Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's Halloween Inside!

This year I've become lazy with my indoor Halloween decorating and why not, when I have this great corner shelf.   For those of you who have been following me for a while, you've seen my corner shelves before.  My husband made me two, actually, my new tulip bowl was photographed on my kitchen one just the other day.  Usually I place the Halloween decorations on various shelves, now I can decorate in one swoop - 

Here's a closer view of the shelves... Notice my one lone vintage Halloween ornament, the little Lefton girl.

I put a few things on top of this cabinet too...

I've had this light up family of ghosts for a few years, I still like it!

Here's a little bit more..that's an Annalee doll on the post.

Mr. Creepy is a Jim Shore piece, my husband bought him for me a few years ago, he's so hard to place, his colors are just not the standard Halloween colors, he's awfully cute though.  I guess I shouldn't say I have only one vintage Halloween because I do have the blow mold!!

I even stuck something on the window.

Do you decorate inside for Halloween??

I'm joining in today with the link up at Wonderful at Home - check it out!


  1. Love your Halloween decorations!! I've only decorated for Fall, don't think I'm going to put out Halloween this year.

  2. Very cute display! Yes, I decorate inside and my front windows for Halloween. Just finished Monday-- and I got out the Halloween Snoopys too!

  3. Love all the Halloween Decorations.. very fun, I have not put up anything for Halloween shame on me!

  4. I always purchase cheap Halloween decorations at our local Dollar General store after Halloween, but I forget that I have them. Guess that must be "hoarding."Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  5. I am in love with that little Lefton girl and have added her to my wish list!

    I decorated a couple of weeks ago and finally took photos the other day. Post to follow soon...


  6. You have such pretty decorations and the shelves are perfect for showing them off. I have a baker's rack that I like to decorate and I do a little for Halloween. My mother in law collects the Jim Shore figurines...they are awesome! Love all of the lighted things you have, too. I like lots of twinkle lights! Have fun!

  7. I have decorated for halloween. (It is my favorite holiday)
    My father and I decorated our garden in the front, we did a graveyard. Headstones that my husband and I made a few years back. Also a big red devil looking over the grave yard, some strobe lights and a fog machine! =)

    Also decorated my home on the inside and the front door and windows!

  8. You have a cute collection. No I don't decorate for Halloween inside or out. Just a faux pumpkin carved jack-o-lantern that I put a battery tealight in on that night. We don't get many trick or treaters here - maybe 6 or 8.

  9. So jealous of your cool shelves! You always have them done up so nicely.
    I decorated this year for the first time inside for Halloween. It's the first year I had stuff that I like!
    : )

  10. That's all so cute Jill! Just love your shelves. I seem to decorate for fall more than Halloween, but I do have a couple Halloween spoolies and little things out.

  11. Lovely! As much as I love decorating for fall, I cant wait to tear it all down and begin the christmas decorating!! :)

  12. Great decorations...thanks for sharing....blessings