Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scarves for Me - Thanks, Erica!

I just have to say thanks to Erica - her blog is  Golden Egg Vintage - we met a few months ago through comments made on each other's blogs - first thing I knew I was sending her a Strawberry Shortcake mug, she was sending me Eloise Wilkin books - and now a friendship has been made!  I guess I can also take responsibility for getting her hooked on Pyrex!!!  Is that true??

   Yesterday was a great mail day because there was a package from Erica - with six Vera scarves in it!  I was so suprised, I love them - thank you so much!!  I just started collecting Vera scarves before Christmas, I've accumulated sixty five scarves since then, I've been so lucky to find them at thrift stores, hope my luck keeps up!!   The first six are what arrived in the mail...

I found this one last week - 50 cents

I bought this one online, I finally have a couple of small Vera signatures with no copyright.

Liz Claiborne - for resale

Oscar de la Renta - for resale

I bought these at a Mennonite farm yesterday, $1

It's Rednesday so I'm linking up at It's A Very Cherry World.   Check out  Erica at Golden Egg Vintage too - she is always finding such glorious things and she's a real nice person too!!!  I'm also linking up with Thursday Favorite Things at Katherine's Corner


  1. You truly find a wonderful friend that is very generous. I think it is great.

  2. Awww. I'm so glad that you liked your gift! The scarves really photograph well don't they?
    OK, going to watch some Olympics, but going to email you soon!
    Erica :)

  3. Wow, that's wonderful. What a great friend. Coming by to visit from Katherine's hop!

  4. I love the rust colored scarf in the middle, but all of these are fun! In the past two years, I have made the most wonderful friends through my blog! Isn't it great to fellowship with other women that way. Please stop by my blog and say hello!!

  5. Delightful images!

    Cheers ... visiting from REDnesday!

    Tito Eric of Panglao Island

  6. Beautiful scarves. And a lovely new friend. You deserve it!

  7. Jill, I love Ericas blog. How nice that you two have made that wonderful connection. I knew that she loved Pyrex. In fact she was the one that I wanted to mention on my blog. Figured it out later today so I went back and added her name to mhy post. Learning alot from you two Pyrex queens! I would love if you linked up to my party Share Your Cup Thursday.

  8. Everytime I see anything Vera, whether it be napkins or scarves, I think of you! What beautiful pictures too. Found you on Pinterest today completely by accident so I will be following you there too:-)


  9. Hi Jill!
    Those are great scarves! I am glad you and Erica have connected like that. I saw her post as well. Bogging buddies are the best, I have come to realize it is so fun!

  10. Such pretty scarves! It's so cool that you guys were able to connect over your shared interests.
    Also, what is Rednesday?

  11. Love these scarves. Especially the pink and green one. Have a great day. I am your newest follower ;-)

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