Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The 1975 Kitchen

I always pick up old mail order catalogues when I see them, the price was right this time, I paid $3 for this Eaton's catalogue  a couple of weeks ago.    For all you non - Canadians out there, Eaton's was the first catalogue to be distributed by a Canadian retailer - we used this mail order service from 1884 - 1976.  They're a really neat collectible, offering a very interesting look at the way it was - be it, fashion or household goods.

Come in and take a look at the kitchen  - maybe you remember some of these things from your Mom and Dad's kitchen  or maybe you were set up in your own home in 1975.  Click on any pic for a closer look.

Avocado, Coppertone and white were the big colours, plus Harvest Gold, of course!

We had a Coppertone dishwasher at home, everything else was always white.

Didn't everybody have a "rugged dinette suite that resisted mars and wiped clean?"  We had a brown one, it's a good thing we didn't have the Coppertone appliances, that would have been a really  dark kitchen!

Of course, an easy care vinyl tablecloth was the regular topper!

And, wall paper, of course!

I'm so glad these cafe curtains have gone out of fashion.  I used to have a pair myself in the 80's - in shades of brown!

The appliances don't look much different.  I remember Mom & Dad getting me an electric frying pan, I thought that was a necessity for housekeeping!

There's a change, for sure, in coffee makers and kettles - who could have even imagined a Tassimo or Keurig back then?

Three patterns of Corelle Livingware were available - Butterfly Gold, Spring Blossom Green and Old Town Blue - a 20 piece set was $31.95

Ironstone was just a bit fancier

Spice O'Life was big that year!    Lots of wooden ware for the kitchen too .

Cookware was colourful.

And, didn't everybody have a canister set with the breadbox?

Bring back any memories?


  1. I have an electric fryer that I use just about every week! It's a great way to fry chicken or potatoes and contain the mess:-)

    I loved looking at those photos. I'm a little young to remember any of those type of items in my household but it's fun to see the things that I run into at the thrifts.

    Have a great week!


  2. Oh wow, there's a picture of my grandmother's dinnette set! She had one just like it, and I had avocado green EVERTHING in my first home! Even the bathroom fixtures were green and the other bathroom was harvest gold! I can't stand those colors now! :-)
    Those electric frypans cooked the best potroast and potatoes!
    Thanks for the memories!

  3. Just like the Thrift Sisters I enjoy my electric fry pan from the 70's, makes the best fried chicken. Enjoyed this post, thanks for the memories.

  4. What fun pictures to look at! Lots of things could have been found in my grandmas kitchen or some in my parents. I'm with the rest of the girls, I use my electric fry pan all of the time! Its one of the main staples in the camper.

  5. Love this post and these pictures Jill. They bring back a lot of memories indeed. We were married in 1977 so our house we bought came with harvest gold stove and fridge. I still have and use my butterfly Corelle dishes and my old electric frying pan is great for making pancakes. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :-)

  6. We had the green fridge, as well as orange patterned carpeting in the kitchen!! And green shag in the living room. Ouch. I still miss Eatons!

  7. Haha! I can't quite grasp the concept of an electric frying pan. ??? lol
    I unboxed my Spice Of Life clear storage containers the other day, and my sister was like "What the heck are those, ewww!
    thanks for sharing Jill!
    Erica :)

  8. Old catalogs offer such a neat look into the past. I would love to have one of those awesome dinette sets for $204! Great find and thanks for sharing!

  9. AnonymousMay 28, 2013

    Hi, Jill! Oh boy, lots of memories in that catalog! My mom had an electric frying pan and I learned how to make Spanish rice in it before i left home. I've always wanted one of my own for cooking outside in the summer time.

    The only canister set I remember was the one my mom made in ceramics class- gold toned mushroom ones!

    Thanks for coming by. I look forward to exploring your blog! ♥

  10. Isn't it fun to look back at things like that? I have an old Sears catalogue. You could even order a house kit from them!


  11. I have a few eatons catalogues from the 1970s too, Ive seen a few things I know my parents had. They were marred in 1984, but I guess the style of applicanes didnt change too much. I always see the colourful cookware at VV. I should start collecting it! Although now that Ive said hat Im sure I wont be able to find any. Haha.

  12. Ah!! I just went down memory lane. So much fun to see all the pictures in the catalog. My life of 1975 (11 years old) just flashed before my eyes.

  13. I never thought of looking for an old catalogue. Maybe b/c I haven't ever seen one in my search. I will look now...very fun!

  14. Alot of my childhood things are in this post.
    My family had a dinette like the ones shown. We grew up with the Corelle dishes in the green and had some blue too for good measure I suppose.
    Mom always made things in her spice of life casserole dishes and we had a wood salad set. I actually really liked using the wood salad bowls.

  15. My grandparents had the avocado appliances, including their washer and dryer!

  16. How fun! Love the cookware. And I lived in an apartment not too long ago that still had a gold fridge and stove!!

  17. I love seeing the prices of everything. Some things were pretty expensive even back then. I still use Corelle dishes! lol Hugs! PS I had Harvest Gold appliances!

  18. Jill
    I wasn't raised in Canada but I was raised with many of those same products. Kind of fun to flip through the old catalog, I bet!
    First Eatons closed, and now Zellars. I'm really going to miss it.