Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Great Day for Thrifting

It was a great day for thrifting - I have lots of vintage finds to share over at Vintage Thingie Thursday - I bet lots of other people found some great treasures in the past few days too...

My first stop of the day - there wasn't much I was interested in but I didn't leave empty handed..

Was I surprised when I saw these wrapped up in an elastic band -  they're Vera  napkins - the newer ones that have never used  - I paid $1

I found two Eloise Wilkin illustrated books, both the same, I bought the both, for $1

On to Value Village

I didn't buy any of these - the bowls were in bad shape, the white Butterprint wasn't turquoise, it was green  and the turquoise one had so many scratches and it was $4.99 - why, I don't know, look at what I bought on the same shelf for $2.99.  Maybe it didn't catch their eye that this one was Pyrex!

It was this Terra 474 that I paid $2.99, it has a few scratches, but  now I have one piece and that's probably all I need!

This is probably the worst looking piece of Pyrex that I've ever bought -  I worked hard on it this morning, it looks much better.....

I'm giving this 045 to Carla - she has some other Butterfly Gold

This might look like a cooler - no, it's a breadbox!!  I don't really know where I'm going to put it but  I'll put something in it. The handle is broken but I HAD to buy it, you know how expensive these things are in the antique shops,  it was $2.99.  The lady behind me at the cash, wondered why she hadn't seen that, because I had it in my cart, that's why!!

A syrup dispenser for 99 cents

An Inuit mug - I had good luck selling an Inuit designed scarf the other week, I'm hopeful for this  to sell.

I know there's plenty of Care Bear fans out there...

A Totes rain scarf, claimed by Carla.

And then, on to the Salvation Army Thrift Store...

I liked this scarf because it was long and just the right size, I've never seen a scarf like this at Old Navy, it says it's from Fall 08, I paid 25 cents.  And, I also paid 25 cents for this Vera scarf.

Tim Horton's Coffee Mug

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday invitations, not  opened

Last stop - not one purchase - nothing!!  I was on such a roll, it would have been nice to find at least one more treasure, but I'm not complaining.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Red from the Eaton's Catalogue, 1976

Red didn't seem to be a real popular color in the 1976 issue of the Eaton's catalogue - how we looked forward to the catalogue arriving to pick out our new wardrobe.  I think we were buying anything in coral, denim blue, lots of stripes and flowers.  Most of the household decor was in shades of brown, rust, orange and yellow - I remember those colors!!!  So, here we go -  some red for Rednesday to take you back to 1976.

Eaton's Spring & summer catalogue, 1976

Pull on style polyester shorts with elastic waist, cool cotton tank, $14 for the tank and shorts

Cotton knit red halter, back tie - $4

One piece leotard  - $5.50

A 5 in One Outfit, $10.99 - woven cotton/polyester blend

The Summer Olympics were held in Montreal in 1976, I don't remember anyone having any of this merchandise, but then it was probably too expensive - $45 for the warm up suit!

High Rise Bike with Banana Seat - $54.99

Velvet Look - $49.99 for a queen size bedspread  or $6.00 monthly

Red in all its glory!

Complete bed/headboard  - $112.45

Friday, March 23, 2012

Vintage Things

I sure can't wait for yard sale season to happen, the pickins' at the thrift shops have been not very exciting of late. Here's what I managed to scrounge up this week, nothing for myself - all for resale..

How cute are these mugs covered in lampshades, for sale here.  They were made in  Japan

Another item made in Japan, a cute little oil lamp with  a Dutch  boy and girl kissing by the windmill, it's for sale too

A nice children's cross stitch runner - offered for sale

My daughter loved Popples - but she didn't want this to take her back to childhood fun - only two pages are colored in it. Popples are such fun! 

I thought this was a neat book - apparently Misty was  a  British comic published between 1978 and 1984, this book is one of their Christmas annuals - it has short stories, comics, a crossword, a game - it's neat - I've never seen or heard of one before

I bought the bottom part of this Daisy a few weeks ago, I found the lid on Ebay so I ordered it, it's a little  faded but I didn't hold out much hope of ever finding that cute Daisy lid.

It was my birthday a couple of days ago, was I happy to open this package from Sharon and see this Waffle jug, I love it!!
I'm linking up to Thrifty Love at Cap Creations, there's bound to be some neat things posted!  I like to link up with Flea Market Finds and Thrift Share Monday

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Few Finds

It wasn't much of a selection this past week at the thrift shops but I did come away with a few things and left a few things behind too, like Pyrex Cinderella bowls - I'm trying not to buy the Cinderella bowls unless it's something really unique - I carried three Verde bowls around the store but put them back, it was such a good deal - $2 for the three but I came to my senses and knew I didn't need them and I thought the plain bowls might be hard to trade. There was also a Woodland 444 for sale - $2  - I left that behind too!  I was excited to find this old Pyrex Ponderosa cup, I paid $4 - which is way more than I would usually pay for a cup but memories make you do funny things!  This is just the way I remember "The Ponderosa" - sadly, no more in Canada...  We tried one last year in Florida - it wasn't the same at all.....

It's not very often you find any pink Pyrex around these parts so even when they're not in the best of shape, well, I had to buy it, it doesn't look too bad far off but up close, not so great!  Have you tried out the new photo editing site - PicMonkey? I did some editing to the poor little fridgie - at least the Coffee Crisp eggs look good in there....  I paid $3 for that and this bag of buttons.

What do you think of the little minature tea pieces I found at the Salvation Army?  They are all made in Japan and occupied Japan - there's three different patterns here, some have lids missing, but they were just too cute.  Of course, they weren't marked - the lady turned them over numerous times, I thought she was going to say some high price - how about $2.50 she said - SOLD!

It's March 18 and this is the temperature today in Northeastern Ontario - for my US friends, that's 75 degrees, just not a temperature we have this time of the year, it's beautiful -  I don't remember ever having a lawn chair out in March - I'm heading outside with my iPad to catch up on some blogs, maybe some Flickr and see what's new on Pinterest - and I'll probably pin!

It's that time of the week to link up to Flea Market Finds again - I'm going to see what's new over there right now....  And, because it's Monday, it's time to link up with Apron Thrift Girl

Monday, March 12, 2012


I imagine the thrift shops will soon be bursting with new treasures in the next few weeks when spring hits - hope so, because there sure hasn't been much good stuff.  It's not very often that I don't find something, but all I managed to find were three Spring Blossom Dinner Plates.  I was happy to get those, though, now I have six, they're my "extra" plates. I did find some more "stuff" though...

Dynaware Brown Floral   - Pyr-O-Rey - made in Mexico - this little casserole measures approximately 4 inches across the bottom.  It's cute!!!  Pyrex Love has a little blurb about Dynaware, which is often mistaken for Pyrex.

How about a cup of coffee in a retro Sanka mug?   I'm selling this mug on  Ebay if  you'd like to check it out.  

I've never seen mugs like this - this one is for sale too

This sweet little Holly Hobbie bud vase is from 1981, part of the Designer Collection, I never find things like this - it's for sale too.

I found a couple of these in the summer at a yard sale and the lady told me they were shortening containers.  It's funny how sometimes a comment can trigger your memory - I remember my grandmother having those - they're from Proctor and Gamble, I've seen them on line identified as a coffee can - I don't think so....

Now I'm on the hunt for Eloise Wilkin illustrated Golden Books, I hardly ever see Golden Books and if I do, they are newer ones but I spotted this one at Value Village for 49 cents.  Since I did my post the other week on  Eloise Wilkin illustrations, I've been on the lookout for more books - I say I'll have them for the day when I have a grandchild.  Hah!!

Some Easter fixins for 50 cents - I bought a bag of similar ones at Christmas  -  I made a wreath with them,  not sure what I'll do with these ones...

Finally found another Vera scarf - $1.99 at Value Village - they've been very scarce lately too.

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