Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Red from the Eaton's Catalogue, 1976

Red didn't seem to be a real popular color in the 1976 issue of the Eaton's catalogue - how we looked forward to the catalogue arriving to pick out our new wardrobe.  I think we were buying anything in coral, denim blue, lots of stripes and flowers.  Most of the household decor was in shades of brown, rust, orange and yellow - I remember those colors!!!  So, here we go -  some red for Rednesday to take you back to 1976.

Eaton's Spring & summer catalogue, 1976

Pull on style polyester shorts with elastic waist, cool cotton tank, $14 for the tank and shorts

Cotton knit red halter, back tie - $4

One piece leotard  - $5.50

A 5 in One Outfit, $10.99 - woven cotton/polyester blend

The Summer Olympics were held in Montreal in 1976, I don't remember anyone having any of this merchandise, but then it was probably too expensive - $45 for the warm up suit!

High Rise Bike with Banana Seat - $54.99

Velvet Look - $49.99 for a queen size bedspread  or $6.00 monthly

Red in all its glory!

Complete bed/headboard  - $112.45


  1. I've never heard of this catalog, but all of these shots really take me back to the 70s! I remember having a denim pants suit and several halter tops and I most definitely had a bike with a banana seat. Loved the 70s!
    Happy REDnesday,

  2. Eatons is Canadian,wow, brings back memories. We never had an Eatons where I lived as a kid but we shopped out of the Sears catalogue. I had the bike with the Banana seat too!

  3. The only catalog we ever saw was the Sears Roebuck.

  4. Ahh, I remember these colors, too. :) I still love them and if you think about it, a lot of the style hasn't really changed.

  5. Whew, deja vu, I had a red halter top, LOL! Some of those styles are too funny. Visiting from Rednesday.

  6. OMG OMG I remember this exact catalog from my Memere's house, I used to love flipping through it as a kid!! Too crazy! I wonder if she still has it?? Hmmmmmm Cool post!!!

  7. Yeah! I've arrived, coming from Pinterest but I also know Carol (above).

    It seems as though I like everything you like! What a treat to come here and look back in time to the Eaton's catalog. I was a junior in highschool that year and I remember it all.

    I have a blog too, I blog from my childhood home Once Upon a Fairyland. It's a true story of growing up in a Fairyland that my dad built. I love dolls, dogs, retro, gnomes and fairy's and junk. I am the manager of a large thrift store and I live in the Pacific Northwest.

    I'll be back, it was a ton of fun visiting your blog!

    the girl with the curl

  8. You found such wonderful red things in the Eaton catalog. Guess red has been a good color every year, not just in the '70s