Friday, August 31, 2012

Must Find More Scarves....

Last month I found a Gucci scarf, I blogged about it here -  listed it on Ebay and I'm proud to say, it sold for $71 - I was so happy, considering I only paid less than a $1 for it - that's a good, solid profit!!   I sold a couple of Oscar de la Renta scarves at the same time - $25 total for the two of those, it was a good week!!   I'm always on the lookout for signature scarves, Vera for myself but what I really want to find is another Gucci.....  You can click on any scarf for a better view..

I'm hopeful this one will bring in some cash this time- it's an Inuit print by Eleanor Paine

A Smithsonian Institute Reproduction

Souvenir Scarf from Rome

Souvenir Scarf from Man & His World, Montreal,  1967

Silk Scarf by Eaton's of Canada

A Honey Creation



Oscar de la Renta Silk Scarf


A Vera for me

And another Vera for me!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Catching up on Thrifty Business

I was ready to do a blog post the day that I got the call that Mom was not doing well, but now it's time to get caught up with things that I bought before August 12th - I know that Mom's struggles are over, but it's still hard......On to other things - like thrifted goodies...  But, I realize this post could be too long, because I have a bunch of nice scarves to share and some cute books - so, I guess I have topics for a couple of more posts before I get back out on the hunt...

Spring Blossom 474B

Autumn Harvest 401

I was excited to find these bowls at the Salvation Army, I think they were $2.50 for the three - three more pieces of Pyrex Made in Canada!

I bought one of these for myself and one for Carla -  the plate only measures 5 inches across - it's sweet - the back is stamped -Prince William, Made in England.

I had seen this plate one other day and didn't buy it, why I don't know - but I was smarter the second time round - I had to have this plate from my home province!

My grandmother had this exact same bank, I had seen it on another blog a while back, of course, that made me remember something that I had long forgotten, I grabbed it up when I saw it at Value Village - it's stamped - Lego, Japan.  I love it!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sad Days

We had to fly to Prince Edward Island on the 13th - my Mom was not doing well, she passed away on August 16th from Lewy Body Dementia - the last five years have been so hard since Dad passed away, and it's doubly hard when you live so far away and are the only child - but, peace at last......  She was only 75...


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scarves for Me - Thanks, Erica!

I just have to say thanks to Erica - her blog is  Golden Egg Vintage - we met a few months ago through comments made on each other's blogs - first thing I knew I was sending her a Strawberry Shortcake mug, she was sending me Eloise Wilkin books - and now a friendship has been made!  I guess I can also take responsibility for getting her hooked on Pyrex!!!  Is that true??

   Yesterday was a great mail day because there was a package from Erica - with six Vera scarves in it!  I was so suprised, I love them - thank you so much!!  I just started collecting Vera scarves before Christmas, I've accumulated sixty five scarves since then, I've been so lucky to find them at thrift stores, hope my luck keeps up!!   The first six are what arrived in the mail...

I found this one last week - 50 cents

I bought this one online, I finally have a couple of small Vera signatures with no copyright.

Liz Claiborne - for resale

Oscar de la Renta - for resale

I bought these at a Mennonite farm yesterday, $1

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Carla!

August 6, 1982 - 10:33 pm - our daughter Carla Erin was born - life changed forever at that instant  - and today she is 30 years old - it can't be, she just came home with us.

She came home from the hospital in the green sweater set that Mom made, her hospital bracelet in on the cap, I can't believe how tiny it is, I haven't looked at that in a long time... Click on the pic for a closer view. 

We were amazed we had a little red head - although she had no hair for the first two years!

Freckles galore..

These birthdays were all celebrated in Prince Edward Island - every summer we would pack up and head east to visit all the relatives - Carla always ended up with numerous cakes and birthday celebrations when she was there.  Her standard birthday meal was spaghetti, not any more.....

Now she wants a lobster for her birthday!!!

Carla's going to see The Bangles and B'52's!!  

We love our Carla - she is a beautiful young woman, smart and funny - we wish all of the very best things for her, always!!   Happy Birthday!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Featured on Thrifty Things Friday

My Pink Fridgies Post has climbed quickly in my stats, it has only been posted a week and it's now my most viewed post and it is surely the post where I received the most comments.  Thanks to everyone out there who commented and is loving those pink fridgies from afar..  I wish everyone could be so lucky.....

And to top it off, this week, my pink fridgies were showcased on Thrifty Things Friday, hosted by Diann at The Thrifty Groove - she hosts a great party every week with lots of thrifty goodness from a wide range of bloggers, check out her blog.  Thanks so much, Diann!