Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vintage Scarves and A Little Bit More

I found some scarves the other day, the same day I found all that pink goodness - I just couldn't include scarves in that post, it was all for showcasing that beautiful set of pink fridgies..

It hasn't been easy finding signature scarves lately to resell, I do find Vera but they're for me!!!  I did find a few,  my biggest find was a  Gucci scarf, which still after researching online, I don't know too much about  -  some of the Gucci scarves are resold for very high prices, does anyone out there know anything about pricing them?

I found it at the Salvation Army, it's huge...


Oscar de la Renta

This looks like the design of a watch -  the tag says,"It's a Honey Exclusive, Japan"

Souvenir Scarf of Canada

Vera for 75 cents!

I don't buy many scarves online but this one took my eye, it's an early Vera - after I won it I found out I was bidding against my friend, Carol - oh, no - sorry about that!!  

Another early Vera from the same auction

This reusable bag from Trader Joe's  took my eye when I was passing by that section at Value Village - I have quite enough reusable bags of my own, , it's just so cute and we don't have that store here in Canada, it still has the original tag, I paid $2.99

How cute is this little guy that was made in Japan, he was $1.

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  1. Wow, you have found lots of goodies this summer.

  2. LOL Now you're even taking Vera's from your friends??? HaHa! jk
    The apple one is so cool! You're really on a winning streak my friend!

  3. The apple Vera scarf is fabulous. I can see why it caught your eye.

  4. The reindeer is too cute. I've been on a real '60s reindeer kick lately, stalking ebay auctions for them and such.

  5. What a nice collection! I like the one you won against your friend lol! Thanks for sharing at cap creations.

  6. Great collection of scarves. I have no idea about values, unfortunately. I brought home an insulated Trader Joe's bag from our trip to Cape Cod. I miss that store! Thanks again for the wonderful dishes, Jill! :)

  7. I love vintage scarves! the orange apple one is my favorite

  8. I love vintage scarves so much :) You have such a lovely blog!

  9. So many pretty scarves (The apple and Gucci one are my favorites.)

  10. Great scarves! I always cruise the scarves but have never seen a Gucci. Good job.