Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer of The Sopranos

We have been watching this show all summer, we're addicted!!  This series has been regarded as one of the best in television, I agree, it's that good!!    Did you watch it when it first came on the air in 1999?    We didn't get HBO back then, I guess that's why we never tuned in.  It has been playing all summer on "On Demand"
, there weren't many nights that passed by that we didn't watch an episode or two, Sunday was the last day, we had just started the sixth and final season, Sunday morning we even watched an episode before breakfast!!  We never watch tv like that!!  I don't think we even watched a movie all summer and we definitely didn't play any board games!  Now we are in withdrawal and waiting to borrow a friend's DVD copy.

It's a show where you find yourself thinking about the characters the next day, the acting is outstanding, the storyline is riveting!!

Since it was such a big part of our summer, I SMASHed a Sopranos page too..


  1. OMG we have every season and the acting is excellent. We were so sad when James Gandolfini died but unfortunately I think he lived a little bit in life like his character. We spent big money to own the whole series but are about to rewatch the last season and hubby regularly watches older episodes. I completely agree - it was a great series!

  2. Love the Smash page. You really do good work. I guess I'm a square-- have never watched the show believe it or not.

  3. I haven't seen any episodes but have heard that it is an excellent series! I'll have to check to see if it's on Prime. I do like to see shows from the beginning.

  4. We were hooked on way back 'when' much to the horror of my mother-in-law who thought it was horrid. I loved it!

  5. A Little rant - Why is it this is the only way Italians are portrayed?!
    Don't feel so bad, this summer I watched 6 seasons of the big bang theory in 3weeks.
    Chris =]

    Love the smash page.

  6. Loved this show! Watched all of them during the original run. I miss the Soprano family!

  7. Awesome smashing! Love that you saved this memory.