Sunday, July 22, 2012

It Was a Great Week!

My post from yesterday would have been a little picture heavy if I had also included all the goodies I found, it was a really good week, mostly because I got out of town...

I have been wanting a Salton Hotray for a while - I'm glad I didn't buy any of the others I saw, this one is in the original box, has all the paperwork, still has the "tested" sticker on it - so, it never was used!  It's going to come in so handy!!

I'm trying not to buy Cinderella bowls, but 75 cents for a 441 Snowflake, what could I do..

I gave my Forest Fancies set to Darcy, minus this  442, price paid - $1 - now he'll have the whole set of bowls..

024 round yellow casserole, I paid $10 for it and the three glasses

They just don't make cute glasses like this anymore...

Only one of these

This morning my husband and I went to an estate sale, we just don't have estate sales around here like you lucky people in the US - but this one was as close as you could get - at least you got to wander through the house.  I was at an advertised "estate sale" yesterday and it was just a yard sale in a garage, no good!!

We've been looking for a radio for the kitchen for a while, they just don't make them like this anymore either, this one is in perfect shape, it works and it was only $5

I've been wanting a train case ever since I bought one for Carla last year.  It took me a year but finally, I have one.  I think these letters must be the owners initials, I don't know if they needed those on there as it looks like it was never used.

The tray sits on the top.  It's a Samsonite and  it cost $5.    That is me in the mirror!

Another case for $5. 

The inside sticker says - Hand Made by Morton Leather Products, London, England.  It's just a little bit bright inside but who cares......

I have been so lucky this past week with some great finds and great deals, I think I'm quite satisfied, except, no Vera scarves...

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  1. Wow, you have had some great luck. I love the glasses, especially the last little Swanky Swig. If I was lucky enough to find all these things whenever I left town, I'd never stay home!

  2. The Forest Fancies set is a great set for Darcy! And 024 Casseroles are my favorite piece! I want one in every color! Good job at the "Estate Sale"! :)

  3. The case is great! I've often wondered what I would use those warming trays for....what will you do with yours?

  4. According to the booklet, this tray is just about a wonder product! It keeps anything warm, melting butter or chocolate, wrap your toast in foil and place on tray to keep it warm,it says it will transform your cooking habits and enhance your dining pleasure, I'll let you know if this happens!

  5. Wow, don't need estate sales if you have yard sales with finds like yours! You hit the jackpot!!!

  6. wow, the little cinderella bowl is so pretty and I adore the glasses. I agree- they definately don't make them as cute as they used to!- for anywhere near the price either :)

  7. Wow, such gorgeous finds! I absolutely love my train case, & the glasses are so lovely! I'd have snapped them up too.


  8. Love all your finds Jill!! I've been looking for a train case for a while too and still haven't found the "right" one! Yes, please let us know if that Salton warmer transforms you, and enhances your dining pleasures!! hahahaha...If so, then I'll have to try and find one!! :)

  9. I love the leather train case! Looks like a very expensive lingerie case. Great finds!

  10. Oh my, you have amazing junking mojo! Those glasses are too cute, and so is that little chalkboard. And don't even get me started on all of that Pyrex. You had a VERY good week!

  11. I'd have never bought one of those out of the box, so lucky to find one brand new!

  12. Whoa! You had a great weekend! I really love the little red gingham glasses, they are so cute!



  13. Jill,

    You have found some GREAT stuff lately... especially that zodiac pyrex casserole!


  14. Ohhhhhh...the lining on that suitcase is to die for...I LOVE IT!!!!

  15. The little red glasses are so cute! I love the train cases too! I have one, but the handle just broke when I stuffed it with too many toiletries on our trip. :( Now I am looking for another. Great finds!

  16. Great week indeed! I agree, they just don't make cute glasses like that anymore. Love the red tulips. And anything Pyrex is a great find. Happy that you found a train case. It looks like a fun one. Thanks for sharing your treasures with Share Your Cup.