Friday, August 31, 2012

Must Find More Scarves....

Last month I found a Gucci scarf, I blogged about it here -  listed it on Ebay and I'm proud to say, it sold for $71 - I was so happy, considering I only paid less than a $1 for it - that's a good, solid profit!!   I sold a couple of Oscar de la Renta scarves at the same time - $25 total for the two of those, it was a good week!!   I'm always on the lookout for signature scarves, Vera for myself but what I really want to find is another Gucci.....  You can click on any scarf for a better view..

I'm hopeful this one will bring in some cash this time- it's an Inuit print by Eleanor Paine

A Smithsonian Institute Reproduction

Souvenir Scarf from Rome

Souvenir Scarf from Man & His World, Montreal,  1967

Silk Scarf by Eaton's of Canada

A Honey Creation



Oscar de la Renta Silk Scarf


A Vera for me

And another Vera for me!

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  1. You really have found some lovely scarfs! I have a couple of Vera's that are yours if you want them.

  2. Oh yeah...I love finding little designer scarves and stuff like that. Easy to sell, easy to ship, easy money :-D

  3. Nice profit Jill. I think I too will be on the lookout for some Gucci's! :)

  4. The colorfulness of these is so great! Bright and vivid, so nice!

  5. I love, love, love a great scarf! I've found some lovely signature scarves while thrifting but have not sold any of them!

  6. wow! love them all. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky party. Sorry I'm a bit slow getting here xo

  7. Wow Jill,
    That is awesome that the scarf sold for $71. Good for you. I would have never known that it was worth so much. Hope you find another. You have found some real beauties. Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  8. Wow, great scarves! Lots of fun different prints! Thank you for sharing last week at TTF. Sorry I am so late visiting. Have a terrific day!