Monday, September 30, 2013

Depression Glass and What Else?

Mom loved dishes - she seemed to really like depression glass, particularly pink and green.  I never took much stock of these dishes before but now I wish I had and maybe I would know more and be able to identify them.    I brought back a few and also her trusty identification book, but when you don't know much about depression glass, it's not easy to pick the patterns out of a book.  I know it won't be long after I post this that I'll get some help.

I've been trying for a couple of days to get the right light to take pictures in the house, but it's just not working so I dragged them all outside - at least you can see some of the pattern.

This is a very delicate dish - maybe for candy?

Would this be "Open Rose" by the Anchor Hocking Company?

Or is this footed cake plate "Open Rose?"

This is a very small footed plate

Love this bowl!

Another nice cake plate

I know this belonged to my grandmother, I included it as it's so very pretty - she used to keep change in it.  It's a pretty fancy bowl for that!

This belonged to her too, it came out at Christmas only, it was for grapes and apples.  

Do you recognize any of these patterns?  I'd love to know just what they are, help me!!!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The 70 Mile Yard Sale

I'm back from my trip "home" to Prince Edward Island, we HAD to stay until Sunday as last weekend was the 70 Mile Yard Sale.  It's a shopping frenzy, cars and people everywhere along the route, I found a few things, I don't think any item cost more than $1 - I have one regret and it is just plain stupidity on my part, I saw a turquoise Pyrex bowl, now, this was coming on the end of the day and we had been on the road since 8 - I should have looked on my phone to see the picture of what I had, I didn't even think of that, I know now that was the one bowl I needed to complete that set!!!  Buyers remorse on that one!!

They were just setting up at our first stop - one item bought there and it's a cutie - the Lefton sticker is still on the bottom and it plays "Jingle Bells" - $1.

Another $1 spent on this blowmold - I saw some gigantic candy cane ones, but they were really too big - too big to drag back here and too big to store.  As it is, we had to move some of our blowmolds to the attic!

The lady at this sale wanted me to take the whole box of Christmas, that would have been a complete waste, all I found were these two felt Santa's.

This little girl has lost her bell, but I don't care, these two little ornaments will look real cute on my red Christmas shelf.  She was made in Japan.

I have a Tom and Jerry bowl and one cup, it's not the same as these cups, but I don't care about that either, I'll just use them for decoration anyway.  These Hazel Atlas cups were 25 cents each!

That's it for Christmas purchases - onward to the rest of the things I bought.  Our local grocery store when I was growing up was Lucky Dollar, I had to buy this ashtray - it's a good collectible.  I bought the labels because they were local too, Fraser's Cannery was just across the water from my home and the canned chicken was so good!!   We still have glasses like this at home, Schwartz mustard came in them, I have never seen one with a label, it was $1 too.  Later on we saw a bigger Schwartz peanut butter glass, it was $10 - at a yard sale!!!  That's not a yard sale price!!!

An old friend was having a sale - her mother used to sell Avon, she had a box of stuff left, still in the original boxes and not opened - and she had these, she gave them to me..Avon Calling....

This little bag of goodies only cost me $1 - I was taken with the little booklets.  The Norcross Blue Book from 1951 - the lady that owned this was using it as a mini journal - she wrote down her household jobs - on Oct. 28, 1955 she washed the window sill, windows inside and out, complete.  The Russels were for  dinner, the menu consisted of - cranberry juice, mashed potatoes, carrots & peas, Swiss Steak, butterscotch rolls (which I've never heard of) and Pompadour Pudding, never heard of that one either.    The mini coil booklet has trip expenses - the people were from New Jersey and drove to Florida - a few of their expenses were 21 cents for ice cream, postcards were 3 cents, $5 for overnight stay, $1 for repairs to car - it's pretty neat!

The last time I was home I passed these by at a local flea market, I sent my great aunt back for them, $2 - not bad for some vintage Fire King shakers, I had these on Instagram and somebody suggested using them for mini vases - great idea!

See this Rubbermaid container - it's full of stuff I brought back  - things that were Mom's and a few things that belonged to my mother-in-law - I have lots to share, including a lot of Vera scarves!   I'll be sharing this post with ThriftasaurusJunkin JoeThursday Favorite Things , Vintage Thingie Thursday and Rednesday, because there's a fair amount of red in this post!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Heading East...

Tomorrow morning we are heading East down Highway 17 - back "home" to Prince Edward Island.  This will be the first time in six years that we haven't spent our vacations tending to ailing parents, we miss them but we can't have the  old days back now, the great memories of all those summers spent back there are so vivid, but there are new memories to be made now!!    We can call it home, the homestead or the cottage - all we know is we're pretty darn lucky to look out on this beautiful scene every day we're there!!!

View from the driveway - Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island

Darcy is coming too - his big "25" is coming up next week and he's going to be back in one of his favourite spots, PEI,  - he's leaving from Toronto, we'll meet up with him tomorrow night at our hotel in Quebec - just like old times, except Carla isn't with us!!   Next time....

I'll be posting our trip along the way on Instagram - follow me - my user name is mackaypj

Oh, I can smell that salt air now........

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pretty Pyrex

The Pyrex posts are few and far between these days but I'm going to share a couple of pictures with you today that I was taking for a Pyrex Photo contest - the details are on Fresh Pastry Stand's Facebook page.  

The full set of pink fridgies was probably my best find, EVER, at Value Village, they're in mint condition, that's a day I won't soon forget.  The post that I wrote about finding those beauties is my second most viewed one, I still see the original picture all over Pinterest, they are a beautiful set!   The delphite blue pieces were given to me - one of the small fridgies even has the old blue lid, those pieces were made in Canada.

I shared these bowls not too long ago, they are all thrifted pieces too.  Can you see a pattern with the colors?  It's for the contest!

Here's a couple more pretty blue pieces - two sugar bowls that were both made in Canada, both pieces were also thrifted. 

I feel so lucky to have found all these great pieces at thrift store prices because I sure don't see much anymore.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer of The Sopranos

We have been watching this show all summer, we're addicted!!  This series has been regarded as one of the best in television, I agree, it's that good!!    Did you watch it when it first came on the air in 1999?    We didn't get HBO back then, I guess that's why we never tuned in.  It has been playing all summer on "On Demand"
, there weren't many nights that passed by that we didn't watch an episode or two, Sunday was the last day, we had just started the sixth and final season, Sunday morning we even watched an episode before breakfast!!  We never watch tv like that!!  I don't think we even watched a movie all summer and we definitely didn't play any board games!  Now we are in withdrawal and waiting to borrow a friend's DVD copy.

It's a show where you find yourself thinking about the characters the next day, the acting is outstanding, the storyline is riveting!!

Since it was such a big part of our summer, I SMASHed a Sopranos page too..