Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vintage Scarves and A Little Bit More

I found some scarves the other day, the same day I found all that pink goodness - I just couldn't include scarves in that post, it was all for showcasing that beautiful set of pink fridgies..

It hasn't been easy finding signature scarves lately to resell, I do find Vera but they're for me!!!  I did find a few,  my biggest find was a  Gucci scarf, which still after researching online, I don't know too much about  -  some of the Gucci scarves are resold for very high prices, does anyone out there know anything about pricing them?

I found it at the Salvation Army, it's huge...


Oscar de la Renta

This looks like the design of a watch -  the tag says,"It's a Honey Exclusive, Japan"

Souvenir Scarf of Canada

Vera for 75 cents!

I don't buy many scarves online but this one took my eye, it's an early Vera - after I won it I found out I was bidding against my friend, Carol - oh, no - sorry about that!!  

Another early Vera from the same auction

This reusable bag from Trader Joe's  took my eye when I was passing by that section at Value Village - I have quite enough reusable bags of my own, , it's just so cute and we don't have that store here in Canada, it still has the original tag, I paid $2.99

How cute is this little guy that was made in Japan, he was $1.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Found - Pyrex Pink Fridgies!


Yesterday I was at Value Village, my store has changed their shelving  - the houseware shelving all runs lengthwise now, just like the clothing racks.  So, I'm heading down the aisle for the housewares and I see pink, I started walking REALLY fast, I couldn't believe it - this set spread out on the shelf, each piece tied with an elastic, I grabbed each one and went looking for one of the push baskets.  I held them close!!  I felt so proud of myself!!     This set is in pristine condition, so bright and nice and they all have the original lids.  Who in their right mind would donate this beautiful set?

Want to know how much I paid??  $25 plus tax - I think it was worth it, don't you?  I would be waiting a long time for a pink set if I had to buy it online, $140 and up - no thank you!!

I brought out my other pink pieces  - I'm so lucky to have these, I know how hard they are to find and especially at thrift prices...

Pretty in Pink

Original Ad - click on it to see the price!!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Basement Game Room

I haven't done a Rednesday post in quite a while, I looked around our game room - there's a lot of red down there.  We love to play games so this is where we go.  I wish we could display all our games , but there's just not the space, they're behind the wall...  We love this room - it contains lots of our very favorite things....  As always, click on the picture for a closer peek.  

Game Room

Old game boards on the wall with yardsticks and rulers for borders

Red CN lantern

 Dad made this model of a tug boat he used to work on

Old Trap Shot game we bought in Maine last year, Scrabble is waiting to be played

Thermos I bought at a yard sale last year

Another model that Dad made

More game boards on the wall

Games and Golf Balls

Mom and Dad's Chinese Checkers

Darcy's hockey game

Astro Launch tin game 

There's even Christmas Pyrex in here and my Tom and Jerry Bowl

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

It Was a Great Week!

My post from yesterday would have been a little picture heavy if I had also included all the goodies I found, it was a really good week, mostly because I got out of town...

I have been wanting a Salton Hotray for a while - I'm glad I didn't buy any of the others I saw, this one is in the original box, has all the paperwork, still has the "tested" sticker on it - so, it never was used!  It's going to come in so handy!!

I'm trying not to buy Cinderella bowls, but 75 cents for a 441 Snowflake, what could I do..

I gave my Forest Fancies set to Darcy, minus this  442, price paid - $1 - now he'll have the whole set of bowls..

024 round yellow casserole, I paid $10 for it and the three glasses

They just don't make cute glasses like this anymore...

Only one of these

This morning my husband and I went to an estate sale, we just don't have estate sales around here like you lucky people in the US - but this one was as close as you could get - at least you got to wander through the house.  I was at an advertised "estate sale" yesterday and it was just a yard sale in a garage, no good!!

We've been looking for a radio for the kitchen for a while, they just don't make them like this anymore either, this one is in perfect shape, it works and it was only $5

I've been wanting a train case ever since I bought one for Carla last year.  It took me a year but finally, I have one.  I think these letters must be the owners initials, I don't know if they needed those on there as it looks like it was never used.

The tray sits on the top.  It's a Samsonite and  it cost $5.    That is me in the mirror!

Another case for $5. 

The inside sticker says - Hand Made by Morton Leather Products, London, England.  It's just a little bit bright inside but who cares......

I have been so lucky this past week with some great finds and great deals, I think I'm quite satisfied, except, no Vera scarves...

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

$10 for All This!!

This morning I came home from the best yard sale I have ever been to -  I have never had to fill a box!! I had gone back to the car to get some more money, I didn't need to, I had enough to begin with, I only paid $10 for all this "stuff"

I already have one so this one is Carla's - it's missing the star but that's an easy fix.

This was the first thing I picked up - a lady had just picked up the 502,  I just reached across the table and picked up that 503 - I noticed her staring at me a couple of times, I'm sure she was hoping I would put it down, like I would be doing that!!  The 503 was the last piece I needed for the Butterprint fridgie  set!

402 Orange Bowl - not sure which set it belongs with...

502 Fridgie, 503 Fridgie Lid, Hazel Atlas cups(I have the bowl), Delphite saucer(I have cups but no saucers), Turquoise Pyrex sugar bowl and a sweet little set of Carvanite salt and pepper shakers - you push the top and the salt or pepper comes out the bottom

I just realized I had forgotten this - so cute!!!

Tipp - Sugar, Flour, Salt & Pepper

1970 Chatelaine

Glass Rolling Pin, Two Yard Sticks, Two Tins, Red Handled Sifter, Androck Chopper, Supreme Brand Curry Powder,  and  Jewel Jar with coffee beans in it.  You can click on the pic to see a closer look..

$10 - I still can't believe it!!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pizza on the BBQ

Pizza on the BBQ  - I had never really thought of it before but when you're desperate for a different supper idea that doesn't heat up the kitchen on a hot day, fire up your BBQ and cook pizza, you won't be disappointed!  I really had no intention to do a post so I only have one picture, but it was just too good not to share.

The instructions are here on Simply Recipes.  

 I had to use a store bought crust as it was too late in the day to make my own.  It says to use a light coating of sauce, I think next time I would use just a bit more.  My ingredients were turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, red onion, green and orange pepper and of course, mozzarella.  It also says to go light on the cheese, which you add before the meat, I would add a bit more of that as well.   It was delicious and so easy to make - a completely different flavor than in the oven - give it a try!

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Our Pizza

Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm excited to show off this lid...

It's the Zodiac 2.5 quart!!  I found it yesterday at a Value Village when I was away - $5.99.  I couldn't believe it and it's in pretty near perfect condition.

I found this ladybug Vera there too, $2.99

This one arrived in the mail last week  - a small square with  a tiny Vera signature and no copyright - my first one of these..

Hex 404 arrived in the mail today.  I can count on one hand the pieces I've ever bought online, it's just too expensive for me - but the price and shipping were right on this. I paid $9.99.  I love the design!!!

We took a day trip yesterday - drove to Fort St. Joseph, it is located at the southernmost tip of  St. Joseph Island, on Lake Huron - it was the staging ground for the the initial attack in the War of 1812 - this year is the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.  It's very interesting!!!  Yes, that would be me - trying on the children's soldier costume!!  My face is usually not that shiny - it was so hot!!!

That's the view of the International Bridge between Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan - we travelled over, then we we were looking up at the bridge- we took the 2 hour Soo Locks Boat Tour - I highly recommend it!!!!  

I did run in to a Goodwill store there but sadly, no purchases were made!!  Didn't matter, I had a great day, but it was a really hot one!!

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