Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Goods

I noticed that I don't do as many thrift finds posts as I used to, I just don't see things that I really want and at the height of the Pyrex craze, I was buying just about every piece of Pyrex that I saw, but now I have more than enough and am even trying to unload a few pieces, I just don't have the space for it and how much can I really use?  I'm sure that will put off a few of you that are still hard core collectors, but, this could very well happen to you, but, with that said, I still will pick up something that I really like and that is a special piece.   I was away this week and Saturday was the first real yard sale day for me, I went around town to just about every one, most had junk but I was lucky at a couple, real lucky, I think!!  I'll start with the yard sales and see what you think...

I have been pinning these cake carriers on Pinterest and wanting one so bad.  I can't believe my luck - to find this at a yard sale - just what I wanted.  I paid $5, I would have paid more, I wanted one so much!   Love it!!

I don't really know what these tin cans are, they have nursery rhymes all over them, they're so cute  - also at the yard sale.

This little plastic manger scene was in the original box, 29 cents was the original price.

You know I like buttons and old buttons on cards, what luck!!  Look at the sweet little baby ones.. I found all those items at the same sale, it was a good day!!    I know I found some neat stuff but that might be it for the whole summer, I'm never very hopeful!

These weren't marked, I asked the lady how much, she took a quick look - $1 - sold to me!!  I have quite a stash of shiny brites now but you can't pass them up when you see them for that price.  There are a few in the box that aren't so old but the majority are and I think what took my eye were the tiny ones, I haven't seen any like that.

Another sale - another $1 purchase - I bought these for SMASHing

I know anybody that loves blow molds is going to love this one!!  $2.  I almost didn't get out of the car, I don't like going to sales where there are people sitting around staring at you in lawn chairs, but, it's a good thing I did -because now I own Santa and his reindeer!   They had two more too - I left them there as I already have a Santa and snowman.  This is going to look so cute on the roof of the shed!

This little guy and the rest of the items I bought when I was at Carla's last week,  he's made in Japan, the Giftcraft sticker is still on him.  I didn't notice there's a little chip on the back, but nobody is going to see that where I'm going to place him - and after all, he was only $1.

I didn't notice the flaw on this little guy either - somebody has already used glue on him, but once again, nobody will notice, another made in Japan cutie, with the Giftcraft sticker still attached.

I remember these.....

I'm always interested in the old catalogues, just wish I could find a Christmas one.

Some of these came from yard sales, some from a thrift store - I really hit the jackpot - there's some great old ones there.  I found some Eloise Wilkin books which I already have, but I can't leave them behind, they're good for sharing.

I am on a dry spell for Vera scarves so I was really happy to find one - an old one and a ladybug - even better!

This is one of those Pyrex items that I meant I would buy if it was special - of course, turquoise is, and it's a 404 - it cost me $3.  Another lady had it in her hands, she put it down, I swooped in!!  

I had a great week with some special finds - I also found some scarves for resale, an old Monopoly game for SMASHing - wouldn't it be nice if all outings were so great!!

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  1. LOVE your thrifty finds this week! I'm not buying much Pyrex either, I have so many pieces I love and use and so unless it's really special, I will leave it for someone else. Your buttons, books and old catalog will be great for smashing. The cake carrier and old tins are wonderful. I bet those tins had lids and were nested at one time. So happy you joined Diann and I at TTF this week!


  2. Oh wow Jill! That's some pretty amazing finds!!!! Love the cake carrier and the Pyrex!

  3. Seriously?! $3 for your turquoise bowl and $1 for all those ornaments, that's awesome! Deals of the year!
    Oh, and the cake carrier is beautiful! I'm glad you finally found what you were looking for.

  4. i'm at the same place with my sale going, i have so much stuff and don't really have room for more! i'm picking up way less than in the past. you found some great stuff though! that is a beautiful cake carrier! and lucky you on those ornaments!

  5. Great carrier - so pretty!

    Yeah, I need every piece of Pyrex I find, but I am running out of room, too. I only have a small apartment! I've been buying crap & blogging about it for 4 years! That Turquoise is awesome find! Glad that lady put it down.

  6. GAH!!! I LOVE all your finds! You have certainly broken the drought!

    I LOVE that carrier - orange and floral - couldn't be better!! And the nursery tins.. We had something similar as kids.. Just little tins for nothing in particular.

    LOVE all your scores!!!

  7. Your cake carrier is gorgeous! What a deal.

  8. AnonymousMay 19, 2013

    Those Tins are fab, I'd use them to store Pencil Crayons and felts. And with a cake carrier like that I'd totally have the pressure on to bake a yummy boring white sponge would do!

  9. Gosh, love all the wonderful treasures you found this week. I love cake carriers, too. I have a few sitting on top of my fridge.

  10. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Any one of those 'fun finds' would have been a good weekend, you got multiple really good things! Shiny Brites for a dollar! GOOD GRIEF! Way to go!

  11. Jill you sure had a successful weekend of yard saleing! I remember those rolls of the plaid Scotch tape. So fancy eh? What a great deal for the Christmas ornaments! I have boxes of them that were my mother-in-laws that I use on our tree every year. Love them! The cake carrier is beautiful. I don't know where you keep all your goodies. I just don't have the room. :) Have a great week. Pam

  12. What lovely finds -- the cake carrier in particular, but also the turquoise Pyrex. Oh, and the ornaments!

    I too have pretty much stopped picking up Pyrex unless it seems really special. Our neighbourhood is having a street sale in a couple of weeks, and I plan to off-load quite a lot then.

  13. Cute stuff. I love the cake carrier and all the buttons! :)

  14. I see many items that I would have purchase especially the wonderful books! What a thrift weekend you had!

  15. AnonymousMay 20, 2013

    You always have such good luck - I'd love to go garage saling with you someday!

  16. Love your finds!

    The Pyrex bowl is always a must, specialy at $3!

    I must admit that I'm kinda jealous of your amazing blowmold; you know that I'm a blowmold addict...LOVE!

  17. The $3 aqua 404 is an amazing steal!! Now you just need to find the three other bowls:-)

    Every time I see a blow mold, I think of you. We are definitely a little bit addicted to them, wouldn't you say?


  18. Wow-- great stuff! Would love to peek in those catalogs!

  19. Love the cake carrier! Also, the tape dispensor. Love the graphics on the backing! I'm with you on not needing all of the Pyrex. I try to be selective now and have sold alot. I've tried to pick a few favorite patterns and then look for unique pieces I love.

  20. Those are amazing finds!!! I cannot pass up aqua pyrex. What a great bowl.

    I believe those nursery rhyme cans are part of a set of stacking toys. Great find!!

  21. I love it all! You really did hit the jackpot this weekend! Awesome, amazing finds! :)

  22. sure did ROCK the finds this week! The Tin Cake Carrier is AWESOME...over the top FAB!!!!! hugs and congrats on your deserved it! YAY!!!! hugs...tfs!

  23. AnonymousMay 28, 2013

    I have NEVER found a box of shiny brites! Someone else must beat me to them! I don't like sales where they just sit and stare at you either! Ha-ha! Or the ones where they follow you around and say, "That's a lamp. Blah, blah, blah." :)