Monday, May 6, 2013

A Thrifty Package and More...

Getting mail that isn't bills or flyers is a treat these days, so when a parcel arrives, it's a good day, and when it's a package full of thrifty vintage goods, it's even better.  Holly and I look out for things that we both like and trade back and forth, she really found special things for me -thanks so much, Holly!

It's too bad this guy has to be put away now until Christmas!

Perfect for me - vintage Prince Edward Island souvenirs - the cream and sugar were made by ManorWare in England.  I know I've seen this pixie before, I have to look around when I get back home, I may have another piece there.  I love the pin - I'll be wearing it!!

A vintage apron with such a delicate pattern.

After finding wrapping paper the other week, I have quite a stash now, I better get busy and do something with it!

It was so nice of Holly to share her vintage greeting cards with me!

I'm always on the hunt for Eloise Wilkin books.

This book is chock full of old ads from the British Good Housekeeping magazine - so neat to go through.

Holly made this apron - it is made from a vintage sheet.  She asked me which one I would like, I picked this, with no hesitation, because I had this very exact same sheet set on my bed when I was a little girl.  I remember I picked them out from the Sears catalogue, they were my favourites, the bottom sheet became so threadbare, I always wanted them on my bed  - this piece of fabric is in perfect condition and so bright, she did a beautiful job on it!

Do you have a little girl that plays with dolls - she just might need an apron - Holly makes those too and they're for sale right now in her Etsy shop - check them out because if you use this discount code(for aprons only) alittlebit25 you can take 25% off your apron and shipping is free for Canada and the US until the end of May - there couldn't be a better deal than that!  Check out these sweet little aprons  here at GidgetSews.  She also has a draw happening on her Facebook page - all you have to do is like it and share - click here for that - it's a very generous draw!

Today I'm joining in with Thriftasaurus and The Nifty Thrifty


  1. How fun Jill! It's nice you and Holly trade things back and forth. The book on British Good Housekeeping would be an interesting read. The apron is sweet and will always remind you of your bed at home. :) Pam

  2. AnonymousMay 06, 2013

    ahh! I used to have "The New Baby" book was one of my faves when learning to read. Is the apron a full or half apron?

  3. That apron just screamed at me! My Grandpa uses that top sheet as a painting blanket o_0
    Great choice! Its a lovely pattern!

  4. Love Santa. and yes I love getting things like that in the mail!

  5. Youre very welcome Jill! Im so glad you loved everything :)

  6. What a sweet friend! The only thing that is so sad about everything she sent you is that you have to wait until Christmas to display some of it!


  7. Wow, now that sure is a terrific gift package. Love vintage aprons and your Santa is precious!

  8. I am loving those cards and mr. christmas.. And that pixie does look very familiar, I agree!

  9. I love getting treats in the mail too Jill! How wonderful that Holly had an apron in a fabric that brings back childhood memories for you! Next week, I will be posting about the lovely aprons that Holly sent to me and my little gal. Have a great weekend! Jo