Monday, March 25, 2013

Books and More Books

I can't stop myself from looking at children's books at the thrifts, I don't have any small children to be buying them for - I guess I am either trying to relive my childhood or getting myself prepared for future grandchildren and I will be prepared for those grandchildren, in the book department anyway.

These are all books I've brought home in the past few weeks... I'm really starting to worry about where I'm going to put these books I'm buying...

I had both of these when I was little, I think we may actually have another copy of the Mother Goose book but the Little Lulu book, I was so happy to find that one - it looks like this copy is a first edition.  I bought it at an antique mall the other week when I was away, at this booth the books were $3, another booth $15, of course, the book I'm looking for - The Costume Party - it has been there for a long time but who's going to buy that for $15? 

What a coincidence, another "Jill" owned this book.  I loved this one, Lulu and Tubby are not happy they have to look after Alvin - can you tell??

I had the Cinderella book too - these are both Wonder books - it just takes me back looking at those pictures, I thought Cinderella was so beautiful when she was dressed for the ball!

I was lucky to find some Eloise Wilkin books too - my collection is growing..

From "So Big"

From "We Like Kindergarten"

This is not the standard Little Golden Book for Eloise Wilkin - it's called a Golden Look Look Book, the illustrations are so beautiful in all of her books.

From "Little Prayers"

The Rand McNally Elf Junior books are so cute but I rarely ever see them.  Some of the illustrations are colored, some are only red, white and grey.  

I've never seen these before - My First Golden Learning Library - they are copyright 1965, each one has a foil spine that is solid colored 

Timothy's Book of Trains was printed and made in Great Britain, I can't find any date on it at all, it looks old.

I used to love watching "The Flintstones"

Can't go wrong with a Charlie Brown book

Carla had a bunch of these books, I have pretty well all of their children's books, but I don't think I kept any of these - so I HAD to buy it!

I've always loved books myself so I guess it's just natural that I would be drawn to these old ones.    And, it's an inexpensive thing to buy!  They're so nice, I can't really help myself!

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  1. You do have some good ones. We Like Kindergarten was a favorite of mine too! I just recently started writing down all the children's books that I used to have that I would really like to own again!


  2. I picked up two Golden Books for Maddie the other day for 49 cents apiece and she said to me "Mom, I already have those". I am gonna have to teach that girl that it is okay to have duplicates of the things she loves!!

    Childrens books are generally thin, so you should be able to get even more and store them pretty easily. As if I needed to try and justify your purchases for you, ha ha.

    Have a great week,


  3. Old children's books have the best pictures!

  4. I too can't stop myself from buying old children's books! I just love looking at all the illustrations. I totally forgot about Little Lulu! great finds

  5. I have Little Golden Books as my obsession! I started buying with first grandchild and daughter told me they are now $3 each! I paid 2/1.00 when my kids were little. So thus began my addiction to thrift stores, first in search of LGBs and then...all the vintage treasures started being found. I have a database now of the books because somewhere around 500 I stopped being able to remember some! Love, love, love Eloise Wilkin's illustrations!

  6. I love collecting books from thrift stores. It has become an addiction :) I just can't get enough of all kinds of old books in good condition. :)

  7. I remember the "So Big" book from when I was little. Nice collection. Your future Grand Kids are going to have plenty of reading material at Grandma's house! :)

  8. I love old children's books! What a great collection!

  9. LOL You really have caught the book bug! It's a fun one!
    I found that same Wagon Rand McNally a couple weeks ago. So cute! And I've never see the LGB library/letter books either! Really neat find.
    Erica :)

  10. Ive been waiting for this post! I had "We Like kindergarten" I remember it well. Awesome finds! I have hoards of childrens books all tucked up in my tiny closet, not to mention my large rubbermaid tote of sesame street books! But like you, I just can't resist :)

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  12. I have several of these books, they are wonderful. I enjoy the illustrations of vintage books.

  13. I love these old children's books. You've inspired me to dig some old books out and write a post on them.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your package gets there this week:)

  14. You have an amazing collection! We Like Kindergarten was my favorite when I was little! Isn't it fun when you come across one of these- especially when you get it for a steal? You can't help but buy it:)

  15. Love vintage children's books! Great finds!

  16. I always forget to look in the book section of the thrifts. What was I thinking? I have all my childhood books, but I need to start adding more to the collection.

  17. Fantastic collection of gorgeous vintage children's books.

  18. Now that is an awesome stack of books! KUDOS on this find!!! hugs...

  19. Wow, you do have some good ones! I used to LOVE Little Lulu! And that Little Red Wagon looks good, I may have to find that one, LOL!