Monday, February 6, 2012

Some Pyrex, Some Vera and Some Other Stuff

I think it's about time I sit down and share what I thrifted last week.  We started kitchen renovations here on the weekend, it's hard to concentrate on composing, taking pics and all that stuff when there's saws and hammers making a lot of noise, and well, let's not even talk about the dust!!

I was so lucky at Value Village last week - I haven't found a casserole of any type in there for quite a while, I turned the corner to housewares and started walking fast at that point - here's why..

I'm going to call this Kelly Green - it wasn't quite so bright when I brought it home and when I look at the picture closely, I can still see some areas that I need to scour a little bit more. It's a 024 - 2 qt. casserole - I see one in the Pyrex Guide with a Jetson like warmer but the lid is different -I wonder if this one goes with that??    I paid $4.99.

I said I wasn't going to buy Cinderella bowls but guess I can't help myself and for a $1 each, what's a person to do??  But, I really can't buy any more 444's - they just take up too much room.

Today was a great mail day - my blue Dots 403 arrived all the way from sunny Florida - thanks Sharon, for the great trade!!

Now onto my thrifted scarves - I was lucky enough to find a couple of Vera's, which I'm keeping for myself, the others are going to my Etsy shop.  The first Vera is huge - about 27 x 27 - way bigger than any of the other ones I have..

I found some other odds and ends too - a couple of old games for $1 each - we tried "Ginny-O" on the weekend - it wasn't too bad, we'll definitely play it again. " Pit" is a commodity trading game with the cutest orange bell - we'll be waiting for Carla and her Darcy to come home to play that one!!

Carla will probably be getting this cookbook for her collection too - but not before I go through it first.  I paid 50 cents.  Don't the recipes always look so elaborate in these old cookbooks?

I linking up to these great blogs -Flea Market FindsApron Thrift Girl, and Home Maker on a Dime  - check them out if you're interested in thrifty living!


  1. Love your Cinderella bowls. I'm still looking for some in the Spring Blossom pattern. Maybe we could trade if your interested. Thanks, Linda

  2. Wowsers, gotta love those blue dots. Your post definitely had a little bit of everything. =)

  3. Your cinderella bowls are mine! got them when I got married in 1980!
    the kelly green is unusual. Great finds!

  4. gorgeous! im especially loving those green bowls... oh my!

    Kel x

  5. Great finds Jill! I haven't found anything this week! Nada!

  6. Love the Kelly Green bowl! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I'll take the spring blossom bowls off your hands... That is the only pattern I collect! :)

  8. I found that "Pit" game at a yard sale once, and bought it just for that cute orange bell!
    Also, those scarves are beautiful!

  9. Love the Vera scarves! I have a few in my collection and I am always checking the thrifts for them.