Thursday, October 3, 2013

Show and Tell

This is going to be a mixed post - things I brought from "home" and a few thrifty finds...there's not many of those though, I noticed at a couple of thrifts yesterday that they had some Christmas out, it was pretty junky though and surely nothing worth bringing home.  

But, if there wasn't Christmas there was Halloween - I've seen this little guy so many times on Pinterest - he's cute!!  This is the second blow mold I've bought lately that had no cord but that's an easy fix - he was $1.99 at Value Village.  I know these lights aren't old but they're the big old fashioned ones, I love them!  I don't think they were ever out of the box.

I hit the jackpot when I was on vacation, I found fifteen Vera scarves!  One was a duplicate so that was sent off to my friend, Carol.  Not one scarf was more than $2.99, some were even 99 cents - many of these were wing tip ones and many seem to be in shades of red, grey and black.  See the white one in the upper right corner, that was waiting here in the mail for me when I got home, friend Holly spotted her first Vera and sent it to me - thank you so much!!!

When we went back to Prince Edward Island in June, we were helping to clean out my mother-in-law's house - I brought back a few things from there..

I have more than enough of my Mom's dishes - but I had to take something from this other house - this is such a pretty plate - it's Lord Neilson Ware, made in England.

This is the dinnerware that my mother-in-law and her mother used for years - I've seen this numerous times in antique shops, it's a pretty pattern - Belle Fiore Solian Ware, made in England - all I wanted was a couple of plates.  This jug looks pretty old to me, it's a bit odd looking, I guess that's why I took it, it has no markings.

I thought this old tobacco tin was cute - it has tobacco tax stamps on the side of it from Maine.

I gave these Hummels to Mom back in the 70's - guess I liked the red heads back then too, who knew that Carla would be born a red head years later.....

I know Mom bought this at a yard sale - she is just too cute.  She still has the original sticker on the bottom - Chase, made in Japan.

And, then there are some books... A Dragon for Danny Dennis - it's a Whitman Fuzzy Wuzzy Book and The Little Penguin, a Junior Elf Book.  The New Century Reader is for the first year, the book has an inscription dated, Christmas 1912.  The other book that is all scribbed over was my Arithmetic book, maybe grade 1??

I also found a bunch of old newspapers, - I have yet to go through them but there could be a post coming from those.  The paper was the night edition of  Toronto Telegram, June 5, 1968 - the day Robert F. Kennedy was shot.  

I'll be also doing a post on old greeting cards - I have a lot now - cards in bags, scrapbooks, albums - oh, dear.....

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  1. You really did hit a vintage jackpot with all these finds.

  2. Awesome stuff! Im watching that same blowmold on ebay right now! I want it so bad! Youre very welcome for the scarf! Im headed back out the way I was when I found it on thanksgiving weekend maybe I'll find more! :)

  3. Yay! It's blow mold time :-) You are the only other blog friend that I have that is a crazy for them as I am. I actually put mine out yesterday. I only have two Halloween ones and they were both missing the lights. I just borrowed them from Santa and a snowman :-)


  4. Oh I love that blow mold! I'm happy that you found him. And I can't believe you found so many scarfs! You MUST have more Vera's that anyone...ever!
    Erica :)

  5. Great "stuff." Cute books. I know there is a Nov '63 paper in my dad's closet-- JFK.

  6. Oh I know you are thrilled to have so many new scarves! What a nice collection! And I love the books...the numbers book looks familiar! Looks like one my kids had. My kid's stuff is vintage? OH MY! Happy hugs!

  7. Your Vera collection is really getting large! I know you love them! What great dishes from you family home! Thanks for linking up to TTF!

  8. Every item was so wonderful, I loved the plates, the scarves and the toby jug! Wow! You did hit the jackpot!

  9. Such very fun treasures! I love thrifting and junking, and enjoy seeing what others have found on their hunt. Thanks for sharing.

  10. The junking has been so horrible around here that I have to get my enjoyment from other people's finds! Those Halloween blow molds are always an exciting find, and I love your old arithmetic book too!

  11. Jill, can you believe I don't own one Halloween blow mold? Never really see them here. He's a fun one! Love the plates you brought home and Wow, great find on the scarves! Thanks for sharing with SYC.