Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thrifting on a Friday

I came home with a nice assortment of things yesterday, seeing how I haven't been finding much of anything, I think this is my best haul in a while.  I am so proud of this first item, I think it was a major Value Village find - and once again, I think it must be a rookie pricer - why was this priced at only $2.99?  It still has the original tag, 1981 is  on the tag - it's a Fufel - made by Te-Ri, a Canadian company, it says there are over 200 different dolls.  This Lucky Leprechaun stand about 15 inches tall, he's just in perfect condition, he was sitting on a shelf with a bunch of green glassware - I looked him up right away on my  phone when I was there, people sell them on Ebay and some for a pretty penny.  First I thought I would sell him, but I can't, he's just too cute...

We call him Liam!

I have never decorated for St. Patrick's Day,  both of our families are from the highlands of Scotland, but I guess I'll be putting something out this year, because I found this too, in  with the bagged stuffed animals...  I wonder if they were donated by the same person....

Ziggy - with the original tag from 1988, paid $1.99

I always seem to see the same Eloise Wilkin books over and over again, finally, I found a different one...

I think this one has the cutest illustrations of any that I have.

These little miniature Easter decorations were $1 at SA - they were distributed by Regal, I had to get them, I used to sell Regal way back when.....  The gift wrap says it is all occasion but it looks like Easter paper to me.  The little bunny was in the showcase at SA, I asked how much, 50 cents, sold!  At first I thought it was an ornament, but it's a candle and it's in really nice shape.  It was the only worthwhile thing in their Easter showcase display, everything else was dollar store merchandise.

Great colors for Easter crafting.

Chipboard tags and pieces - they'll come in handy for crafting and smashing.

It's not very often you see wooden spools, I have a few now so I'm all set to start my spoolie for the Easter swap!

I was on a dry spell for Vera scarves too - I actually found the top three in Florida last week, my only thrifting purchases there - the one on the right is a cotton square, my first cotton Vera! The scarves were 3 for $5 - not bad, at all!  I found the scarf on the bottom at SA before I went away.

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  1. He's definitely cute! Sometimes our fabulous Value Village will miss a few things, like my new 1956 Cathrineholm bowl priced at $2.99, but then go ahead & price a $2 item from Dollarama at $1.99 - with rounding, same price!

    I think stuff is starting to pick up around here.

  2. Great finds! He does look too cute to have to give up. My ancestry is supposed to be Scottish as well on my Dad's side - must have been 4 generations back though.

  3. Love your finds. I've always loved Ziggy. And your Leprechaun looks great - no wonder you won't give him up! The images in your book are just too sweet for words, and I'm a bit envious of your button stash.

  4. Really cute finds Jill. I think the St. Patrick's day guy is sweet even though there's no Irish in me either. The scarves are very pretty.

  5. You sure found a lot of different items! I love all of them!

  6. That book is precious! I have never seen that one before. Maybe I will get lucky and find it in the stacks of Golden Books at the flea market this morning. Maddie spotted those buttons right away. They are the perfect colors for Easter & Spring. I found something at an estate sale on Friday that will soon be making it's way to you!

    Have a great Sunday!


  7. great finds.
    I have a question for you. When I was a child I had a book I think called "I'm Suzy". I just adored it. Do you know anything about it. Not sure if it was a golden book or not but it reminded me of the book you showed.

  8. So many cute things! I love the easter set!

  9. I recently picked up one of those Fufel dolls (a dentist) still new with tags at Goodwill for $.49. :)

    Gotta get him listed. There's a doctor on ebay selling for $84.99 or BO.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  10. Great finds! I never saw that book before either. Neat!

  11. oh dear showing my uneducated self here--what's a spoolie??

  12. Great finds! Love the wooden spools and buttons. The scarves are beautiful, too. That's one item I've never found while thrifitng- I think I need to be paying closer attention!

  13. You found some great thrifty treasures. I am especially covetous of the wooden Easter ornies. They make the best crafting doodads! I found a bag last Christmas...I guess it's easier to find them off-season. Oh, well! =D

  14. What fun thrifted treasures you found! I adore them all. thank you for sharing at TTF.