Thursday, October 31, 2013

Take a Look!

It's Halloween and there's not going to be one speck of it in this post!!  The trick or treaters may be few and far between tonight, it's dark right now and a heavy rainfall warning has been issued, yesterday there was a sprinkle of snow on the ground, now this! 

So, here's a few things I've picked up in the past week - looks like Christmas is making its way onto the shelves, I had to pick through quite a bit of junk to find something, just little things but cute none the less.

These little things were just thrown in a drawer - oh, the junk you have to paw through to get anything cute - what do you think of the little mouse family?

Anyone that has a ceramic Christmas tree will know that these are the bulbs for that tree.  I'm pretty sure I bought another supply at a yard sale in the summer, so now Carla and I will be all set with many extras.  I actually saw one of those ceramic trees yesterday and it looked to be in great shape!

I bought all of this with the intention of using it for SMASHing.

This I bought for the graphics, it's an old Peter Pan  record, it's not the right record in it and it's pretty scratched up so that might be going to the garbage.  The folder will be great on a shelf.

I think this is one of the cutest Christmas books I've found since I've been collecting up old Christmas tales, every page is just sweet!  There is no date on the book, it only says - Printed in Canada by Regal Stationery Co. Ltd.  I used to sell Regal door to door when I was about twelve..

Of course, I'm always happy to bring home a couple of Vera scarves.

What is wrong with me?  I shouldn't be buying any Pyrex, I have more than enough.  But, I had to buy this little 472 casserole, I'd never seen it before, I wasn't even sure what it was called - it's one part of the twin server promotional set - I thought it was just so pretty and it was only $1.99 - I don't care if I ever find the other piece, I just thought the pattern was so nice!

You know how it is when you see turquoise Pyrex, you think you have to buy it, even if it's in the back of your mind that you might have it, well, that's what happened to me - I brought this home and I do have it!!

If there is any reader out there that desperately needs this divided dish, you can have it, all you have to do is pay the postage to get it to your address, keep in mind, I'm in Canada. 

It's that time of the week to link up once again with We Call it OldeShare Your Cup Thursday and Thrifty Things Friday


  1. Very cute Christmas items! You sure do have good luck finding Vera items, nice pattern on yor new scarf. I have never seen that Pyrex pattern before, I like it. Nice thrift store finds.

  2. The Davey book is just precious! And I love the book of Carols. I can't wait to look for vintage Christmas when we get back to FL. I try to resist bowls....I don't have any more room and my cabinets are so heavy, they are going to fall down! lol (I hope NOT)

  3. I remember that book Davey and the First Christmas. I think we had it at home as kids and it is such a sweet story. I like the turquoise Pyrex. I had a divided dish like that in the green pattern. We only had one visitor tonight so I guess that's it. It's already started to rain here.

  4. I actually bought that exact same Pyrex dish at a sale last week even though I already had two at home. I really just wanted the lid! Plus it was only a dollar so I couldn't leave that kind of bargain behind!

    Love the sweet little mice. It's awesome to get rewarded for your digging :-)


  5. I used to have that Pyrex dish before I sold over half of my collection. Very cute little piece!
    The mice are sure cute!
    I bought two bags of candy and then my neighbor told me that we don't get trick or treaters in or neighborhood. So now I'm sitting here eating M&M's for dinner!
    Happy Halloween!
    Erica :)

  6. Great finds!! I WISH I could find a ceramic tree here... I will implore the op shop gods of fortune to present one to me one day!!!

    That pyrex is great. You must have an awesome collection now!

  7. You really found some cute vintage Christmas items. Love the Pyrex of course! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  8. Love all your finds! Especually your christmas stuff! I cant wait to haul mine out and begin decorating! :)

  9. Great buys! You found wonderful things.

  10. I love the little mouse family. We had a ceramic Christmas tree growing up. I think maybe my sister has it. Spare bulbs are definitely needed. :)

  11. That Santa decoration I absolutely adore. I found one a couple weeks ago & I love it. I hope I find more when the Xmas stuff hits the shelves. I feel so nervous that I won't find anything - LOL!

  12. Hi Jill, the little mice and Santa are super cute! I have seen that Pyrex dish before, I think on Flickr. Can't remember the name. Try Corelle Corner. I'd have gotten it, too, though! I have four snowflake divided's already or I'd take you up on it, lol. Thanks so much for sharing this at my We Call It Olde Link Up this week. Hope to see you again Tuesday. -Dawn @ We Call It

  13. I love all of it! Those mice are super cute and would be great for crafting. You asked me last week if I've ever made an ornament wreath before and the answer is no, but I think little plastic bits like that would make one so cute!
    You're so nice and generous to give someone that Snowflake divided dish! I just love turquoise Pyrex.

  14. Hey Jilly, I am a taker on the turquoise Pyrex if it's still available. Just let me know how much. I collect turquoise. Only have one snowflake piece and it's a 1 1/2 qt. Would love this! You found some great things! I made one of those ceramic trees years ago. Gave it to thrift some years back. What was I thinking? lol! Thanks for sharing your treasures with SYC.

  15. Ugh, those little Christmas tree bulbs. They remind me how much I want one of those ceramic Christmas trees, and how I passed up *several* at the Goodwill last year. What was I thinking?