Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Steal on Chocolate Chips!!

Do you ever buy something at the store, get home and check your sales receipt and realize that something is priced very wrong, but it's in your favor - that happened to me yesterday when I picked up a pack of chocolate chips at one of my local stores - the tag on the shelf said $2.97 - someone has made a mistake, they're coming up on the cash register at 73 cents!!  Notice I got a whopping 3 cents off my order for using my own reusable bag too!!!   A few months ago the same store had the same kind of error going on with pure maple syrup, I was stocking up every time I went in - it was about half price and you know how expensive that stuff is!!!

I went right back and bought ten bags this morning - they don't expire until Sept. 2013 - they'll be used! These are good quality chocolate chips too, made by Kraft Canada!!  I'm proud of my deal!!!

Always check your receipt!!

I'm linking up to Sue over at Rednesday because this is a red post, after all!!


  1. I do this all the time! Yesterday I shelf-cleared 17 giant Lindt chocolate bars (with salted caramel. YUM!) that had a $3.00 off Manager Special coupon. That made them .49 ea.

    I hid them from the fam, just like I have to do with cocolate chips...hubby will eat them as a snack and then leave nothing for me to bake with!

  2. You were lucky. Most of the time, I have been overcharged.

  3. Are you going to make tons of chocolate chip cookies and send them to Florida??? :) That's a great deal.....I would be stocking up too!

  4. Great deal!! I would be stocking up too!! =)

  5. Not a bad deal!

    My favorite snack is a regular box of Cheeze-Its. Not too long ago a box sold for 3$ was on sale for .99! Needlessly said, when I realized after checking the receipt, I was a very happy girl :D