Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Need to Catch Up!

I really do need to catch up with my thrifty finds, last week I spent the night at Carla's, there are five thrift shops in her city, I did find a few things, nothing real exciting but things I like.  This week I made my weekly trip to my closest city, all of the thrift shops are on one street and a new one just opened - it wasn't bad at all!!  Every time I go to Value Village now I see items that are so wrongly priced, there is an old Jeopardy game on the shelf, it has been there for a couple of weeks now, I'm thinking it will be there for awhile, they've priced it at $19.99.  That's crazy!!

I give you warning, there's going to be a fair amount of pictures in this  post!

They were selling this 441 Golden Grapes bowl at Value Village  for 9.99 - come on... that's too much..

I really had no business buying these last week - but vintage pillowcases, still in the package - for the Mr. and Mrs, I couldn't leave them behind!!  I have a pair of these at home that Mom and Dad received as a shower gift 58 years ago, but really, how often do you ever see something like this?  I had to buy them!!  They were only $2.99.  It's hard to get a good picture as the plastic is still on them.

I never find vintage wrapping paper - I found 20 sheets at the Salvation Army- take a close look at the unicorn paper - I remember that kind..Regal used to carry that in their catalogue.  

Love the Christmas patterns - there's more but I didn't want to show every piece I bought!

The vintage greeting cards were bagged up at Value Village

Aren't these cute?  There were two packs of them.  I'll probably list a pack and save one for  SMASHING and sharing.

These weren't even opened

Just a small sample of some of the other cards.

The cover of this Eloise Wilkin book was covered in purple crayon, I got as much off as I could - I never treated my books like that - my children didn't either!!

Christmas Carols and a baking pamphlet.  The carol book was published by the Green Giant Company

I've already done a Snoopy page in my SMASH book and used this book,  I plan to do the same with the other books too.  I had to buy the Anne books, that is the very same cover as my first Anne book, it was a hardcover, I should never have gotten rid of it!!   I had a few Cherry Ames books, they were harder to come by, I would have read anything back then, I even had some Hardy Boys but  my favourite was always Nancy Drew.

This is a beautiful book on Hummels.

It was printed in West Germany, 1972

This good sized old Christmas tin will be good for decorating.  I had picked that up first thing, I took it to the cash, later when I went back to the cash with my other purchases, someone had put my tin back on the shelf - lucky it was still there!

One lone juice glass but she's a beauty!

The UNO game came from Value Village, we still like to play it, it's a great game!  I want to use the cards for SMASHING.  I'm going to use this old dictionary for SMASHing too, I actually found the dictionary and album at a yard sale, I asked the old lady how much, she said, well, it is Michael Jackson, I said $3 - she didn't put up a fight!!

Thriller!  What a great album this is!!

Gary bought these the other day - staples, thumb tacks, clips and chalk.  They're sitting on his work bench right now, not really sure what he's going to do with them but the boxes are awfully cute.

Another book for my Christmas collection, from 1965

These sweet little juice glasses came from the new thrift shop,  I very ever seldom see nice glasses, I would have had another one last week, but I set it down while I was browsing at something else, never thought of it again, until it was too late.

Yard sales will be starting, I don't hold out much hope for them around here, I went just about every Saturday last year and I only hit one good sale - not lucky at all!!  

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  1. I don't see much inflation at Value Village - it's all at Goodwill. There was an item that I felt was mispriced at Value Village, so I spoke to the manager - she discounted the item for me.

    Score on the wrapping paper! The unicorns are megarific!

  2. I think Value Village is the same as Savers? Savers prices have risen quite a bit in the past year...but they still have some great deals in my area.
    You did pretty well with all your thrifting...I used to love playing UNO.
    Have a great week...

  3. Wow lovely finds, love it all. So nice! Love the wrapping paper and cards! Im glad the new thrift store is worthwhile!

  4. Great finds. I love all the staple boxes and whatnot!

  5. Great finds Jill! I especially love the vintage pillow cases and cards!! Once again you did great in your thrifting adventures!! :)

  6. I've held on to my Thriller record for years, one of those rare ones where you never have to skip a track since they're all so good. Okay, maybe "The Girl is Mine" a little weak, but... :)

    Great scores all around!

  7. Our Goodwill now has a collector's case with items marked way higher than in antique stores. Even the pocketbooks are in a case. Last week the particle board furniture was marked from $40 to $115! You have some lovely finds. My favorites are the cards - so sweet.

    Thriller!?! Let's all dance!

  8. My favorite is the juice glass! Haven't seen that one. I agree...pricing is nuts. Sometimes a Butterfly Gold bowl will be $12 and then you go in and see one that is less common for $5. It makes no sense.

  9. Jill
    My goodness you sure made a haul.
    What fun!
    I agree about VV, I don't buy there anymore unless I really, really want an item.

  10. Great finds! I love the textured unicorn paper and all the little glasses you found. I've never been to a Value Village, but from what I have heard everyone say about the prices, I'm not missing much.

  11. I agree, some of the prices at Value Village are just ridiculous.

    You have been busy! Great finds.

    I loved Nancy Drew too. I want to start reading them to my daughter just so I can read them again!

  12. Thanks for Linking up to the "Go Get Your Garage Sale On" party! I love the glasses you found! Super cute.

  13. WOW...some really awesome finds...LOVE the orange juice glass! Thanks for dropping by...sending hugs...

  14. I have a large set of different style glasses with the same pattern as your little juice glasses. I love all the finds, but my favorite has to be the vintage cards and wrap. Lovely!

  15. There are never enough photos when it comes to this type of post :)

    I adore the vintage greeting cards! I've always loved those. Great finds & good eye!

    Heather @ Lark & Lola