Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mostly Pyrex

I found this sweet little 474B Butterfly Gold at the St. Vincent de Paul yesterday - $2.  It's my first piece of this design of the Butterfly Gold

I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw this at Value Village, you can imagine I grabbed it up pretty quickly.   It's an 8 oz little individual dish, flamingo pink - made in Canada, love it!  It was priced high, $3.99 but I had my saver card filled up so I got a 30% discount.  I put the miniature bars in it so you can see how tiny it really it.

I always loved Ode to Billy Joe - I'm listening to the album as I type!

Yesterday I went picking raspberries for making jam, further down the road I picked peas,  I bought all these vegetables there - the farmer went out and dug the beets for me and picked the lettuce - can't get much fresher than that.

Potatoes in Woodland 475B

Red Leaf Lettuce in Shenandoah 475B

4 litre Homestead with Beets and Zucchini

Spring Blossom 475B holds the peas

Spring Blossom 403 is holding the waste

Love fresh peas!  They look right cute in Square Flowers 403

Raspberries in Butterprint 475B

More raspberries in Snowflake 475B

I love showing off my Pyrex -  don't you??

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  1. It's a pryrex parade! Have never seen that yellow design. It's so cheery. I can see why you'd want to show it off.

  2. Too cute! It's like a fashion runway show with pyrex, so much fun! Adore your pieces.

    Happy VTT!

  3. You have some awesome pyrex pieces. I love pyrex and have a collection myself. Not as many as you do. I am your newest follower found you over at That Vintage Thingy.

  4. OK - that was the post that completely sold me on Pyrex. Been reading about thrifted find of pyrex for ages - but now I NEED MY TO OWN SOME!!
    Please tell me they are not all home grown produce. So many raspberries!!! It will be months before i get a raspberry round these parts.

  5. What a nice assortment of Pyrex ware. It is becoming very popular again.

  6. Nice collection of Pyrex...the produce is awesome!

  7. Your beets and zucchini are beautiful..all of them are. Envy the raspberries. Yahoo.for your garden.

  8. Ooooh. So much Pyrex. LOVE.

    Raspberry picking & hand picked lettuce by the farmer? So jealous!

  9. Yummy yummy yummy! Love all of the Pyrex and the fresh produce. And the fact that you're listening to an ALBUM instead of an ipod. I've been doing that alot lately too!

  10. I love Pyrex. Your pieces are so perfect. Spring Blossom was the pattern when I got married. I still have the large bowl from the original set :-) Happy VTT!

    Jocelyn @

  11. I had no idea there were so many different patterns of Pyrex, and all so beautiful. I think I'll keep my eyes open for some pieces myself. Lovely produce too.

  12. I love the look of the red berries in the blue bowls. Very pretty!

  13. So yummy! and I love the pyrex

  14. What great pyrex treasures! And the fresh produce looks so perfect in all of them! Thank you for sharing at TTF last week! I hope to see you join us again!

  15. Loving the Pyrex, Jill!!!
    Hope you're having a great week!

  16. yippee for pyrex!!! I love all of yours, and the goodies in them too, giggle, xo P.S. I hope to see you at the hop tomorrow!~

  17. LOVE all the Pyrex and the produce!
    I just found your blog through the Pyrex Collective (I need a support group for my Pyrex addiction...) and will be following!