Sunday, May 29, 2011

Okabashi - Dishwasher Flip Flops

Have you ever heard of washing footwear in the dishwasher?  Well, that is the way you can wash Okabashi flip flops - not that I've tried it - the sink is good enough for me.  I bought my first pair last year - they are just about the best flip flop you could ever find, nothing like the flat ones that are available just about everywhere   - they have an arch support, massage beads for the insole - they are just so comfortable!  I have 3 pairs now and I love them!!  We Canadians are limited as to where we can purchase these great summer shoes - Zellers is the main distributor, Shoppers Drug Mart is also supposed to carrry them - I've never checked them out there.  I bet if you try a pair of Okabashi's, you'll be wanting to wear them all the time too!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Didn't Realize....

It just dawned on me that I have just about a complete set of the Original Fridgie Set - I'm missing lids for the blue and a red one - I borrowed from other ones for the picture.  Fridgies are so pretty, so stackable in the cupboards and usable - I love them.

My fridgie collection is growing.....

On to something else - I had a few great finds in the past week - take a look..

This old Fire-King pie plate was purchased at a yard sale last weekend - it's different to see a pie plate with a pattern, some of the pattern was lined in black but it's starting to wear off.

This vintage Federal bowl is a pretty one - but don't know if I will keep it or not - if anyone is looking for this bowl and willing to trade - let me know.  I bought this at the same sale as the pie plate and also the blue Pyrex bowl that I used as a planter - not a bad haul there - for less than $5.

I also got these fish plates at the same sale - I couldn't believe my luck - I bought the fish platter the weekend before - what's the chance of that happening?  I've seen this type of plate in restaurants and always been partial to them - we eat a fair amount of fish - so, they're going to be used!

What's the chance of finding two Snoopy related items on the same day at the same place(Salavation Army Thrift Store)?   Charlie Brown has always been big at our house - my husband still has to watch The Great Pumpkin every Halloween and Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without watching the Christmas special.  I've never seen a plate like this before - Snoopy Feels Free - isn't it cute?  The cookbook is different too - colored pictures on one side and fun recipes on the other side - it was published in 1981.  The recipes all have fall or Halloween titles - Great Pumpkin Cookies, Good Ol' Charlie's Brownies - lots of neat ones.  I also bought a magazine - grand total for the three items - $1.35 - kitchen goods were half price.

I've been sort of lucky lately finding some different things but not a whole lot of Pyrex out there in these parts.....

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bowls for Flowers

Gerbera Daisies are so pretty and they look so nice in these vintage bowls.  The two Fire-King bowls are not in the best of shape and neither is the blue Pyrex one - I just picked up the blue one yesterday at a yard sale - I already have this bowl but bought another one with the plan to use it as a planter - it works very well, don't you think?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Love my Apron!

Finally - I have an apron from to call my own -  I have been hinting for one since Christmas when I bought one as a gift -   Carla came through for Mother's Day! 
Erin is Carla's dear friend - she is the talented young woman that makes all these great aprons (for men and women), monogram bags and if you're a tea drinker, she makes a neat tea cosy.    The material is top notch - so soft and the apron fits just perfect - love it!!!  Check out her Dear Edna shop on Etsy.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Listening to K-Tel Records and The Partridge Family

My daughter and I found two Sunday yard sales, this is an oddity here - surely not the crowds of a Saturday sale.  We found a big box of record albums - 25 cents each - we came away with $3 worth of albums, to divide between the two of us.  Remember the old K-Tel records - full of original hits - those are the greatest with all the different artists.  I'm listening to one right now..
The yard sale seller must have loved The Partridge Family as much as I did - back in the 70's - but her infatuation must have lasted longer than mine - because she had later albums that I never had - but now I do - I bought three of those.   I loved that show so much - I belonged to the David Cassidy fan club, bought all the magazines like Tiger Beat, 16 - I cut them up just as soon as I got them, I had scrapbooks galore.  I wasn't allowed to hang posters on my walls, only my doors and I couldn't cover them up either.   Around that time, I had a penpal from Hollywood,CA  that won a contest to go on the set of The Partridge Family - my life in a little fishing village in Prince Edward  Island was a completely different world from the world of movie sets - I wanted to be her!!!!   So, now I can think of that time again with my new Partridge Family albums - maybe I better watch an episode or two of the show!!!!

Saturday Specials

I hadn't been out to yard sales in a couple of years, but since I got the Pyrex bug last September, I was anxious to start the hunt for Pyrex or anything interesting in general.  Since I've been away the past two weekends, yesterday was my first time out - of course, there are the usual sales that are just pure and simple junk but thankfully, I found a few great things and to make it even better - some deals.  At my first stop I found this great clock that is already hanging on our new basement game room, the Home Sense price tag was still on it for $12.99. I paid $5.
Remember paper straws?   I thought this was a real exciting find - it's a box of 100 - with only one missing - Sweetheart Straws - manufactured by The Imperial Cone Company, London, Ontario.  This is going up top of my kitchen cupboards - I just love the box, never mind about the straws inside.
This little picture just took my eye  - the verse is so cute.
Second hand magazines are the best bargains around - I picked up two Reminisce Extra issues, I just discovered this one - there's some great old pictures in them, also got a 2000 issue of Country Collectibles plus two old Five Roses Christmas Baking Booklets.   And, I also brought home this old tin grater - it's going on top of my cupboards  - with my other old baking items.

I only bought one thing at the next sale - I have always loved these fish platters and now I have one of my own - I paid $3 - and put it into use last night. 
I didn't want to come home - I was finding some great things, so I drove out of town as I had seen a poster for this sale - I was the only one there - this is where I found the Pyrex bargains - I couldn't believe my luck - a blue fridgie for 10 cents - I was just happy to get that, then I realized there was more in the garage - including this Spring Blossom 2.5 l. casserole - it's in great shape.  The elderly gentleman told me his wife had passed away, he was moving and trying to get rid of some stuff - I gladly took it off his hands.  I also purchased a Corelle Vegetables small saucepan, he said he would throw in the frying pan, I already have one but I took it anyway - maybe I should trade it?  Total price for these goodies - $2.50 - I think that is my biggest Pyrex bargain yet!

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Pyrex Travels Air Canada

I've been off visiting family in Prince Edward Island over the past couple of weeks - and look what came back on the plane with me - I had to carry it on as my suitcase had more precious cargo of Pyrex - and it was just about at the limit for weight - 47 pounds!  My very good friend gave me this bowl as part of my belated birthday gift and look what else she gave me
I couldn't believe it - Delphite fridgies and also a little red one - they belonged to her grandmother - I am so lucky - thank you, Susan - I'll take very good care of them!
Before I started on my journey, I made one purchase at an antique market - this medium Butterprint fridgie - $5.00 - on sale.  It was probably the most reasonable priced piece of Pyrex in the shop - some of the prices are so crazy!
This pie plate belonged to my mother - I see that it's called a "Flavor Saver" Pie Plate - it's really nice with the handles.
On the way home, we stopped at a Value Village - the prices were higher than my regular VV - this plate was $7.99 - a silly price really, for Value Village - but I have the square pan to match and had to have it!
I also got to stop at an antique market on the way home - one that was new to me - there were quite a few pieces of Pyrex there and quite a few that were priced way too high.  I spotted this neat casserole on a bottom shelf, no lid but I have one to fit - the cradle really adds to it!  This was a 1967 promotional item - called Golden Wreath.  I paid $10 which I thought was quite reasonable.

I just picked this up from my daughter, she found it a while ago at a Salvation Army shop.  It's Flameware - but I think it's a double boiler - how I will find the other piece, I don't know!  I don't know if I would ever use it but it's great to have!

I can't believe I came home with all these great pieces - it made up for being scooped on a Tuquoise Snowflake Casserole at VV - the clerk was just putting it on the shelf and another lady swooped in and grabbed it.  I followed her for a few minutes with the hope that she would put it down, but she didn't -  guess it wasn't meant to be!