Wednesday, June 25, 2014

All Because of Barbie!!

Remember last week I did a Barbie post and my blogging buddy, Diane who pens Lydia's Post did one at the same time - all because we had the same Barbie dress.  It was fun setting it up and sharing our love of our vintage handmade Barbie clothes!    If you don't know what I'm talking about, here and here are our posts!

The Barbie love kept going this week - I received a package from Diane on Monday - it was a complete surprise and so appreciated!!  Blogging friends just have to be the most thoughtful out there, oh, and I must include Instagram friends too!!

Diane makes cards and does she do a nice job!!   Click on the picture and see just how cute they are!!

So, getting something like that in the mail meant I had to do a Barbie SMASH page...

Thanks, Diane - it was so generous of you!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

I Went Down the Road

First off, I notice today that not all the most recent blog posts are showing up on Blogspot, only the most recent one - anyone else having that problem?  I see one post and then it says to view more, I click on that, nothing else, hope that is only temporary!!

Anyway, I went up the road on a trek last week, it was actually further than I thought, it turned into an all day trip.  The little town has four shops, all owned by the same people - one is a true junk shop, some stuff on shelves, on boxes, buried in boxes, stuff you can't even get to, I can only imagine what is in some of those boxes.  

This is what I was most excited about -it was a bag of teen magazine covers and pages from those magazines - Tiger Beat, 16, all from the 70's and the era of my fave - David Cassidy - I used to buy all these magazines, I know I had this very one.    I never kept a magazine because I was cutting them up as soon as I read them, everything went into a scrapbook, early SMASHing, I guess!!  

I haven't had time to go through every page yet, but just take a look at this - so funny and we were believing everything that was written and buying more and more of those magazines...  All of these goodies were in a bag, stuffed in a box - what a find for me!!!   I was so pleased with myself.

I was lucky to pick up some Christmas things too.  These Holt Howard candle holders still have the stickers attached - they're sweet and it doesn't really matter that one has had repairs on the neck - Erica suggested a ribbon to cover it up and that's what I'll do.

I have a couple of these figures already and now I have two more - they are Made in Japan too and still have the Giftcraft sticker on them.

More Christmas odds and ends..

I pulled the gnome tablecloth out of a box.  I wonder what that little red box was for?  Some more spun heads, which I never find and more ballerina cake toppers, which I have never found until the other week!!  Funny how that stuff goes..

I bought this little tree topper, she's not in the best of shape but still, too cute to leave behind..

Another Christmas book for my collection, books for SMASHing and just because!!  That ice cream book is full of vintage black and white pictures about ice cream, perfect for cutting up!!  I will blame Diane over at Lydia's Post for the fact that now I am looking at vintage playing cards - I had to buy those butterfly ones!!!!  Diane has quite a collection of sweet cards!

I grabbed these cards, I remembered them as soon as I saw them, Mom had them.

I bought a couple of flamingos at the Dollarama this year, I've never had a flamingo in my life, now I have another one, found at the junk store - it's an older one and a bit faded, I think it looks ok there.

My little excursion turned out perfectly - I found two more Vera scarves..

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's Time for Some Vintage Ads

My idea originally for this post was to go through my tub of vintage magazines and pick out all my June copies of whatever I had and to pick out all the summer related advertisements, well, I did that but that would give you over 40 pictures to look at so I narrowed it down to copies of Woman's Day, I have three, 1956, 1957 and 1976.  These posts are always fun to do and it's so amazing to see how the advertising has changed.  So, here we on any picture to get a closer look.

Remember when clothing was Sanforized???

One thing that never changes is the plentitude of cigarette ads - "Don't miss the fun of smoking" what a caption!!  And look further down - Remember the "Old Grad"with a carton of Pall Malls on Father's Day!!  

These paper placemats look like fun!

I notice that the older magazines have more children in their advertisements.

This Aerosol Bomb sounds powerful!!

This issue didn't seem to have that many summery ads.

This is a pretty ad for Pepsi

Those SOS pads look like rocks!

Another issue - another cigarette ad!!

By the 70's, the advertising is definitely more sexy!

Oh, those pantyhose used to be hot - I never had summer sheers!!

No ads like this back in the earlier issues!!

These shoes are made by Uniroyal - isn't that a tire company!  Hah!!

More bug spray.

I love to find these old magazines, you should keep your eye out for them too!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We Were Thrifting

I had a sleepover at Carla's on Friday night, she was off work early so we hit the thrifts - the next day we were out the door early for a few yard sales and a couple of antique shops.  I might have gone somewhere different but the situation was still pretty much the same as here, the yard sales mostly had the same old junk.    Pickin's were slim!!

First off, I'll share Carla's new/vintage maxi dress from Value Village, I had a filled up coupon for 30% off so that was quite useful, Mom's are handy like that, aren't they?

These are quite different from any of my other blowmolds, maybe they are newer, I don't know.  There's no markings on them and I don't think they were ever meant to be lit.   I was especially taken with the lantern type ones.  They were $2 for all four.

My other Christmas item was a Christmas card box - 25 cents!  It's cute though and it's a big one!

Old magazines are always good!

Any excursion where I find a Vera or two is good in my mind, I found four.  Carla gave me the Vera scarf tying book.  It's funny about finding scarves, sometimes it seems all I can find are the split tip ones, I just don't think the patterns on those are as exciting as the other types of scarves.

I don't know if this is a toothpick holder or a little mini planter, it was made in Japan and it's pretty sweet!

Yesterday I was in the city and found this old piggy bank, it was made in Canada by Reliable Plastics, I think it was a pretty sweet find!

My purchases weren't anything very big but at least I found something!!!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Barbie's Pink Dress

One of my regular blogs to read is Lydia's Post, written by the lovely Diane - we both have many of the same interests and it's amazing the things that we both share a love of - well, now we share the same Barbie dress.  Diane has done a couple of  posts lately on her childhood Barbies's - Monday's post really caught my eye - there was a pink crocheted dress just like mine!  Amazed!!  What are the chances of that???

Diane and I decided to both do a post on Barbie's pink dress!   Diane's dress is a mini, and she has matching underpants!!   Head on over to Lydia's Post and check out that lovely pink mini!   

My great aunt used to make all my Barbie clothes and I think my grandmother made a few too - I still remember getting a whole box of these hand made Barbie clothes one Christmas -what a gift!!   I blogged about my Barbie and some of these great clothes last year right here.  

This is Diane's pattern - I couldn't believe it when I saw it, I knew I had some of these outfits and here they are....

A corduroy coat is always nice!

This gown is missing the top part

She must have had a lot of scrap corduroy on hand!

This jacket doesn't have the hood like in the pattern but it looks very similar

Party Time!!

Looks like I had everything on that pattern except the two piece suit.  These outfits are the cutest, I love the tiny snaps!!

I always like an excuse to get out the Barbie's - this has been such a fun post to put together and to share with my friend, Diane!!!  Make sure you head on over and check out all her Barbie fashions too!!!

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Little Things at the Yard Sales

Another Saturday, another yard sale day I weeded them out  around town and went to only a few, I didn't get anything big but I like what I did bring home!

It was a repeat sale at one of the homes, relatives were cleaning out an older lady's home - I picked up a few little things there last week, they had some different things out yesterday - including tubs of Wilton cake pans, what a haul that would be for someone interested in that kind of thing.  The owner of these pans apparently made beautiful cakes, gave decorating lessons, she had tons of decorations - so much stuff!!  

This St. Patrick's stuff was bagged together - all made in Japan or Hong Kong, I took the bag that held these goodies..

I didn't need that bag but I did need this....

My first non Christmas knee hugger - he's just too cute!!

I bought a Halloween bag too - 

If I had not been following Magpie Ethel written by Laurie, the collector of so many neat things, I probably wouldn't have even given these things a second glance - I had to buy them.

These were still sealed in a old package.  These made me remember a birthday cake my Mom made for me that had ballerinas on it, I thought I had a picture but I can't seem to find it.  

I couldn't leave these behind - if they're the Beatles, I didn't put Ringo behind the drums!

I really had no business buying the beads and earrings set, I already have two that Mom had, but I did and the little owl pin, just because I liked it!!

The lady looked in my bag, she said $3 for everything, then asked if it was too much - I don't think so!!!  Not for sweet treasures like that!!

I moved on to another sale where I bought these two fridgies which have seen better days, I might use them for flowers - $1 for the two.

The next sale had quite a bit of stuff - I have never seen so many old jars in one place, well, except in an antique shop and selling for high prices, I got the jars and the books for $1.  Crown  jars - made in Canada - a nice find!!

That would be more vintage Christmas books for those future grandchildren, they're going to have such a Christmas library!!!  I picked up the nursery rhyme book to use for SMASHing. 

For some reason, I just have to buy these older cards when I see them lately - the graphics are so cute and don't you love all their names?

So, that's it!!  I'm happy with my purchases!!

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