Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sears Summer Catalogue, 1972


Wet Look Raincoat by Vintex of Canada, $25 - the boots would go beautifully with the raincoat - $9.99 for the boots.

The bathingsuit could still be in style today - the price of the Daisy Bikini Suit - $14.98

How about a hooded maxi dress - dress from head to toe in Perma-Prest polyester double knit.

Remember hot pants?  Mom made me a set - they were navy polka dots, I probably wore my hair in the pigtails like the girl with the red.

Give  Peace a Chance - drop out of the dull shoe scene and surrender to the Rebels!  Join the movement to far out fashion at down to earth prices, $9.99 for a pair.  

Exersandals were reasonably priced, $5.98.  I'm pretty sure I had a pair of these and I think I remember them as not comfortable at all!

The young man in the family could be glorious in red too.  Look at those pants....

Mod inflatables - I don't remember anyone ever having these in my little village!!!  And no one had the modern Danish 2 piece suite!!

Imagine ordering a boat from the summer catalogue???

I bought a couple of vintage mail order catalogues on the weekend, 1972 was a  good summer for red clothing, not so much for home decor - those were the years of harvest gold and avocado.....  

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Monday, May 28, 2012

I Made Rhubarb Pie

I bought a bag of rhubarb at a yard sale on Saturday, it was just enough for one pie.  Now, I'm no genius at making pie crust, I'm getting fed up with store bought  frozen shells- they seem to fall apart after cooking, shrink up and really they don't have much taste,  I'd much rather be making my own.  I've used Pinterest so many times for recipes - here's my Made from Pinterest board - I found this, tried it, no more frozen shells for me - I'll be making my own crust from now on....  Click here to see the recipe - Perfect Pie Crust and it is..  And, here's the recipe for Fresh Rhubarb Pie

If I would have known I was going to blog about my Rhubarb Pie, I would have taken more pictures but I only have these two - this pie is so good!!!!  I'm linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday - tons of great ideas and recipes over there, check it out..

Perfect in Pyrex Pink

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday at the Yard Sales

Carla called and wanted me to come to North Bay on Saturday to check out the yard sales, I was on the road at 6 am - it was great - I made a few purchases, Carla and her beau did too - I did the driving, he did the navigating and she just sat in the back seat!  We'll do it again...  Today I'm linking up to Flea Market Finds ,  The Penny Worthy Project and Apron Thrift Girl

Golden Acorn Divided, at a church sale for $1
Yellow Cake Pan - $2 at a shop full of treasures we found outside of town

This square shaped jug has "F" on the bottom, for Federal, $3 at the same shop

I've seen these on so many memory boards on Pinterest, I found this one in a bowl of junk, 25 cents

This was an exciting yard sale find - four are Golden Book/Records, the  other four are Wonder ones, I'll be listing these.  They are new in package - still have the plastic on them..

Giant Golden Book - the last chapter is - Our World Today - 1950.....

Love these old magazines and ads, paid $1

I've seen these old catalogues sell for $25 and up - these were $3 each - Eaton's Fall and Winter,  1975 and Simpsons Sears, 1972

These bulbs are getting harder to find every year - I paid $5 for this box and the Golden Book/Records

I paid big bucks for this - $7

Side of the box

Plugged her in and she works!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hooked on The Doors

I've been hooked on The Doors for a month now - I  bought a CD for the car - I never buy CD's!!!  I bought a book and now I just ordered a documentary online today!    My obsession with The Doors started when we went to Prince Edward Island a few weeks ago, we saw a live production of Classic Albums Live - The Doors, LA Woman.  I didn't really know a whole lot about the band, my husband knew more than me, I knew that "Light My Fire" was a big hit song for them and that's about it.  Classic Albums Live takes classic albums and creates them live on stage, note for note, cut for cut - it's not a cover band, it's live music done by  professional artists that play across Canada and the United States - if you ever see a production offered and it's a band you enjoy, you really should buy a ticket.

So, now I've read the book on Jim Morrison and The Doors - the band was formed in 1965 and recorded up until 1971 - after reading the book, it's hard to imagine how they even recorded so many great songs and actually had six albums - it was a time of excessive drugs and alcohol -  Jim Morrison died in Paris in 1971 - at age 27.

Love Me Two Times - recorded in 1967   - listen here

People Are Strange - also recorded in 1967

Listen to The Doors biggest hit - Light my Fire  here

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Here's What I Brought Home..

I had to go to the city yesterday so I set the GPS for yard sales and set out early - that did me no good, I purchased nothing at any of those sales.  I followed some signs and this is what I found - Homestead 473, 474, and 475, with lids - for $3 - can you believe that?  If I found nothing else, I would have been happy!

I know a lot of people don't care for the Homestead pattern, but I think it's kind of nice - these are all the pieces I own..

Three pieces of this I found at the Salvation Army - the two little 501's, with lids and the yellow/orange 502, no lid, I paid $2 each.  I got home and started researching just what set they went with - it's Daisy and I had the orange 503!  I have a set!!  I haven't found fridgies in so long,  earlier in the week I found some Snowflake, now this.....

Butterfly Gold 401 - I have this one, maybe someone else needs it, I paid $1.99 at Value Village

Butterfly Gold lid for 043 - I don't have the casserole, maybe it will turn up some day. I don't think I've ever seen a patterned lid like this before at Value Village -  it was 99 cents..

I'm still having luck finding Vera scarves - I actually found one at at yard sale, the flowered one on the bottom, the other two I bought at Salvation Army, $1 for each one.  The flowered one on the left is a mystery to me - it has the Vera signature but the tag is what is strange  - it is sewn on and made in Korea, I thought all of the scarves were made in Japan.  Is is a fake?  is it a newer one?  Anyone have any ideas??

Finally, I found an Eloise Wilkin book - Where Did the Baby Go?    I've just noticed the Hymns book on Pinterest this week, it's so cute...

These were just too cute - 50 cents!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Snowflake Fridgies for $1

Very seldom do I ever find fridgies but I love it when I do and it's even better when they're 50 cents each  and they're Snowflake!

Spice of Life canister for $1

I've been seeing these on Pinterest, once I saw a pitcher at Value Village but I left it behind, wishing now I hadn't.   They have a rubber like exterior, I've  seen them called sweat proof glasses and spaghetti glasses, does anyone know anything more about them?  They're really neat - I paid 69 cents each.

I have a Vintage Drinking Glasses board on Pinterest -  check it out here

$1 for Vera

I wanted to show the design on this one, it's a little different from what I've been finding lately.   If you click on it, you can see that it has the lucky ladybug.

I found all these items this week on an overnight trip - I didn't spend much!!!

I wanted to include this sweet book - I bought it on Etsy, it arrived this week, can you tell that it's illustrated by Eloise Wilkin?  It's an old one, it belonged to Jim Edmonds of Memphis, TN.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We Went to an Auction...

On Sunday, my husband and I went to an auction - , in my mind, a great way to spend the day, if you can't be with your children.  We bid, we won, and we came home with three items..  I've been looking for a little table like this for a while , I guess you could call it a telephone table, I may refinish it as there's a couple of water marks on it - it's so cute - complete with the little chair.  The original sticker is on the chair - Eastern Furniture Limited - Victoriaville, Quebec.

We love old games - some to play, some for decoration.   The Parchesi game is from the 40's - Parchesi - A Royal Game of India - I used to play this game with my grandmother...

Astro Launch - a game from the 60's - what makes this so special is that it's a tin game - you sure don't see anything like that anymore.  Astro Launch - an exciting Space Race game - that's Control Centre in the middle - a dome just like Trouble, which came a few years later...  The box isn't in the greatest condition, but the game is excellent.

We paid $5 for each game, nobody else bid!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

This Week in Thrifting

Forest Fancies Bake Serve Store - I had the largest one but picked up the two smaller ones - now I have a set!

Shenandoah 401, 402, and 403

This is going to be cute for storing something!

Don't get too excited - these are not original Jadeite, I know this because one had a bar code sticker on the bottom.  I don't care - they're pretty nice.

Old magazines and a Better Homes and Gardens book.

A book for Holly

Who doesn't love Charlie Brown?  First time in paperback, original price - 60 cents.
And, how much did I pay for all those goodies shown above?  $12.
At another shop I paid $1 for these Glasbake  Mugs - the color on them is just about perfect!

My friend has one of these owl planters, actually, I think it might be the very same one.  I've wanted one ever since I spotted it.  Last summer I found one but only the top part, I bought it because I never thought I'd ever find one.   I did and this one is in mint condition - but I was almost too stupid to buy it - the price was $5,  which I thought was high, I left the store but came to my senses within half an hour.   Even my husband said it was a good price - I'm glad I went back!!

I went to about ten yard sales today and this is all I came home with, well, actually they were in  a box with other Christmas ornaments but they are pretty disgusting, one guy's neck is kind of wobbly, but I think he's fixable.  That's 25 cents spent today at yard sales, last week, 50 cents spent - not going to break the bank at this rate...

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