Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Found Something I Wanted!!

I didn't hold out much hope of finding anything on Sunday when I walked into Value Village, it was half an hour before closing but I did and it was something I wanted - a syrup dispenser.  I spotted a set in this great book I received for Christmas and it was just took my eye.  I really don't expect to ever find the other pieces of the set - the batter dispenser and a pitcher.  According to the book, it was made by Anchor Hocking, I only paid $2.99, there are no markings on it, that is probably the only reason I got it for so cheap - the Value Village people didn't know what a little gem it was!

I had three sales over the weekend - two on Ebay and one on Etsy - it's slow going but it's better than no sales  - I  just started listing a few vintage items again - if only postage wasn't so expensive, I might be mailing out packages every day.  I did find a few new items to list though....

Mug by Federal

Glasbake Orange Soup Bowl
Love is...letting him have the last sip of your wine.  Remember the "Love Is" line from the 70's?

Every time my daughter and I see the Tom and Jerry set, we want it, we don't know why, but we just do!!!  I was browsing on Ebay last week, I didn't hesitate to click the "buy it now" button,  the bowl was only $5.99, no cups, but it's really the bowl I wanted anyway, even with the postage, it was way less then we usually see them for.  There are no markings on it, I wonder if it's Anchor Hocking or Hazel Atlas?    All I know is that I'm glad to have it and I love it!!

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  1. I am thinking this is a Hazel Atlas bowl...great finds!

  2. Love the syrup pitcher! Great find and great price. I too think that postage prices keep me from selling more on Etsy! Love the bowl also. Hugs, Linda

    PS: the word verification is really hard since the change and keeps me from leaving more comments...please consider taking it off your blog! Thanks!

  3. That "Love Is" glass is hilarious! I love silly glasses.
    The Federal mug is pretty awesome, too. Good finds!

  4. They're all great! I remember the "Love Is" stuff from when I was a kid - very cool!

  5. Love that syrup dispenser, and you are right - the price seems low for VV.

  6. The syrup dispenser was a great find!! Love your Tom & Jerry bowl too!!

  7. Great finds!! I have been wanting a Tom and Jerry bowl too!

  8. Love the syrup dispenser! I've checked out several of Gene Florence's glassware books from the library and someday I'll cough up and just buy them all on Amazon. LOL I've found them to be really great resources!