Monday, February 27, 2012

View Master Reels

I always loved my View Master - every Christmas Santa left a couple of reels in my stocking.  My original View Master is long gone but I still have the one that belonged to my kids.  I found something really interesting last week at the Salvation Army - a baggie of old View Master reels - for $2.  I was browsing around the store,one of the older lady volunteers stopped and asked me if I knew what was in the bag, I said I sure did - three reels of the Queen's Coronation - from 1953 - what a special thing to find, especially since this is the 60th year on the throne for Queen Elizabeth.  The reels show the coronation, the crowds, family pics - they're just so neat.  There was also a set of "The Night Before Christmas", one of Banff, one of Lake Louise and Roy Rogers.  It's a funny thing too because I had just read this article in Reminisce Magazine about the View Master - they make mention of the earlier reels that depicted sculpted clay figures - I have some of those - Huckleberry Hound, Three Little Pigs - do children even have View Masters anymore??

My old reels - I was looking at my favorite - The Partridge Family  - I spotted a Pyrex bowl and a snowflake casserole on the table.

I was lucky to find some Pyrex too - a Spring Blossom 043 and a cheery little yellow 473, 1 pt. dish - I think it might belong to the Daisy pattern, I will probably never find the lid..

It's Monday so I'm linking up to Flea Market Finds and Apron Thrift Girl - I like to see what people have found through the week, you must check them out.


  1. The view master was my favorite toy as a child. None of my children were interested, but they all had them and lots of reels. I gave them away to nieces and nephews and grandchildren years ago. I'm so excited about your find! I can't see correctly through one these days but would collect reels upon reels if I could!

  2. A Partidge Family one! wow I would of wanted that for mine when I was little.

    Spring Blossom is my pattern, got the cinderella and reg. bowl sets for a wedding present in 1980.
    I feel old now that they are collectibles!! yikes!

  3. How cool to find those Coronation reels! Interesting to think that although I've always thought of the View Master as a kids' toy, it obviously wasn't exclusively made for children (at least at first).

    I once found an old Bakelite View Master but I found out they weren't selling for much so I got rid of it. Can't believe I did that!

  4. I have looked and looked for a view master! I have never been able to find one!

  5. Darn it! I found lids only for the Daisy set at the thrift, for $0.49 and $0.99, for the 474 and 475, which are the two largest sizes in the round casserole set. If the lid matched I would have just sent it to you. I thinking about putting them on ebay, but if there was a blogger friend who needed one, I would have just sent it over!

  6. I have a Pee Wee Herman view master - in the box!

    Love the Pyrex.

  7. Great finds Jill! I had a View Master too. I'm sure it was given away many, many years ago. Love the Pyrex you found.

  8. We have a collection of view masters and slides, too! We totally had the same Coronation of Queen Elizabeth reels, but we recently sold them on Etsy along with a 50's view master. Those were some cool reels. Now we have one up with a Goldilocks reel (one of those clay figures ones). I hope kids still play with these... so much better than tv :)

    Cute Pyrex, too!

  9. I loved my viewmaster when I was a child. I regret that I don’t know where it is now. I remember having Snow White and Alice in Wonderland reels. I hope they remake these. I think these are really great toys.

    Francesca Slone