Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Few Finds

It wasn't much of a selection this past week at the thrift shops but I did come away with a few things and left a few things behind too, like Pyrex Cinderella bowls - I'm trying not to buy the Cinderella bowls unless it's something really unique - I carried three Verde bowls around the store but put them back, it was such a good deal - $2 for the three but I came to my senses and knew I didn't need them and I thought the plain bowls might be hard to trade. There was also a Woodland 444 for sale - $2  - I left that behind too!  I was excited to find this old Pyrex Ponderosa cup, I paid $4 - which is way more than I would usually pay for a cup but memories make you do funny things!  This is just the way I remember "The Ponderosa" - sadly, no more in Canada...  We tried one last year in Florida - it wasn't the same at all.....

It's not very often you find any pink Pyrex around these parts so even when they're not in the best of shape, well, I had to buy it, it doesn't look too bad far off but up close, not so great!  Have you tried out the new photo editing site - PicMonkey? I did some editing to the poor little fridgie - at least the Coffee Crisp eggs look good in there....  I paid $3 for that and this bag of buttons.

What do you think of the little minature tea pieces I found at the Salvation Army?  They are all made in Japan and occupied Japan - there's three different patterns here, some have lids missing, but they were just too cute.  Of course, they weren't marked - the lady turned them over numerous times, I thought she was going to say some high price - how about $2.50 she said - SOLD!

It's March 18 and this is the temperature today in Northeastern Ontario - for my US friends, that's 75 degrees, just not a temperature we have this time of the year, it's beautiful -  I don't remember ever having a lawn chair out in March - I'm heading outside with my iPad to catch up on some blogs, maybe some Flickr and see what's new on Pinterest - and I'll probably pin!

It's that time of the week to link up to Flea Market Finds again - I'm going to see what's new over there right now....  And, because it's Monday, it's time to link up with Apron Thrift Girl


  1. Buttons! Oh yes... Love the buttons!

  2. I live in Portland, Oregon and have family who live in Indiana. This is the first time since I moved here that the weather there is better than the weather here. Enjoy it while you can!

  3. Pink Pyrex isn't too common here either. I have found it in good condition twice.

    The other 3 times it has been in unpurchaseable condition.

    However, I did pass up 2 pieces of pink this past weekend - they were $14 & $16. If I hadn't already spent $150 this weekend on fun stuff, maybe I'd have added it to my collection. These pieces weren't high up on my want list!

    BTW, I am in Ontario too. I am loving the weather. I am just hoping it's not a boiling summer this year.

  4. I use to think going to the Ponderosa was such a big deal. thanks for the memories.

  5. I remember being about 8 when there was a Ponderosa in Barrie. That was 1983. I always liked going there. Thanks for the memory.

  6. Hey Jill, Thanks for popping by! You spoke correctly when you said my bowl is from the Town and Country collection. Now I know! Although, I think red and that orangy color are what I'll look for - not the yellow and brown. Or is that a Pyrex sin - mixing lines?