Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Grandmother Would Be 100 Today!

Today my Grandmother would have been 100 years old!!  She passed away 9 years ago - it doesn't really seem like 9 years ago - so much has happened since then!! My name for her was "Ma Weise" - to tell you the truth I don't even really know how to spell that - I always just wrote - M. Louise, her name was Louise.
My grandparents lived right across the road from us - I probably saw her just about every day of my life until I was about 20- and now that I'm looking for pictures of her with me, there don't seem to be many - here she is gazing at me.....I was 5 months old....I was the only grandchild they had.

I remember trying to get her to teach me how to make her porridge - it was so creamy and smooth - I had a special bowl that I always used with stripes on it - I have the bowl but I sure don't know how to make the oatmeal - oh, to taste that porridge again....

She was a great baker -her thick molasses cookies - so good - I remember my grandfather spreading butter on them.  I have all her recipes written in her own hand, I think I really should try a few but I know nothing I make will taste as good as her baking did!

Ma Weise became Great Mom when my children came along - they loved going over there to have lunch - usually Kraft Dinner, eat in the livingroom and watch "The Price is Right"

I've been transferring Dad's slides to my computer - just wanted to include a couple of neat ones that I found...

My grandparents - Carl and Louise

I have the beads that she's wearing..  And, I hate to say it, but we still have this old blanket  - Darcy has it in his truck right now!

I think they were in a motel room in this picture - she was acting the fool!

I have this great old picture of them - this would have been prior to 1936 -  taken at a beach in Prince Edward Island  - their home.
I may be far away from the little fishing village where I grew up, but my Ma Weise is not far away in my thoughts...



  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Jill, thank you so much for posting these pictures, they were amazing neighbors, and I loved going to their house when I "ran away from home" lol, ummm yeah, I walked a whole 20 feet and ran away to "weasy's" house, lol. Best cookies ever. lol.

  2. What a nice post. You are lucky to have so many things that belonged to your grandmother. I love that picture of her in the motel room. She looked like a real fun lady:-)

  3. Love your post. The pictures are a great reminder of how wonderful it is to have such a special person in our lives who never leaves our heart.

  4. So sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Such great memories! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Jill, this post brings back so many fond memories I have of my own grandparents!! I was very close to them just like you were to yours. I love it when you share your memories with us. Doesn't it kind of keep them least in your heart??