Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Great Day for Thrifting

It was a great day for thrifting - I have lots of vintage finds to share over at Vintage Thingie Thursday - I bet lots of other people found some great treasures in the past few days too...

My first stop of the day - there wasn't much I was interested in but I didn't leave empty handed..

Was I surprised when I saw these wrapped up in an elastic band -  they're Vera  napkins - the newer ones that have never used  - I paid $1

I found two Eloise Wilkin illustrated books, both the same, I bought the both, for $1

On to Value Village

I didn't buy any of these - the bowls were in bad shape, the white Butterprint wasn't turquoise, it was green  and the turquoise one had so many scratches and it was $4.99 - why, I don't know, look at what I bought on the same shelf for $2.99.  Maybe it didn't catch their eye that this one was Pyrex!

It was this Terra 474 that I paid $2.99, it has a few scratches, but  now I have one piece and that's probably all I need!

This is probably the worst looking piece of Pyrex that I've ever bought -  I worked hard on it this morning, it looks much better.....

I'm giving this 045 to Carla - she has some other Butterfly Gold

This might look like a cooler - no, it's a breadbox!!  I don't really know where I'm going to put it but  I'll put something in it. The handle is broken but I HAD to buy it, you know how expensive these things are in the antique shops,  it was $2.99.  The lady behind me at the cash, wondered why she hadn't seen that, because I had it in my cart, that's why!!

A syrup dispenser for 99 cents

An Inuit mug - I had good luck selling an Inuit designed scarf the other week, I'm hopeful for this  to sell.

I know there's plenty of Care Bear fans out there...

A Totes rain scarf, claimed by Carla.

And then, on to the Salvation Army Thrift Store...

I liked this scarf because it was long and just the right size, I've never seen a scarf like this at Old Navy, it says it's from Fall 08, I paid 25 cents.  And, I also paid 25 cents for this Vera scarf.

Tim Horton's Coffee Mug

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday invitations, not  opened

Last stop - not one purchase - nothing!!  I was on such a roll, it would have been nice to find at least one more treasure, but I'm not complaining.  


  1. I would have loved to been with you on the junking outing. You found some great vintage things.

  2. Love the Blue Iris Pyrex, would love it for my collection.
    Great finds.

  3. it seems you find a good piece of pyrex everytime you go thrifting! most of us wish we could be so lucky!

  4. You did an amazing job on that oval pyrex baking dish!

  5. Great finds! I can hardly believe how that pyrex came clean. Oh if only people would clean it before they get rid of it. Blessings, Debbie
    I am posting for the next few weeks on my trip to Europe hope you can stop by!

  6. What a fun day Thriftin'. Great restoration on the pyrex...I have several pieces of that pattern with them. Happy VTT.

  7. Wow, you found a lot of great stuff! I can't believe that Pyrex cleaned up so well. I probably would have passed it up and would have lost out on it!

  8. Great haul! Can't believe how clean you got that Pyrex... I do love the care bear and strawberry shortcake finds.

  9. Well, I see you finally found a piece of Terra!! It looks like it's the same size as mine. You really had a great thrifting day! Wish I could have been thrifting with you!

  10. I love days like that- so fun! Two Vera items in one day- and the Strawberry Shortcake invites -very cute! Amazing job at cleaning that BG, too. :)

  11. Ooooh that looks like a super fun day!

    I'm in BAAAAADDDD need of an heavy duty road trip/thrifting/triple D kinda weekend.

    The bread box is, sigh, delicious! lol

    I love all your finds! Congrats :)

  12. I love the Vera items! Super finds!

  13. Wow, you're so lucky to have so many great thrift stores in your area! LOVE that breadbox. Sounds like if you had walked away from your cart for even a second, you might have lost it!

  14. Oh you do find some gorgeous things :-) My faves are the syrup dispencer and the bread box... I found some pyrex that I liked... Finally... But when I got home discovered some chips :-( Keep on keeping on I guess eh.

  15. What great finds! It is amazing how much a pyrex dish can go through, but still be made to look good as new. I love that pattern! Happy VTT

  16. Nice job on getting that Pyrex back into good shape, it definitely wasn't good before!!

  17. I love that bread box! I've never seen one like it.