Monday, September 30, 2013

Depression Glass and What Else?

Mom loved dishes - she seemed to really like depression glass, particularly pink and green.  I never took much stock of these dishes before but now I wish I had and maybe I would know more and be able to identify them.    I brought back a few and also her trusty identification book, but when you don't know much about depression glass, it's not easy to pick the patterns out of a book.  I know it won't be long after I post this that I'll get some help.

I've been trying for a couple of days to get the right light to take pictures in the house, but it's just not working so I dragged them all outside - at least you can see some of the pattern.

This is a very delicate dish - maybe for candy?

Would this be "Open Rose" by the Anchor Hocking Company?

Or is this footed cake plate "Open Rose?"

This is a very small footed plate

Love this bowl!

Another nice cake plate

I know this belonged to my grandmother, I included it as it's so very pretty - she used to keep change in it.  It's a pretty fancy bowl for that!

This belonged to her too, it came out at Christmas only, it was for grapes and apples.  

Do you recognize any of these patterns?  I'd love to know just what they are, help me!!!

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  1. Lovely pieces! I don't know anything about Depression glass either-- sorry! The last piece looks like carnival glass. There's my big input! I know you'll get help from someone out there.

  2. I wish I could help! I love that bowl! She must have had a beautiful collection.

  3. Hi Jill!

    I was right...depression glass is pink AND green! I do have a lovely green bowl like the one you have pictured except it has feet on it...sorry to say it is worthless to anyone else because it got broken and I superglued it back together. It belonged to my grandmother. I also have some little green tiny plates, and a pink dish very similar to the the one you have!

    Have a great week!

  4. I believe the pink cake plate is Mayfair. I had one and gave it to my daughter when we moved.

  5. They are really pretty! I have a pink 3 footed cake plate and I googled it to find out what it was. Try that.

  6. Oh Jill, they are all so gorgeous. I'm no help at all, sorry, I've never allowed myself to buy any of this colored Depression glass, because I knew I'd be opening another can of worms, haha. Good luck finding the info. Take care - Dawn

  7. Beautiful glass Jill! Like you, I have a terrible time with the patterns on depression glass, even though I have a couple books. I'm not a real collector, just have a few pretty pieces I liked, so can't help you out here. Sure someone will soon! :) Pam

  8. i don't know anything about depression glass, but it is so pretty! i have a few small pieces that a friend gave me. they belonged to his grandmother and i use them when i have parties! none as fancy as the ones you posted! i LOVE that thing your grandmother kept change it!

  9. I'm no expert on depression glass but if you need help with a Pyrex pattern, then I'm your girl!

    Beautiful pieces, especially the pink!


  10. Really pretty! I hope you get the help your looking for! :)

  11. A lovely collection! I found your blog through Dawn's We Call It Olde party and wanted to make sure you knew about this resource: She has a lot of great information about depression glass that might interest you.

  12. So very pretty and delicate. I was fascinated by the first dish with the fluted/ruffled edges. Just beautiful.

  13. There's a few I may be able to help with. The pink divided dish (photo 3) looks like "Adam" pattern by Jeannette Glass. Photo 4 is Open Rose, but also known as "Mayfair". Photo 6 looks to me like Jeannette "Cherry Blossom". Photo 7 looks like "Adam" pattern again, but in green. No idea on photo 5, but I'd try looking for Elegant Glass instead of Depression Glass. It was made during the same time period, but is usually thicker & higher quality. Fostoria & Heisey both made some similar octagonal patterns. The carnival glass is beautiful, but I know nothing about it. The name Northwood comes to mind. I know they made some really pretty patterns like these, but I can't tell you anything more than that.

    Hope this helps some!

  14. Just thought of this, too - Fenton would be another likely maker to look for on the Carnival Glass.

    Good luck! Hope you ID them all.

  15. Hi. Lovely glass and thank you for posting on my blog, Elegant and Depression Glass to Share. I will check out your interesting posts and the link party too!

    Your first one is probably by Lancaster but I cannot be sure.
    #2 is Adam depression glass by Jeannette.
    #3 is Mayfair, aka Open Rose from Hocking.
    #4, the footed dish is probably a cheese compote. Glass companies made cheese and cracker sets where the crackers were in a large plate and the cheese was in a comport like this one. Yours is elegant glass, possibly by Paden City although others made similar shapes and colors.
    #5 is Cherry Blossom depression glass, also by Jeannette.
    #6 is another Adam piece.
    #7 and #8, sorry, I don't recognize. #7 looks a little Louisa, but that's a total guess.

  16. I can't help, only admire! Depression glass is so very pretty.

  17. Thank you so much for linking this to my first We Call It Olde Link-Up! Thanks to you, my first week was a success. I hope to see you there again each Tuesday with your antique, vintage, or history-related article. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  18. I don't know the patterns, but they sure are beautiful! Great family treasures.

    And, oh, the light! We get so few good months of light here!

  19. Glad you found some answers. I have pink Miss America and gold Madrid. Love carnival glass too! I think the orange is perfect for Fall. So glad you linked up this week with Sunday View.


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