Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thrifting Finds from a Weekend Away

It's nice to get away for a weekend in the winter - it breaks up the month of January, that's for sure...  I checked out the goodies at a couple of antique markets - some stuff is just crazy expensive - but I did pick up a couple of pieces of Pyrex at very reasonable prices.  Carla and I went around to a few thrift shops - we both got a Pyrex juice carafe for 99 cents, we saw the very exact one later at the antique market for $20- who is going to want one of those that badly???

More Pyrex....

Town and Country 043 
Snowflake Blue 475 - B
Spring Blossom 403, also known as Crazy Daisy
I was lucky enough to find a couple of Vera scarves, priced at $1.99 each..

These glasses were 69 cents each..

Retro 70's Rack-O game, we have a newer one but this box is way better and even has a card dispenser..

I blogged about the  Grace Kelly exhibit yesterday - it was beautiful - then I found this book for $1 the next day-I'm anxious to start it!!

I'm linking up to Flea Market FindsThrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl and for the first time - Homemaker on a Dime.


  1. Some very good finds! I love the Pyrex juice jars but not for $20....crazy sellers, your price was much better!

  2. Wow, 99 cents is a great deal! Looks like the lid is in nice shape too, often those look all chewed up, I find.

  3. great pyrex finds and lovely vera scarf. i don't know how vv gets away with pricing sometimes... $7.99 for that old yellow bowl?

  4. Love what you found! Looks just like the kind of things that I would migrate toward. Thanks for following my blog, too!

  5. Those scarves are really lovely! Yes VV pruces can be insane!!