Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thrifty Finds for the Week

I hardly ever find Pyrex at the Salvation Army, I started walking fast when I spotted this 475B  Butterprint sitting there- I think it was the most expensive piece of kitchenware in the store - $5.99 but I wasn't leaving it behind!!

I know I've said no Cinderella bowls, but I did say unless they were special, and I think these  Spring Blossom bowls are - $2.00 for the 441 and 442.  I used a placement that I bought too,  it was 25 cents for two of them, I think I probably should have bought more of those......

A fridgie at Value Village - I never see them there - it was 99 cents - I have  the full set but this will go to somebody...

Not sure why I'm buying Tim Horton's mugs, I don't even drink coffee, I think  they might sell in a lot  - when I find some more...

I think I'm on a roll for finding Vera scarves in the past couple of  weeks,  I think I was getting a real deal the other weeks at VV , paying 49 cents, this week they were $1.99 each.

Finding Eloise Wilkin illustrated Little Golden Books is not going to be any easy task.  I found  My Puppy which is a reissued book on the 50th anniversary of Little Golden Books, that doesn't matter to me, the book is the same and the illustrations are sweet.  Baby's Christmas was written by Esther Wilkin who was Eloise's sister and also married to a Wilkin - illustrations are by Barbara Lanza - but reads - In homage to Eloise Wilkin, it's beautiful too.

I bought The Brave Little Tailor and Old MacDonald because they were older books - both from the 70's

The Sesame Street books are going to Holly in Newfoundland.   She's a thrifter, a crafter and a new blogger - check out her blog - Life on the Rock

Excuse this picture - no amount of editing would  fix it up and I just couldn't be bothered to take  another one.  I sold  an Annual book last week, I thought I might give these a try too - remember BJ and the Bear??

I'm going to read this Charlie Brown book - it was published in 1970 - it's all colored pictures.

Because I know Strawberry Shortcake is popular for resale, I  purchased this  single flannel sheet.

Did you notice I changed up my blog a bit?  Thanks to daughter Carla - it looks new and fresh.  It'll soon be  one year since I started posting - I think I should have a draw to celebrate the happy day!!!  And, I will!!!

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  1. I love that blue Pyrex, the colour, the pattern - Oh! Thanks for the shout out :). I really wish I would find more 80's character sheets!

  2. All of your pyrex is so pretty! Love the green bowls and what a great deal on them, way to go!

    Thanks much for linking up at Cap Creations.

  3. It's odd, I don't find Pyrex too often at Salvation Army either.

    There is one in the suburbs however, that I have found some pieces & they've always been in great condition. They have 5 thrift stores in that city & surprisingly the Salvation Army is the largest one.

  4. Love all of your finds, especially the Little Golden Books and the Pyrex! I just wish that someone could explain to me why thrifted Pyrex is so expensive, when there's so much of it around!

  5. Great finds! Love the little Pyrex fridgie.

  6. Fantastic Pyrex!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  7. Beautiful Butterprint and Spring Blossom!! Yes, you have been on a roll with those Vera scarves, but I'm sure you won't have any trouble selling them! I'm still looking for Eloise Wilkin books for you....but so far, no luck!

  8. Love the books! Great finds!

  9. Pyrex! I wish it would stop getting marked up so high, it annoys me that thrift shops do that!!

  10. Your blog looks great! And yes, you have been on a roll finding great things! I have a lot of fun keeping up with your newest finds.
    Erica :)