Monday, April 30, 2012

Away for a Week - Goodies I Brought Home

I've been home to Prince Edward Island for the past week, taking care of family business but I did find time to get to the thrift stores and when we arrived back in Ontario, we had a whole afternoon and evening in southern Ontario to do as we wanted to, before we met up with our son and his Uhaul - moving - what fun!!

This isn't from a thrift shop, it belonged to my great aunt, I've been wanting to bring it back and forgot it so many times - the Holt Howard Kitty Cat String Holder, stamped made in Japan, 1959 - I'm not a lover of cats but I just think this is so cute.  I've seen them in shops for sale - they're not cheap by any means.

There were also two of the spice kitty cats - I've looked it up on online, they came on a rack, the string holder and three spice kitty cats- I have the nutmeg and paprika - the other one was cinnamon, isn't that a strange combination??

I did find a few books, only one Eloise Wilkin one to be had - I did see some at an antique shop but I won't be paying $15 for one, no thank you!!  I bought the other three because they are old and only 25 cents, I couldn't leave them there...  The little Betty Crocker book - 25 cents....

I bought one piece of Pyrex and it wasn't a thrift price, I bought it at an antique shop and paid $18 - but I knew I would regret it if I didn't take it - my limit is $20 for a piece, I was carrying around a small Forest Fancies casserole, I quickly put that back when I spotted this beautiful blue Tulip.

These mugs are a bit faded but they're both Federal coffee mugs, for my fellow Canadians, you will recognize the Fuddle Duddle mug and the caricature of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, our 15th Prime Minister.  I found one for sale on Ebay for big bucks, I can only hope that there's a buyer out there for mine.

I've just spent the last hour or so washing and ironing 25 scarves - I hit the mother load for scarves - 20 of those were beautiful Vera ones - I'll keep those for another post.  Three of the scarves are vintage souvenir ones, I can't remember the last time I ever saw something like that in a gift shop - they have to be old - hoping for some sales on scarves in the near future..

Echo Christmas Scarf

Echo Shoes

Greenfield Village,Dearborn, Michigan


Grand Canyon

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Travelling with Red

I just hauled out the red suitcases - I wanted new ones before my next trip - it didn't happen, they're nice ones but they've been thrown on airplanes and in trunks just a few too many times.....  

We are flying to Prince Edward Island tomorrow - and I'm not really looking forward to it!  My mother was just placed in a nursing home, this will be my first time seeing her in these surroundings and there's a very good chance she may not know me - dementia is heartbreaking....  

I know it won't be all bad - after all my husband is with me, we'll be out sea glass hunting, eating at our favorite spots, I NEED to have some fried clams - haven't had any since my last trip in September - I can taste them now.......  And, we have already picked out where we are going when we get off the plane - Charlottetown has the best egg rolls ever - we're having Chinese!!

I'll be looking for treasures too - I know I'll have something to share when I get back...

My new Roots crossbody purse is making the trip  too - I think I got a really nice purse for a great price  at Winners, it was $29.99, compare at $55.00 - you just never know what you might find at Winners..... 

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thrifty Finds for the Week

I hardly ever find Pyrex at the Salvation Army, I started walking fast when I spotted this 475B  Butterprint sitting there- I think it was the most expensive piece of kitchenware in the store - $5.99 but I wasn't leaving it behind!!

I know I've said no Cinderella bowls, but I did say unless they were special, and I think these  Spring Blossom bowls are - $2.00 for the 441 and 442.  I used a placement that I bought too,  it was 25 cents for two of them, I think I probably should have bought more of those......

A fridgie at Value Village - I never see them there - it was 99 cents - I have  the full set but this will go to somebody...

Not sure why I'm buying Tim Horton's mugs, I don't even drink coffee, I think  they might sell in a lot  - when I find some more...

I think I'm on a roll for finding Vera scarves in the past couple of  weeks,  I think I was getting a real deal the other weeks at VV , paying 49 cents, this week they were $1.99 each.

Finding Eloise Wilkin illustrated Little Golden Books is not going to be any easy task.  I found  My Puppy which is a reissued book on the 50th anniversary of Little Golden Books, that doesn't matter to me, the book is the same and the illustrations are sweet.  Baby's Christmas was written by Esther Wilkin who was Eloise's sister and also married to a Wilkin - illustrations are by Barbara Lanza - but reads - In homage to Eloise Wilkin, it's beautiful too.

I bought The Brave Little Tailor and Old MacDonald because they were older books - both from the 70's

The Sesame Street books are going to Holly in Newfoundland.   She's a thrifter, a crafter and a new blogger - check out her blog - Life on the Rock

Excuse this picture - no amount of editing would  fix it up and I just couldn't be bothered to take  another one.  I sold  an Annual book last week, I thought I might give these a try too - remember BJ and the Bear??

I'm going to read this Charlie Brown book - it was published in 1970 - it's all colored pictures.

Because I know Strawberry Shortcake is popular for resale, I  purchased this  single flannel sheet.

Did you notice I changed up my blog a bit?  Thanks to daughter Carla - it looks new and fresh.  It'll soon be  one year since I started posting - I think I should have a draw to celebrate the happy day!!!  And, I will!!!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pyrex Recipes in Red

Pyrex Prize Recipes - copyright, 1953

Interested in some recipes??

Angel Food Cake in a Hurry with Strawberry Frosting - mix your cake in the bowl and bake it right in the 4 qt mixing bowl
Frankfurter Corn Bread Shortcake  - 2 1/2 qt. bowl - does not sound good to me!!

Rave Fondue with Quick Mushroom Sauce - 1/2 qt baking dish

Tuna Noodle Bake - 2 qt open baker

Spaghetti Supreme - 2 qt square cake dish

Lobster A La King - in a Pyrex Double Boiler

What a spread!!!

I thought the red dishes were perfect for Rednesday - there's always such an assortment of things to see...   These are fun to look at but I don't think I'll be trying them any time soon.....  Let me know if you want a recipe.... Hah!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Finally Found a Vera Ladybug

Finally, finally, I found a Vera Ladybug scarf - and I didn't even know I had it!  We were away over the weekend, of course, that means, new thrifting opportunities - I wasn't disappointed!  The Salvation Army had a small rack of scarves, when I see Vera, I fold the name underneath - like the cashier is really going to change the price!!!  I guess that's why I didn't see the ladybug!  I found this 100% silk Echo scarf there too, don't hate me - I paid $1 for each one!

These silk scarves are so hard to do anything with, I don't want to damage them, that's why they may look a bit wrinkly.  I found these two scarves by Norene Procter at Value Village, I googled Ms. Procter, she is a Canadian artist from Calgary, she handpaints silk scarves, banners and framed artwork, each silk is individually painted and signed by Ms. Procter.  These are beautiful scarves.   The flower one was priced at $2.99, the buffalo print was $4.99, I questioned the pricing at the cash and walked out of there with each one costing me $2.99.   I've never heard of her before, have you???

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Friday, April 6, 2012

My Little Easter Dresses

I've been seeing so many nice Easter posts but since we're in the midst of kitchen renovations, not very many Easter decorations have come out of the box, so I headed for the storage area to get some ideas for my Easter post.  I was looking through a container with old baby clothes that belonged to the kids and there were a few things in there of mine.    I think this is the only Easter picture of me and lo and behold I still have the dress...

April 1960

I think this little jumper was hand made.

I wonder if I ever wore this on Easter - it's the perfect color.  It's size 3 - I saved this for Carla, I don't think I ever put it on her - I wish I would have - if I have a granddaughter some day, I have a beautiful smocked mauve dress for her!

Eaton's of Canada is on the tag, I love my old dresses!!

This might have been my Easter sweater - made by Mom

Wearing the sweater again, with my great grandmother, Katie Horton - "Little Grammie" to me

And, here is the sweater!

I love the buttons on the back!!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Vera Scarf for 49 Cents!

It seems like my Value Village has their scarves priced really cheaply - not that I'm complaining - I'll take a pretty Vera scarf like this for 49 cents..

It sort of looks like crayons from a distance..

These Campbell's Soup Cans don't have a mark on them,  they are covered in retro ads - aren't they cute?  It says 1995 Copyright Campbell's Soup Company, has anyone seen then before?  I paid $1.99 each

What is this pattern called?  I've read about them before  but can't remember now - I have a couple of other pieces, these were only $2.99 for the four at Value Village

I thought these flower power salt and pepper shakers might sell - they were made in Japan.

I have this Daisy divided but when you see one for $2, well, you just have to buy it.  I'll give it to someone...

Spring Blossom is one of my favorites - two of them were on the shelf and they weren't  cinderella bowls - yay!!   The VV prices were overall very good this week- the 401 was $1.99 and the 403 was $2.99.  I purchased everything there except for the divided dish.

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