Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday Specials

I hadn't been out to yard sales in a couple of years, but since I got the Pyrex bug last September, I was anxious to start the hunt for Pyrex or anything interesting in general.  Since I've been away the past two weekends, yesterday was my first time out - of course, there are the usual sales that are just pure and simple junk but thankfully, I found a few great things and to make it even better - some deals.  At my first stop I found this great clock that is already hanging on our new basement game room, the Home Sense price tag was still on it for $12.99. I paid $5.
Remember paper straws?   I thought this was a real exciting find - it's a box of 100 - with only one missing - Sweetheart Straws - manufactured by The Imperial Cone Company, London, Ontario.  This is going up top of my kitchen cupboards - I just love the box, never mind about the straws inside.
This little picture just took my eye  - the verse is so cute.
Second hand magazines are the best bargains around - I picked up two Reminisce Extra issues, I just discovered this one - there's some great old pictures in them, also got a 2000 issue of Country Collectibles plus two old Five Roses Christmas Baking Booklets.   And, I also brought home this old tin grater - it's going on top of my cupboards  - with my other old baking items.

I only bought one thing at the next sale - I have always loved these fish platters and now I have one of my own - I paid $3 - and put it into use last night. 
I didn't want to come home - I was finding some great things, so I drove out of town as I had seen a poster for this sale - I was the only one there - this is where I found the Pyrex bargains - I couldn't believe my luck - a blue fridgie for 10 cents - I was just happy to get that, then I realized there was more in the garage - including this Spring Blossom 2.5 l. casserole - it's in great shape.  The elderly gentleman told me his wife had passed away, he was moving and trying to get rid of some stuff - I gladly took it off his hands.  I also purchased a Corelle Vegetables small saucepan, he said he would throw in the frying pan, I already have one but I took it anyway - maybe I should trade it?  Total price for these goodies - $2.50 - I think that is my biggest Pyrex bargain yet!