Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just Some Pyrex

Spring Blossom 475-B - paid $5.75

Autumn Harvest 472-B - I already has this one-a good dish for trading or resale

I'm starting to like Old Orchard a bit more - I said I would never buy it, but never say  never, I guess - this little 401 was $3.75

Who isn't always on the lookout for Delphite??  I think  $1.50 for each piece was quite a  good price!!!!

I had no luck at my usual thrifts last week so I paid a visit to this elderly gentleman that runs an antique shop, I only go every three months or so, the stock doesn't seem to change much, guess he put some new things out - I bought all of the above pieces there.  He said he just put the "blue dishes" out last week, they were in a box out back for a couple of years.!!  Don't worry, I asked - no more, so he said!!!
I'm including these, they're not Pyrex but I got them at the same shop.  You can't really tell but this is a pink stripe on these little vases - I thought they were  way too special to pass up...

I love the Friendship pattern - but then, who doesn't?  I was browsing one day on Etsy, found this 473 casserole with lid, for such a great price and the postage was even reasonable - it's just the cutest little thing!!

I'm linking up to Flea Market Finds and Sunday's Best - check them both out.


  1. I love getting awesome stuff at a great price online! Love the Friendship casserole. It's becoming one of my favourite patterns.

  2. You got some wonderful Pyrex! I love the Blue Delphite! Pretty!

  3. I collect the friendship pattern! I love that piece! Don't have it yet.

  4. Good finds! I recently got 2 friendship pieces with lids and a medium autum harvest at auction all 3 for under $10. Really like your blue!

  5. Great finds, and your Pyrex is so beauty and inexpensive. Pyrex is so back in right now so you were really lucky to find these prices. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best.

  6. Love that you got the matching lid with that Friendship casserole... But the biggest win of all is your Delphite find, I think! So beautiful! I have a couple of side/bread plates.

  7. The friendship pattern dish is adorable!

    I use to hate the Old Orchard pattern as well and now I seem to have two complete nesting sets of the pattern!

    Great finds!!