Sunday, October 27, 2013

BOO!! It's Vintage!

I am so jealous of all the vintage Halloween that you fellow bloggers find, I have no trouble finding Christmas but Halloween, now that's a different story.  I have a pumpkin blow mold that I shared a while back, when I went to Carla's the other day, I found this pumpkin treat carrier at Value Village, the string  for carrying it is still attached,  it was made by Play Toy Industries in Canada - it kind of looks like the black might be marker, I'm not really sure, there were two there and both had the same black marking, it's cute though, I just bought the one.

I've had this Lefton beauty for a few years, I bought her on Ebay, she's so cute..

I do have a couple of Halloween postcards.

This old card was postmarked 1909 from Galt, Ontario - it was sent to an address in Lambton Mills, Ontario.  The message has nothing whatsoever to do with Halloween.

I have quite a few old cards that were done by Ellen Clapsaddle, but this is my only Halloween one and it's not in the best of shape but I'm just glad to have a Clapsaddle Halloween as they're not cheap!  This card was postmarked in 1910, written to Ruth, from Regina and Gertrude.

So, I'm thinking I must have something else that is at least a little bit vintage Halloween, I hauled out my container of old thrifted magazines, I have lots of winter and summer issues but not much fall.  It also seemed that the older fall magazines didn't really advertise much for Halloween either.

These fun old ads are from Woman's Day, October 1974..

Somebody used the big 7 cent coupon for the SweeTarts and Pixy Stix - I loved those Pixy Stix!

These ads are a bit newer - from Woman's Day, October 26, 1982 - 

Rice Krispie treats never go out of style, do they?

And, that's it for me - no more vintage Halloween here...

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  1. You have a pretty cute collection! I checked out your sweet little Lefton girl on Maddie's Instagram the other day. I am going to try and find one on either eBay or etsy during the off season.


  2. I agree, you do have quite a cute collection! I love your Lefton figurine especially well.

  3. The vintage ads are so cute! I love them and think framed they would be adorable at Halloween!

  4. I loved pixie stix, too...but at least you still have the rice krispie coupon! heehee! The ads are fun. I don't think I've ever seen a Halloween postcard but I'll keep an eye out for them now! I love anything holiday vintage!Sweet hugs!

  5. What a fun collection. Halloween is a short but enjoyable time! :)

  6. Very little vintage Halloween in my house too. Yours are fun! And you are right-- old Halloween postcards are NOT cheap!!

  7. I loove vintage Halloween goodness. Need to ride around and look for some while they're still putting them out.

  8. That little pumpkin is adorable! Vintage Halloween is elusive stuff for sure. I've had to search super hard for the few items I have.
    As always, I love the old ads!

  9. Love the Clapsaddle card and the sweet blow mold. Have a hard time resisting both Napco and Lefton figurines, so cute! :) Pam

  10. I never find vintage halloween either and am always in awe when anyone does find it! Love your sweet little Lefton. She's just to adorable!!

  11. Hello there my long lost friend!
    Well I think that you have a great little Halloween collection going. I've never seen that first pumpkin! They must have all stayed in Canada! He is great!
    Erica :)

  12. Looks like you are covered for Halloween! That postcard is so cute - even if the message is dull ;)

  13. Great collection Jill! I too have difficulty finding vintage halloween and it's my favourite holiday. Love the post cards.

  14. Great finds and I really like the ads. I don't think kids would really be that happy to get raisins, ha ha.