Sunday, March 31, 2013

Warm Lobster Dip - Pinned and Loved!!

A recipe with lobster on Easter, yes, it's going to happen, because I just need to make this my post for my pinned and tried from Pinterest project - we made this dip last night and it is the very best!!!  It really is!!  My regular dip to make, up until now, was a crab dip, no more crab dip, it's this lobster one from now on.  It   is now on my Made from Pinterest board - all ready for quick reference when we get a craving for this scrumptious dip!

The original recipe was pinned from - click here for the link.  This dip is not something you would be making on a regular basis, it's a little bit pricey.  I had this can of lobster in the freezer, it has been sitting there since Christmas when they were on sale

Regular price for a tin is about $22 - I probably paid about $13 for it, on sale.    That would be the only time I'd be buying it.

Hot dips are so good!! This dip was everything we like in a dip - hot, chunky and full of flavour.    We used Que Pasa Organic Tortilla Chips and toasted Naan bread for dipping.  

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter from a While Back

Another occasion, another chance to share some of my vintage holiday postcards.  Happy Easter to all....

There is nothing about these old postcards that I don't like!

The price to mail this was only one cent, did you know that Canada has done away with the penny? Rounding out is the newest thing..

These girls are decked out in their Easter bonnets.

Click on the card to read the message..

I bought a few vintage Easter cards when I was away the other week, they were just too cute to pass up, I had to  pay a little bit more because I bought them at an antique mall, I never see them at thrift stores, it was cheaper than buying them online.    I guess my jar decoration could count for my pinned from Pinterest post ( but it won't) - I put some grass, chocolate eggs and a chocolate bunny in the jar - instant Easter decoration - part vintage, part new.

Happy Easter, From - Joey, Stevie, Teresa & Mary


From  - Pat, Donna, Marilyn, Terry & Bryan

Another jar - filled with plastic eggs and grass.

This card was sent to Gerald from Terry & Marilyn, must have been the children from the previous card

This card was from the same family

This card is mine, my grandparents sent it to me - Mom and Dad saved  most all of the cards, dating back to the 70's - I also have a card from them and one from my other grandparents, I put them in my SMASH book.  

I have two vintage Easter decorations and I just found one of these this week.  The little bunny girl is a Lefton figure, she's so cute with the bunny ears and bunny tail.    I stopped into a little antique shop the other day, I only go there every so many months as there isn't much turn around, I hoped I would find something Easter and I did - the little cart is holding some Jolly Rancher jelly beans now  - it was only $3.49 - and it's made in Japan - another oldie!

Lefton Bunny Girl

Made in Japan

I bought this a few years ago at Liquidation World,  I'm including it in this post because I really like it - wind it up and it plays - Easter Parade

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Books and More Books

I can't stop myself from looking at children's books at the thrifts, I don't have any small children to be buying them for - I guess I am either trying to relive my childhood or getting myself prepared for future grandchildren and I will be prepared for those grandchildren, in the book department anyway.

These are all books I've brought home in the past few weeks... I'm really starting to worry about where I'm going to put these books I'm buying...

I had both of these when I was little, I think we may actually have another copy of the Mother Goose book but the Little Lulu book, I was so happy to find that one - it looks like this copy is a first edition.  I bought it at an antique mall the other week when I was away, at this booth the books were $3, another booth $15, of course, the book I'm looking for - The Costume Party - it has been there for a long time but who's going to buy that for $15? 

What a coincidence, another "Jill" owned this book.  I loved this one, Lulu and Tubby are not happy they have to look after Alvin - can you tell??

I had the Cinderella book too - these are both Wonder books - it just takes me back looking at those pictures, I thought Cinderella was so beautiful when she was dressed for the ball!

I was lucky to find some Eloise Wilkin books too - my collection is growing..

From "So Big"

From "We Like Kindergarten"

This is not the standard Little Golden Book for Eloise Wilkin - it's called a Golden Look Look Book, the illustrations are so beautiful in all of her books.

From "Little Prayers"

The Rand McNally Elf Junior books are so cute but I rarely ever see them.  Some of the illustrations are colored, some are only red, white and grey.  

I've never seen these before - My First Golden Learning Library - they are copyright 1965, each one has a foil spine that is solid colored 

Timothy's Book of Trains was printed and made in Great Britain, I can't find any date on it at all, it looks old.

I used to love watching "The Flintstones"

Can't go wrong with a Charlie Brown book

Carla had a bunch of these books, I have pretty well all of their children's books, but I don't think I kept any of these - so I HAD to buy it!

I've always loved books myself so I guess it's just natural that I would be drawn to these old ones.    And, it's an inexpensive thing to buy!  They're so nice, I can't really help myself!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pizza Boats - from Pinterest

I pinned this recipe a while ago, finally I  tried it last night, it's a good easy meal for Friday night, quick to prepare and quick to cook!  It was tasty enough but  would probably go for a smaller bun next time, we had a salad with it and it just seemed like a bit too much food.  I cooked them for 9 minutes, a little longer might be better, as they weren't piping hot.    

The original recipe was pinned from Table for Seven - this would be a great recipe for children to prepare, just as long as you hollow out the bread or bun for them first.  It's the weekend so time to link up with the The Weekend Potluck hosted by The Country Cook

It's hard to believe this is my 13th week of my pinning from Pinterest posts and I only missed one week so far, not bad - do you make use of your Pinterest pins? You can follow me here.

I forgot the garlic!

Hot out of the oven

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter and Yes, Christmas

I've sure had a run of fun mail lately, it used to be I got letters often, but those days are long gone, so any time there is anything in the box besides bills and flyers, it's good. It's especially nice when it comes from blogging friends.  

When Ericaof Thrifting Sisters fame wrote me and said she found something at an estate sale that made her think of me, I had no idea what it could be.  It arrived last week - and here it is.....  

It's an Annalee Santa - I discovered these Annalee figures last fall when we were coming home through New England.  I saw some old ones first at an antique shop, I didn't really look closely at them, sure wishing I would have, then the next day I was at a Home Goods store and there were shelves of them - Halloween and Christmas - I blogged about them here.   A Santa and a cute card - that's great mail, in my mind!  Thanks so much!

Only thing, now I have to pack him away until Christmas!

Holly is keeping me in bunting - she makes them herself - she sent me one a few weeks ago and now I have another one of her creations.  I am so lucky to have met such thoughtful people through my blog, I appreciate everyone that reads my posts, I almost always have a small response for you, if you are not a no comment blogger!  In the past few days, some new people have started to follow me - thank you so much!

Happy Easter from Holly..

She also sent me a couple of Little Golden Books for Easter - I didn't have these titles when I was little and my children didn't either...

This one is already in position, the illustrations are so cute, in both of the books.

Why are bunnies always the sweetest?

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Swap Goodies are Here

I was so jealous of all the posts around Valentine's Day - so many people had taken part in the Valentine's Swaps, I said to myself, I am signing up for the next one and as soon as I read Sandy's news on her blog, 521 Lake Street, I didn't hesitate, I signed myself up!  We had to make a spoolie, using an old spool and decorating it any which way we wanted, but it had to be for Easter.  We were given our partner and that's when we started to get to know each other a little bit and figure out just what other goodies to include in the box.  My partner was Sally, her blog is Sally Annnie Magundy - pay her a visit, she's a sweetheart!

Today my package arrived, all the way from sunny California and was it a welcome sight , it's snowing in Ontario - please go away winter, you've been hanging around way too long.  I just wanted to dive right into the package, but time has to be taken to take the appropriate pictures and study everything closely.  The package was packed beautifully - it was just so pretty!  I give you warning, there are numerous pictures...

I will be keeping this and SMASHING it.

And this too...

Even the styrofoam peanuts are Easter like  - I took out the basket, ever so carefully and the two brightly wrapped gifts...

And, then there was more.....

This whole package was so much fun to open - it was just like Christmas!!

Buttons and charms inside - what fun!

Who can't use a bunny stamp?  I can!

Crocheted bunnies, bunny buttons, chip board basket, eggie stickers, a vintage card,  little yellow chicks - I am going to have a nice Easter page in my SMASH book!

These chicks are the softest - and there's bunnies too.

Finally, here is the main attraction of the whole swap and the package - the spoolie

Sally's Spoolie that she made for me -  the spools belonged to her grandmother - how nice that she used them for me and made such a special little Easter decoration - just everything about this screams cuteness!!

I placed him in the Easter basket,  look at the crepe paper ruffle she made for the basket.  Love it!  And, all that chocolate is going to taste really good too...

This has been such a fun experience, a bit nerve racking at times, it all worked out fine in the end,  thanks to Sally for such a fun box of goodies and thanks to Sandy for hosting the "Spoolie Swap."  Happy Early Easter

I made a button spoolie for Sally - I am so glad it made it all the way to California in one piece!