Saturday, May 4, 2013

Keep Your Berries Fresh - Pinned from Pinterest

How do you keep your berries fresh?  I never really did anything, just tried to eat them in time, but often, I have to throw them out - this method is all over the internet, I had pinned it a while ago but forgot about it.  Wednesday I was at Costco, they were selling a 908 gram package for less than $3 - that is a lot of berries for a really good price.  While I was standing there trying to make up my mind, a lady asked me if I knew about the vinegar rinse, then, I remembered my pin.  She said it really works and you can't taste the vinegar, I knew right then I was going to give it a try.   The vinegar destroys bacteria and mold spores on the berries -  you can do it with any kind of berry.   The original pin came from - I don't feel like I've been keeping up with my pinned from pinterest project, I have to get back on track!!

I bathed them just like it said - three parts water, one part vinegar - don't they look nice in the Pyrex hostess bowl?

A good rinse was next - the original pin called for a salad spinner but I don't have one of those so I just used the sprayer on the faucet.  

Next,  I laid them out on a paper towel lined cookie sheet -they rested there until they were completely dry.   

I lined the plastic container with paper towels and they were ready to go back in the refrigerator.   

We're still eating the strawberries, I'll be using this method again, I was skeptical about the vinegar but there really is no taste at all!  It really does work!!  Have you ever tried this handy hint?


  1. Never tried it, but I will. Thanks.

  2. I just looked at my strawberries and they are already going bad! I will try this for sure!

  3. I'm gonna give it a go! Vinegar is the best stuff. I go through a giant Costco bottle so fast!

  4. Wow, interesting, I'll give this a try! I love berries!

  5. I've used apple cider vinegar when I oven roast red peppers. I do four large peppers and about a teaspoon of the vinegar on them. No rinsing. You can't taste the vinegar. They last for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator in an air tight container. With berries coming into season I can't wait to try this method. Thank you for posting.

  6. I have NOT tried this and now I'm very excited about it! I hate when berries go to waste. Thanks for the idea Jill. :)

  7. I've tried this method for greens and it really works. Thanks for the tip with berries, wouldn't have thought to try it!

  8. Yeh I've always meant to try this too! I had a friend whose mum used to soak her apples as soon as she got them home... Glad to know it works for berries!

  9. What a great tip! We always buy big boxes of strawberries at Costco but then we struggle to eat them all before going bad.

    I'll definitely refer to this in the future, thanks!

    Heather @ Lark & Lola