Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just a Few Finds

I've been saying that there is no rhyme nor reason to the pricing at Value Village, I'm thinking that again after what I bought yesterday.  

I wasn't really taken with this little guy, until I turned him over...

This was Jimmie's -  given to him when he was born in 1942 - and made in Occupied Japan - it's in perfect shape and the price - $1.99 - I've seen figures like this priced way higher and not nearly as nice.  I noticed yesterday they were throwing some of the grab bag items in a cart, I know that all the colour coded tags mean which day they were put out on the floor, a cashier told me that one day, but I wonder what they do with that kind of stuff when it doesn't sell??

My Vera dry spell is over - for now anyway, this was at Value Village too for 99 cents.

I've purchased this game before but it was newer so I'll compare the two and use one for crafting purposes.  It's called "The Greatest of all Party Games"  - I've never played it, have you? Copyright on the instructions is 1947.  I paid $1

I couldn't help myself - I had to buy this book, it was 50 cents - it's in just perfect condition, not a mark, not a tear, it must have been sitting on a shelf somewhere - it doesn't even seem that the spine was bent back.  The book is from 1962 and it's full of sweet graphics - there's a nice mix of poems and stories.

The little boy is cool under the butterbean tent!

This is a page from "The Chinaberry Tree"

I don't like it at all when I make the rounds and find nothing - yesterday was just right - cute things and not much money spent!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The 1975 Kitchen

I always pick up old mail order catalogues when I see them, the price was right this time, I paid $3 for this Eaton's catalogue  a couple of weeks ago.    For all you non - Canadians out there, Eaton's was the first catalogue to be distributed by a Canadian retailer - we used this mail order service from 1884 - 1976.  They're a really neat collectible, offering a very interesting look at the way it was - be it, fashion or household goods.

Come in and take a look at the kitchen  - maybe you remember some of these things from your Mom and Dad's kitchen  or maybe you were set up in your own home in 1975.  Click on any pic for a closer look.

Avocado, Coppertone and white were the big colours, plus Harvest Gold, of course!

We had a Coppertone dishwasher at home, everything else was always white.

Didn't everybody have a "rugged dinette suite that resisted mars and wiped clean?"  We had a brown one, it's a good thing we didn't have the Coppertone appliances, that would have been a really  dark kitchen!

Of course, an easy care vinyl tablecloth was the regular topper!

And, wall paper, of course!

I'm so glad these cafe curtains have gone out of fashion.  I used to have a pair myself in the 80's - in shades of brown!

The appliances don't look much different.  I remember Mom & Dad getting me an electric frying pan, I thought that was a necessity for housekeeping!

There's a change, for sure, in coffee makers and kettles - who could have even imagined a Tassimo or Keurig back then?

Three patterns of Corelle Livingware were available - Butterfly Gold, Spring Blossom Green and Old Town Blue - a 20 piece set was $31.95

Ironstone was just a bit fancier

Spice O'Life was big that year!    Lots of wooden ware for the kitchen too .

Cookware was colourful.

And, didn't everybody have a canister set with the breadbox?

Bring back any memories?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Charity Yard Sale

I went out to the yard sales this morning, which was a complete waste of time and gas - junk - and not good junk!!  But, yesterday there was a charity yard sale in Town and it turned out pretty good - nothing real exciting, but I filled up a box and donated $10 - so, not bad...

I'm not really sure about this Santa,  I don't think I'll be plugging him in  - I like the box though!

Everything was in boxes and bags so you really had to dig.  Mr. & Mrs. Claus were made in Japan.

Love to find a knee hugger, any time of the year!

Melmac - "Quality Dinnerware"

I very seldom ever buy any glassware like this, there was a box full, it looked nice so I picked up a couple of pieces, both are different patterns.  I don't know anything about glassware patterns....

You might see this one on a food post some day.

I bought this at Value Village the other day, it was $2.99, made in Japan. It's kind of like the pattern on the Pyrex Butterprint

My kids had this ball, I've been kicking myself about giving it away, now I've got one for those grandchildren I'll have some day..  A few weeks ago, I saw this ball in the showcase at VV, priced at $29, that's just how ridiculous their pricing has become. 

There were boxes and boxes of books, I chose these old ones, mainly for SMASHing purposes - but I think that is all of these I'll be buying, I have more than enough. I was intrigued by the old interior covers on the Nancy Drew books.

I've never seen this one before

Or this one..

This is the one I remember, then after that it became white.  I sure loved my Nancy Drew books!!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thanks are in Order

Who doesn't love to get fun mail and it's even better when it's surprise mail - that's the best! I had a package from one of my blogging friends, Astrid from Fab and Thirty Something - we have traded back and forth a couple of times, she sent me this with no hint that it was coming. This is what I found when I opened up the box....

Vintage butter melters that were made in Japan!  Perfect for us!!  At first I didn't notice that they were a souvenir of Prince Edward Island, even more perfect!!!!  That is two vintage souvenirs from PEI that I've received in the past couple of weeks - oh, no, is this a new collection starting???  I'm anxious to try these, we have melters that require a tea light, they flicker and go out and the butter spits all over the place when it gets really hot, these ones use hot water - they'll be right on the table the next time we have some lobster, snow crab or PEI mussels...

Give us some of this wonderful seafood and we're happy!!

Thanks, Astrid - it was sweet of you to think of me!  I love them!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Goods

I noticed that I don't do as many thrift finds posts as I used to, I just don't see things that I really want and at the height of the Pyrex craze, I was buying just about every piece of Pyrex that I saw, but now I have more than enough and am even trying to unload a few pieces, I just don't have the space for it and how much can I really use?  I'm sure that will put off a few of you that are still hard core collectors, but, this could very well happen to you, but, with that said, I still will pick up something that I really like and that is a special piece.   I was away this week and Saturday was the first real yard sale day for me, I went around town to just about every one, most had junk but I was lucky at a couple, real lucky, I think!!  I'll start with the yard sales and see what you think...

I have been pinning these cake carriers on Pinterest and wanting one so bad.  I can't believe my luck - to find this at a yard sale - just what I wanted.  I paid $5, I would have paid more, I wanted one so much!   Love it!!

I don't really know what these tin cans are, they have nursery rhymes all over them, they're so cute  - also at the yard sale.

This little plastic manger scene was in the original box, 29 cents was the original price.

You know I like buttons and old buttons on cards, what luck!!  Look at the sweet little baby ones.. I found all those items at the same sale, it was a good day!!    I know I found some neat stuff but that might be it for the whole summer, I'm never very hopeful!

These weren't marked, I asked the lady how much, she took a quick look - $1 - sold to me!!  I have quite a stash of shiny brites now but you can't pass them up when you see them for that price.  There are a few in the box that aren't so old but the majority are and I think what took my eye were the tiny ones, I haven't seen any like that.

Another sale - another $1 purchase - I bought these for SMASHing

I know anybody that loves blow molds is going to love this one!!  $2.  I almost didn't get out of the car, I don't like going to sales where there are people sitting around staring at you in lawn chairs, but, it's a good thing I did -because now I own Santa and his reindeer!   They had two more too - I left them there as I already have a Santa and snowman.  This is going to look so cute on the roof of the shed!

This little guy and the rest of the items I bought when I was at Carla's last week,  he's made in Japan, the Giftcraft sticker is still on him.  I didn't notice there's a little chip on the back, but nobody is going to see that where I'm going to place him - and after all, he was only $1.

I didn't notice the flaw on this little guy either - somebody has already used glue on him, but once again, nobody will notice, another made in Japan cutie, with the Giftcraft sticker still attached.

I remember these.....

I'm always interested in the old catalogues, just wish I could find a Christmas one.

Some of these came from yard sales, some from a thrift store - I really hit the jackpot - there's some great old ones there.  I found some Eloise Wilkin books which I already have, but I can't leave them behind, they're good for sharing.

I am on a dry spell for Vera scarves so I was really happy to find one - an old one and a ladybug - even better!

This is one of those Pyrex items that I meant I would buy if it was special - of course, turquoise is, and it's a 404 - it cost me $3.  Another lady had it in her hands, she put it down, I swooped in!!  

I had a great week with some special finds - I also found some scarves for resale, an old Monopoly game for SMASHing - wouldn't it be nice if all outings were so great!!

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