Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Sadness for Us!

It really has been a rough month, Mom passed away on August 16th, yesterday we set out for Prince Edward Island once more, my mother in law passed away on Friday, this is just so sad for our family.  My husband has lost his Mother,my children now have no grandparents left......  And, it's rainy and windy, not a great day for driving, we'll be glad to see the bridge to The Island.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Red Record Player

A few years ago, my husband gave me this retro red record player for Christmas - I really don't play the records enough - I have it right beside my computer so there's really no excuse - I need to start playing it more - I have lots!!   It plays 45's and the long play albums - a 45 was something I wanted to buy when I went to "Town", they were $1.    I've always loved  records, they were always playing at our house.   If you notice a red theme, there is, I'm writing this for Rednesday - check it out for all things red.  I'm also linking up with Vintage Thingie Thursday, Suzanne hosts this great sharing party every week, there's always lots of thrifty finds.

It's a radio too.

Snoopy vs the Red Baron by The Royal Guardsmen is playing,  you can listen to it here.  Watch the guy on the left, not much singing going on there.

Click on the pic and you can see this is Bang Shang a Lang by the Archies.  I remember Mom brought this home for me, I played it over and over and over, I even played it for my friend over the telephone.  Here it is - loved the Archies!

Who can forget K-Tel records, what a great value they were,  22 explosive hits!!! I've been picking up a few of these lately, there`s so many fun songs on them.  How about Bad Side of the Moon by April Wine, a great old Canadian band from the 70's - I'll never forget driving to Charlottetown to see an April Wine concert, it was as close to death as I've ever been, I thought the car I was in was going to take off on the hills, the driver was going WAY too fast - it was crazy!  We saw April Wine in concert a couple of years ago - it was a much more relaxing drive to get there!

Of course I loved David Cassidy, I ordered this from the record club - that was a big day when that arrived - another album, played over and over... Oh, David, that silky hair, those velvet costumes... Hah!!  If you liked all things David too,  you better listen to I Think I Love You.  This is just a portion of my albums, I need another basket!

This is my record case, I brought this to Ontario when I came here 31 years ago and it's still here.    It has a crack but it's in pretty good shape.  This is the item that ruined Santa Claus for me - I was rummaging around under Mom's bed and I found this case - I never did that again!!

It's full of 45's and my list is still there too, wish I could share them all with you!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Desperate Measures

Where have all the Vera scarves and other signature scarves gone?  I used to find one just about every week, I haven't seen any for a month - so, withdrawal sets in when you don't find any and then, on top of that, discussing Vera with my good friend, Carol-that's what I mean, desperate measures had to be taken-purchases made on Ebay and Etsy.  It was the first time I had ever won a lot - it was a lot of four, the seller included two extras - that was so nice of her!!    I bought a couple of other individual ones too over the past few weeks- sure hope my luck turns around soon for thrifting scarves...


This is a sheer one - so pretty!

Ladybug on this one

And this one

I thought this might be interesting to resell - I found these two souvenirs of Jamaica - I guess they're runners?  I think I paid 50 cents.

Our little town has a new store and it's antiques and collectibles -the owner also sells on consignment, I took four articles over the other week, dropped in last week to see if there was any movement, nothing, but I bought this great old Androck sifter - I placed it with  the rest of the  display above my cupboards, it is way nicer than the plain old sifter I had up there before.   I just found the Androck nut crusher last week, both made in Canada.

I had been talking to the shop owner about The Doors - I asked if he had any Doors albums - he didn't, when I went in this week, he said he thought of me - he was out "pickin"  and got a bunch of records - he sold it to me for $5 - I'm pretty sure he could have gotten a whole lot more for it - it's their first album - released in January of 1967, it still has the plastic on it.  I've listened to it a few times already - some great tunes  - Break on Through, Soul Kitchen, Whisky Bar, Light My Fire, Back Door Man - it's great.  Love The Doors!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Grandmother's Wedding Gift

I Love Vintage is a fun  blog written by Melissa - she has started a new link up party called Friends and Family Friday - I'm sure she would love to have a few more participants, I think it's a great idea, check it out..  So,here's my contribution.....

This water jug and glasses set belonged to my grandmother - it was a wedding gift for her - that would make it at least seventy seven years old.  My mother gave it to me when we were cleaning out her house,sadly, I don't know anything else about it.   It's a beautiful set, the glass is very thin on the tumblers. I wonder if it was ever even used....I'm sure if it was, it was only "for good"

Click on the pic for a closer look.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shiny and Brite

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I thought I'd drive to this flea market  or  "flee" as they spell it - I'd been there once at the beginning of the summer and got a couple of things.  I was hoping to come home with something and I did - six boxes....

of old Christmas ornaments!!  I found them in a bin, I asked if that was the price - yes, she said - $1 each - I came home with 87 vintage ornaments - some of the boxes have the original price tag from the old Canadian department store, Eatons - the price back then was $1.15 for a box.  This was one of those times when you want to get out of there as fast as you can.....  Wouldn't you??

There are three plastic ones in this box, the only ones in the lot -  I think my Grandmother had those - they would spin.

Look at the little red barrel on the bottom

I see numerous ones that I already have of Mom and Dad's 

There's all sizes and shapes - balls, teardrops...

I didn't want to make a collage, they're just all so pretty.

Beauties - every one.. and not one broken...

I started researching them a bit this morning, I discovered  eleven of them have "Poland" inscribed on the top or "pike" as it's called.  These appear to be quite collectible.  How lucky was I??  Many of the others have Made in USA.

A little bit more Christmas - 25 cents for these

I walked up the stairs where everything good is, like the dishes, the Christmas ornaments, the furniture -this was the first thing I saw - a 2 1/2 quart Friendship casserole - that is just a piece you never see, not around these parts anyway.  I paid $10, it was worth it, it's in perfect shape.

These are the greatest for crushing nuts - I have a new version of this, it's on it's last legs, the top part comes apart every time I use it, I've been looking for a new one the same for a year at least, now I have a vintage one - made by the Androck Company in Canada.  It was $1.

They  had lots of old retro chairs - I didn't buy any.

More chairs

Apron Thrift Girl is back - so I'm linking up with that great site for Thrift Share Monday and for the first time, with my fellow Canadian - Sir Thrift a Lot and his Thriftosaurus Thrift Haul.  It's Wednesday, I have something to share for Rednesday this week.  I just discovered The Blue Eyed Owl - check out her link up party - Thrift Score Thursday.  Cottage Market also hosts a linky party - Junkin Joe Vintage and Thrifty Finds - it's always find to find new blogs and read about all the fun treasures that people are finding...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pyrex on the Floor

Pyrex on the floor is not good!!  You know you have too much Pyrex in the cupboards when you open the door and a piece flies out -  there wasn't a hope of saving it - I feel so bad, because...

my mother-in-law gave it to me just a year ago, along with the Pyrex baby bottle - it had lots of scratches and I never could get the inside really clean , but we used it a lot - and, it was my only 015 and  - it was Made in Canada.  

I'm going to break it up further and take it back to Prince Edward Island next time, throw it in the water and years from now, someone will find such nice pieces of weathered Pyrex sea glass..

It was a great old bowl - it served our family well.....

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Darcy!

September 12, 1988 - I made a pan of squares in the afternoon, which we always now call Darcy's Squares, because I made them the day he was born, that night at 11:34 our beautiful baby boy was born, Darcy Evan.  It was a stormy night - the power went off in the labor room, it was raining, thundering and lightening - that must be why Darcy still goes a little bit crazy when it starts to thunder!!!!

Darcy Evan - September 12, 1988

Darcy was too big for what I had chosen for his going home outfit, Gary went and bought him this two piece suit - he weighed 9 lbs, 6 oz - and was 23 1/2 inches long - there was only 1/2 inch left on the measuring tape!

Carla made the sign - she was so anxious for "her baby" to arrive - one day we were at a restaurant - she started crying when she saw a small baby - "I just want my baby to come" she sobbed!!

Looks like Mr. T. was on the front page of the Toronto Star on Sept. 12, 1988.  Clicking on any pic will give you a better look..

The Brave Little Toaster - he loved that birthday gift!!

One year he wanted a sleeping bag for his birthday, that worked out great for me, I didn't have to change his sheets for weeks, he slept in the sleeping bag!

I had to include a picture with the A&W cap - he says it's his favorite cap, ever!

I just like these pics!

Brother and Sister are all grown up now - this was taken last month when we were in PEI  for Mom's funeral - we're so proud of both of our kids - now Darcy has moved to the big city and is a Transportation Designer for a consulting company - all those Legos we bought must have paid off!!

The picture on the lower right is also in Darcy's beloved Prince Edward Island, beside the ferry that Dad used to work on - Darcy could never get up to the ferry fast enough, he would go there every day of his vacation and that's still the way - he has to get there right away!!  

Forever Young

This song was a hit that fall, it made me tear up then and it still makes me tear up now, click on the song title and you can listen to it- we wish all those things for Darcy and more - - Happy Birthday - we love you, always!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just a Few Things...

This post should about put me up to date on thrifting finds - but, I must say there hasn't been much - not much that I want anyway....  But, I did find a few things over the past week...

This is just in the best condition - numerous games on this side, crokinole on the reverse side, it's hanging in our game room now - I blogged about our game room here in July.

The gameboard was inside this box - I paid $2 for it 

Gary got this free at a yard sale last weekend,  the box is not in good shape, but he just wanted the gameboard anyway.

I bought the two smaller carafes in the front one day at Value Village, one has just lemons, the other lemons and oranges, the oranges don't show up so well in the picture,  I paid $1.99 each.

Another day and I found this 403 Butterfly Gold

My very good friend, Carol sent me these two Vera scarves.   Carol has been my penpal since grade 7  - we finally got to meet a few years ago - and it was the most wonderful thing!!  Friends - for life!!!

Carol is hooked on Vera scarves too, she was so generous to share these with me - they sure did brighten my day.  Thank you!!

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