Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here's What I Found on Wednesday

Yesterday I found four bags of old greeting cards when I was out thrifting - I have never found anything like that before, the illustrations are just so cute and these ones are pure 70's, I think!!  I paid $2 for 50 cards.  I kept seeing so many vintage cards on Pinterest so of course, I had to make a board - Old Vintage Cards.  Remember when cards were 25 cents and the envelope and card were attached with an X shaped paper clip??

The Pyrex situation was not good at all - I wonder if this bowl is still sitting at Value Village today? I want to bet it is.  I left the red fridgie there too...

I was just commenting on my friend Sharon's newest Pyrex pieces - some Terra - I have never seen Terra around these parts, of course now that we are talking about them, I find these handleless mugs - 50 cents each - they'll be on their way to Sharon!!  I checked them out on Pyrex Love so if you want the scoop on them, read it there.

I bid on an orange dots bowl on Ebay the other week, first time I ever did that and won it , now I have three dots bowls - two from Sharon and one Ebay purchase - all coming from the Sunshine State.

Today I'm linking up to Vintage Thingy Thursday and The Penny Worthy Project


  1. You have a lot of nice vintage goodies.

  2. Great bag of cards, thats really a large amount for 50 cents. Like your polka dot bowls.

  3. Love those great vintage cards. I saw a super sad Pyrex gooseberry bowl at the thrift shop...had to leave it! hugs, Linda

  4. Hey! My mom has that Terra set of mixing bowls. Great to see this pattern again - brings back good memories.

  5. I love those vintage greeting cards! Sure wish I could find something like that at our thrifts! That brown Pyrex is pretty sad...even I would have left it there. So glad you got the orange dots bowl. It looks to be in great shape. Guess I'm going to have to find one now, lol!! Thanks for the mugs.....can't wait to get them!

  6. those cards are such a nice find! i also love your dot bowls :)