Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pyrex - Made in Canada

A couple of weeks ago I found a few pieces of  "Delphite" - the blue Pyrex - which was made in Canada.  That day this little shop also had three white cups, which I've been thinking about ever since, I went back yesterday and bought them, thinking they might be good for resale - changed my mind, not selling them!!  I started researching them when I got home, they're stamped "Corex" - I had never heard of them before.  According to an article on The Corelle Corner (check it out, it's really interesting) this ivory piecrust design was made in Canada and maybe not produced after 1949 - these little mugs could be at least 63 years old!!  I paid $1.50 for each one.

So, that got me to thinking about my other Canadian made Pyrex - I always call the blue "Delphite", in the Corelle Corner article they refer to it as Pastel Blue Pyrex - here's what I've collected so far, every piece has been dirt cheap - like a few cents for a cup!!

I have one large serving plate, two supper plates, seven side plates, one bowl (six plates and one bowl, never used, still with Pyrex sticker), cream and sugar, five cups and now my three new Corex ivory white cups.

How could I forget my fridgies - they were all given to me!!!!

That little plant in Leaside, Ontario must have been a busy one - just think of all that lovely Pyrex that was being made right here - where is it all now???  I went through the cupboards looking for more Canadian pieces, I have more than I thought...

These two divided dishes are not Canadian pieces, $2.99 for the Town and Country and $1 for the Compass - I already have that one so it's going to Carla

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  1. Those are so pretty! I have yet to find anything delphite, but I'm always on the lookout.

    I do have some 'made in Canada' Pyrex, but I've never thought to count them up. One day soon :)

  2. You have very nice Pyrex dishes. It has really gotten popular again.

  3. omg I'm loving those white cups but I'm really love those baby blue cups dishes they are

  4. Followed over from Vintage Thingies Thursday and have to say that I have never actually seen blue Pyrex in person. What a treat that would be! You have a nice collection. A set of mixing bowls was on my Christmas wish list and my husband found me an adorable butterfly set that makes me so happy when I use it. Never thought a bowl could be adorable but they are to me ;)