wasn't as lucky as me!!  I think I could sit there all day - I found the prices were very reasonable - FireKing pieces were going CHEAP - $5 and less.
Today I had another donation for Value Village - it doesn't really make much sense to unload bags and boxes and then go in and look for more to buy -   I was quickly disappointed - no Pyrex  - but I did pick up these cute little Federal bowls - I love them!!  They were 99 cents each.
I went there early in the morning so thought I'd drop in again before I went home - you just never know what can happen in a few hours - luck was on my side - two Shenandoah casseroles - I don't think they would have set there for long, they're in perfect condition.  There were no lids on them, I took the customary stroll around and went back - scrounged around and there were the lids - priced separately - why do they do that?  I asked the cashier that very thing - she said it was a very good question and she called the manager - she said they were probably not in the same box - I didn't really like that answer and she would not budge on the price either - each lid was $1.99, the casseroles - $3.99 and $2.99, I knew I was taking them regardless.   Shenandoah is not a pattern you see that often, I also have the 401 bowl - it's really a pretty one!
Last week I picked up this Corelle Woodland serving platter - I think it'll come in handy for BBQ season!!

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  1. I love those little Fire King bowls, and you know I love the Pyrex! :)